Top 5 Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends


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Indian Bridal Jewelry

With all the fancies and whims from the Indian brides these days, selecting a beautiful wedding outfit and further completing it with all the right accessories is quite a huge task. It is the desire of every Indian bride to look best on her wedding and wedding jewelry play a very important role, in it to complete the bride’s look. Some like it to keep trendy with contemporary designs, whereas some like to experiment with statement jewelries and some other bride’s like to stick with the traditional gold jewelry or even go with many classic diamonds. But, because with many endless varieties of jewelry to choose from, it is very hard to decide on what type of jewelry to wear. So, this article is about to guide every bride to look mesmerizing and ravishing on her big day with latest as well as trending jewelries. Here, are the top 5 Indian bridal jewelry trends, that can help you on your big day.

Indian Wedding Jewelry trends

1Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

Well, you know that diamonds are the girls best friend and who on earth doesn’t want to flaunt them, that too on their special day? It can be on your wedding day or even the wedding reception, if you think that your outfit needs some bling then diamonds are the only answer as well as the best option. If you think that your outfit is not made for diamonds, then also you can never go wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are the timeless classic jewelries, which can never go out of style and can even make you look as well as fell no less than a queen.

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2Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelries are the most loved and is also in a huge trend, because of it’s fine luster, also it radiates. It is a perfect option for contemporary brides, and what is more amazing is that it can easily mix as well as matched and worn with many outfits, which is even after your wedding. So, never hesitate in investing on the classic Kundan jewelries, that too especially when you want something more versatile.

3Antique Gold Jewelry

Antique Gold Jewelry

The classic or antique gold jewelry style was always in style and trending for many years and is currently has grown much bigger. Its sudden rise left all the bride’s awestruck. Be it a traditional or modern bride, this antique gold jewelry is loved by everybody. You can also try a different look, by embedding your antique gold ornaments with some precious stones matching your wedding outfit and make some very lasting statement.

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4Temple Jewelry

Temple Jewelry

This antique temple jewelry is the most timeless collection and style that adds a vintage feel in the traditional bridal jewelries. Flaunt vintage temple jewelry with wedding outfit is considered to be very auspicious. If you are planning on wearing a Kanchipuram saree to team up, with your jewelry, do not worry because it will look equally good. It can even go with fusion outfits as well. You just have to ensure that it matches well with your outfit as a statement piece.

5Layered Fusion

Layered Fusion

If you are bold and want to experiment with your look. Then you can create your own style by layering necklaces of the same base and can even mix up with two or three different varieties. You can try with delicate pearls, they are one of the best options for layering as they can give a vintage feel or even beaded necklace that can be layered with statement chokers. When you are layering, be sure to do it in the best possible way, because being a bride, you may want to take fewer chances.

Hair accessories, head gears, and statement nose rings are something which is very much in the vogue but is not very easy to pull. But, if you manage to style with them, then it is sure to make a quite lasting statement. Just be comfortable, and remember to try out your accessories before the big day and avoid surprises. With the very right amount of styling and bling, you are sure to be the stunner.

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