10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship


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signs of a toxic relationship

We all want a perfect partner for ourselves. And sometimes, a few of us claims to have a “perfect relationship”. Do you genuinely believe that this is “the one” for which you can give up everything? There are many times when a few of compromises make you believe this is not the one. But what if you really want to know is this relationship worth holding on to. In this article, we have collected a number of signs of a toxic relationship. You will get to know if this is what you want or is it better to move forward alone in life.

Proven Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

If these signs are a part of your current relationship then move on before it gets too late.



Your relationship is toxic if your partner questions your every decision. To be precise, an unhealthy relationship is the one where you are not even free to breathe. You might have taken wrong decisions in past. But, their outcomes teach you the lessons of life. Just because you have committed mistakes in past doesn’t give anybody any authority to question your every move.

2Possession / Obsession / Over-Care


Being passionately in love is way different from being obsessed. In most of the relationships, the over caring nature of the partner kills the personal space that another partner desires for. This kind of relationships feels like a burden and the person who tries to understand the over caring nature of other feels suffocated. You need to understand that no one has a possession over you, even if you are in a serious relationship.

3Makes You Feel Inferior

Makes You Feel Inferior

Love is something that makes you feel strong and confident. It never lets you down. If your partner is making you feel inferior by mentioning all those moments when your partner supported you (emotionally or financially), then this is one of those unhealthy relationships. Do not let him make you feel inferior. Just opt out from this relationship before you lose yourself.

4When You Start Losing Yourself

When You Start Losing Yourself

When you are trying to be like your partner or your partner is making you like what your partner wants you to be then this relationship doesn’t worth your time. Every person has its own persona and identity. And, one should hold on to it because if you lose yourself to be someone then you are letting go of your whole world for that person. It is not necessary to become like someone else to be a part of his/her life.

5The Way Your Partner Treats You

The Way Your Partner Treats You

How bad it sounds that your partner insults you in front of everyone? Well, we wish, we could say that we understand how bad it feels. You should never give anybody any right to insult or abuse you neither in public nor in private. If your partner treats you badly then there is no chance of your relationship going to get better. It will become worse with the passing time.

6Blames It On You

Blames It On You

When your partner blames you for every mishappening in his/her life then something is wrong with your relationship. You have to believe in yourself and stop supporting all the accusation your partner throws on you. You people need to talkbefore it starts killing you. And, if there is no way you people can talk it out then it is better to call it quits.

7When It’s Nothing But Arguments

When It's Nothing But Arguments

You’ve tried to talk to your partner to solve all those repetitive and useless fights. But how does it ends? In another argument! Then there is no point staying in a relationship where you people starts with a conflict and end up in an inconclusive argument. A love relationship helps you to stay away from stress and helps you to relax. A never ending series of arguments ruin everything. So, it is better if you people can keep yourself away from arguments, if not then mind your own way.

8Prohibiting To Grow You Personally or Professionally

Prohibiting To Grow

If you are a part of a true relationship then you partner will be the one who will help you to overcome your weaknesses. Hence, making you grow in your life (personally and professionally). But, if your relationship is something that is stopping you from growing in your life, then you better start giving a thought whether this relationship is healthy for you or not.

9Bitter Memories

Bitter Memories

Go back to a few of your recent memories with your partner. Are you smiling? No! That’s weird. Go back to other older memories of you people. Still no smile? And you are thinking that this person is someone you want to hold on to for your life. We would advise you to give it a thought again.



Is your partner judging you all the time? You have always tried to understand your partner’s mental state. But there is no change in his behavior towards you. If you really understand a person very well then you won’t judge him/her in any way. So now, if you don’t act before your partner’s behavior gets worse, then surely it will bounce back as stressful situations.

We don’t claim that all the above-quoted points are absolutely true. The situation may vary from one relationship to another. What we want you to understand that there are a few relationships which are not meant to stay for longer time. It would be better if you opt out of this relationship as soon as you can. That sums up our list of signs of a toxic relationship.

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