9 Subtle Signs He Is Not The One

9 Subtle Signs He Is Not The One

If you are dating someone with a constant question popping in your head whether he is worthy or not then you need to be sure before you come to a conclusion. It is better to have an answer before it literally starts bothering you. If the person you are dating is not worthy enough to be “the one” then it is a waste of your emotion and energy. Everyone faces a situation in life when they need to take a call for their future. This is one of those time. If your guy is showing any of the signs that he is not the one then yes, he is not the one and it is time to bid goodbye from this love relationship of yours. In this article, we have compiled the best of signs he is not the one for you. Take a look at the list and decide what you want to do.

Signs He Is Not The One

1Judgmental Nature

Judgmental Nature

The biggest factor which affects a relationship when your partner starts judging you. One should always be in such a relationship where you have the full confidence in your partner that whatever you say or do, he won’t judge you. If you hide your true identity from your partner then surely he is not that person whom you should be dating. Love partners never judge each other because they understand each other more than anybody else.

2Lack Of Emotional Attachment

Lack Of Emotional Attachment

There are few people who just can’t say ‘I love you’ properly but if they really love someone, they find out a unique way to say it. So, if your partner is still unable to express his feelings then this is a doubtful case. A relationship with no emotional connection is equivalent to nothing. If your guy really loves you then he will never take a step back when it comes to express his love for you. And, if you really don’t feel like talking your heart out with him then he is not the one.

3You Are Never Been His Priority

You Are Never Been His Priority

Your guy chooses his other works over you. Or, if he keeps his family and friends on top priority then this a sure shot sign of him being not the one whom you should be dating. A guy being truly in love will always put his girl first because he knows her importance in his life. On the other hand, if a guy shuts your plan down again and again for his friends or for his work then he is not into you and which also suggests that he is not worthy to be your guy.

4Difficulty In Communication

Difficulty In Communication

Communication is one of those factors which make your relationship worthy of its existence. If your partner is having no idea about where your life is heading to then this points to the issue of a lack of a proper communication. If you feel uncomfortable in sharing your emotions and thoughts with your partner then there is an existence of a bigger issue between you two. You don’t trust him properly and that is why you are quite hesitant to share anything with him. And this trust issue gives rise to another sign of he’s not the one.

5Trust Issues

Trust Issues

Trust is the basic ingredient of a relationship. So, if you don’t trust whatever your partner says then this relationship doesn’t worth your time and energy. A love relationship is about having a blind faith on each other. It is about trusting your partner with your life. If you can’t relate to any of this when you think about your guy then your relationship is good for nothing. It is better for you to leave your guy behind and move on.

6He Is A Liar

He Is A Liar

You two had an amazing chemistry in the few earlier months like any other couples but his lies had worsened the situation. If this the case then you surely can’t trust your guy, neither you can be with him for a longer period of time. And these are not those little lies which come under the category of harmful lies. Instead, he lies about his whereabouts, his party plans, and everything that you can’t think of then stops dating this liar as soon as possible.

7Even The Investment Matters

Even The Investment Matters

If you are the only one who takes care of all the issues related to finance then this not being fair for you. A love relationship needs equal investments from both the partners. But, if your partner is all ready to sit on your head and watch all the proceedings then this guy is just not the suitable choice for you.

8No Care or Affection

No Care or Affection

If your guy doesn’t feel connected with you or have no concern regarding your whereabouts then this is not the right man for you. A love relationship without any care and affection is an invalid affair. You two should feel a proper affection for each other when you are around and even if you are not being together. Care and affection are those two qualities which make a love relationship go on for years and years.

9You Two Have Distance Between You

You Two Have Distance Between You

This is not about having a long distance relationship with your partner. It is about the closeness of thoughts or emotions. If you start feeling weird by the time your partner enters the room then there is something inconvenient about your relationship. You two don’t actually talk about anything. Whatever you both know about each other is just the surface information. You both don’t even try to dig deeper into each others’ life then it is better to separate your ways now before your relationship takes a bad turn.

A love relationship is a combination of care, affection, trust, loyalty, and everything that you can think of. The partners sharing a true love relationship will never judge each other neither they keep their emotions to themselves. So, if you are being a part of such a relationship where you needs to think before you speak or you don’t feel loved around your partner then these are the signs he is not the one.

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