7 Effective Home Remedies For Hepatitis C


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Hepatitis C

How many of you know about hepatitis C? Not much right! Hepatitis C is basically a viral infection which causes inflammation of the liver. Many a times, you may not realize that you have hepatitis C, until you are on the later stage. Often times there are no early symptoms. Many people who do have hepatitis C live with chronic infection, which in the long term can lead to severe health problems that also includes liver failure. Treatment also generally involves many antiviral infections. But, not everybody with hepatitis C requires treatment. So, here are 7 effective home remedies for hepatitis C, that can give you a cure at home.

Simple Natural Cure For Hepatitis C



Probiotics are live bacteria or microscopic organisms, which you already have in your body. These good bacteria are benefiting to your overall health. Most people can also tolerate supplementing with probiotics without much side effect. The benefit of probiotics, research is ongoing.

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2Avoid alcohol and drugs

Avoid alcohol and drugs

One of the most important job that is made by your liver is that it breaks down the alcohol and drugs. If you have hepatitis C, then one of the best thing to do is to avoid the substances that can harm your liver, such as illegal drugs and alcohol.

3Milk thistle

Milk thistle

For thousands of years, this plant is being used for bile duct, gallbladder health, and liver. Milk thistle and its active ingredients like, silymarin, can be the most effective hepatitis C treatment. Some studies say that silymarin may help in inhibiting the virus from entering the liver cells

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4Vitamin D

Vitamin D

According to some studies, vitamin D can lower the amount of substances, associated with liver injury in the blood. People who have hepatitis C, can find some extra value if they take vitamin D. it is a good supplement if you have deficiencies. Try to consult to your physician if you want to take vitamin D, because too much vitamin D can dangerously raise the calcium in the blood.

5Green tea and green tea extract

Green tea and green tea extract

A polyphenol presence in the green tea, known to be ECGC is the actual potential inhibitor of the virus. So probably drinking a cup of green tea isn’t going to harm, but it’s effect is still not proved yet.

But people, who already have hepatitis C must stay away from green tea extracts. They have much higher doses of ingredients and can also be toxic to liver.



Sometimes zinc supplements are touted to be a good therapy for hepatitis C.Zinc is very essential to liver function. A deficiency of zinc can impair cellular immunity, so supplement can help with complimenting hepatitis C treatment. Consult your doctor before any medications.

7Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver

For hepatitis C treatment, colloidal silver is often cited. Some also believe that it can reduce the symptoms of the virus, which is totally inaccurate. There are no such studies, proving any type of support to this theory. In fact, some studies say that, it can give serious side effects like argyria, pigmentation, grayish discoloration of the skin, and many more.

This must be avoided even a healthy individual.

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