Home Remedies to Treat Wheezing


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Home Remedies to Treat Wheezing

Wheezing is the occurrence of a whistling sound in your air passageways, which is caused during the process of breathing. It is mainly caused by the accumulation of mucus within the bronchial tubes, which causes the sound.

Wheezing by itself may be a cause for a lot of discomfort, and when accompanied by cough may lead to pneumonia or bronchitis, either of which may prove to be life threatening.

Read on ahead about these natural or home remedies to treat wheezing. Breath free and take on your share of life.

Ways to Cure Wheezing



Honey is a natural healer which also possess anti-eruptive and anti-bacterial properties. It additionally helps in boosting the immune system, thus cures wheezing from its very roots. Only as much as inhaling the aroma of the product from a jar, may help in clearing the congestion to some extent. Alternatively consuming it may prove to be an essential therapeutic agent.

2Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The consumption of the oil of the flax seed is known to cure wheezing, and prevent the reoccurring of the symptoms. It may either be consumed in the oil form, or as the seed itself to reap the benefits.



The medicinal values of garlic have been known to mankind since time immemorial. It is known to increase the body temperatures, thus thinning the mucus deposits in the air pipes, eventually leading to them being cleared away. Simply chewing onto a few cloves of raw garlic is known to be beneficial in treating asthma related wheezing. Supplements are available in the form of pills, to amplify the benefits of the original herb.

4Camphor and Mustard

Camphor and Mustard

Mustard oil, with its characteristic pungent odour is known to break down mucus deposits within the respiratory tracts. Camphor, with its zen like healing powers, only reinforces this home remedy.

The concoction may be applied over the bare chest, so as to cause the discharge of the accumulated phlegm.

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A cup of hot black coffee is known to be extremely therapeutic for asthma and the related wheezing. This hot beverage helps by breaking down the stubborn phlegm, thus resulting in its discharge. The caffeine present in your cup of hot brew reduces inflammations, and helps in opening of the passages in more ways than one.



Turmeric prevents the oxidation of the living tissue, cures inflammations and also acts as an antiseptic and an antibacterial. All these properties only mean that it is an excellent home remedy for wheezing.

You may consume about a teaspoon full of ground turmeric with warm water or milk. Following of this procedure clears the air passages and prevents them from getting blocked again for a long time.

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