8 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend


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Jealous Boyfriend

Are you in a relationship? Is your boyfriend jealous when you talk to your male friend or some other guy? Jealousy is such a common problem with couples who are married or dating younger and even older couples. So, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t poison your relationship. At first, you might think how cute is it that your boyfriend is so possessive about you. You might also feel that he cares for you so much. But, too much of jealousy is not good in the relationship. Here are some tips how you can deal with a jealous boyfriend:

Relationship Goals

1Find About his Past

Find About his Past

Find out more about his history and why he reacts the way he does. Perhaps there was an emotional trauma from a past relationship that’s interfering and spilling into your relationship.

2Make him Your Priority

Make him Your Priority

While privacy is important for individuals, it’s important to help and assure your partner that there is nothing to worry about by being open with your communication. So, why not voluntarily show your emails or text messages or even your phone calls. Making him feel secure and safe is your priority. If you have issues in showing your private information this may be symptomatic of other issues in your relationship. And if showing your private information isn’t making him feel any better, then this may be his issue and he may get benefit from private counseling. It is important for him to understand that you aren’t his past experience.

3Talk to him

Talk to him

If you feel that your boyfriend is too possessive or jealous of you, just sit and talk to him. Discuss with him and explain him what this relationship means to you. Try to make him understand how you feel when he spies on you. Don’t argue. Instead, explain him calmly. Talking and explaining your priorities can solve much of the difference between both of you. Talk to him about why he gets jealous to find out if there is anything you doing that might be causing him to feel insecure about you.

4Discuss Trust

Discuss Trust

Sit and discuss with your boyfriend the importance of trust in a relationship and how you two can build it. Trust is the pillar of any relationship. Without trust, no relationship can stand. You need to make him trust you. The most important thing is he should feel like trusting you. It shouldn’t be the only way. The effort should be given from both the ways.

5Involve Your Friends

Involve Your Friends

Ask your boyfriend to meet your friends. When meeting for some party or dinner, stay closer to your boyfriend in order to assure him that you truly love him and he need not become jealous of you. Make sure you don’t do anything due to which your boyfriend gets jealous.

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6Show Love

Show Love

One of the main reasons why your boyfriend is too jealous, because he feels you don’t love him anymore. So, just whatever you do, just make sure you show your love in different ways. One way to show your love is by planning a special candlelight dinner for him. You can also cook his favorite food. By doing all this, he will feel that he is really important to you. Don’t give him a chance to think that you do not love him anymore.

7Call him

Call him

Whenever you go out with your friends, always make sure you at least call him once and find out what he is doing. Don’t just ignore him when you have your friends around. By doing this he might feel jealous and he will become more possessive. So, call him every now and make him realize how much you love him.

8You Are Not His Ex

You Are Not His Ex

Usually, guys become jealous when they have doubt about you. It might be due to their painful past because of which he cannot trust anyone so easily. Explain to him that you are not his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him. Always assure him of your truly love him and you are loyal to him.