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Home Remedial Products For Blackheads

We all have a beautiful and mesmerizing skin. But, blackheads make them look dull. It is also, one of the common increasing problems with skin, especially among the adolescents. Blackheads are generally not a health concern problem, but they are pretty unsightly, and also difficult to remove, even if we use expensive cosmetic products.

They are generally bumps on the skin, that are caused because of the buildup of excess oils and sebum in the skin glands. When these oils get oxidized, they get darken, giving blackheads their black trademark colour. But fortunately, our house is filled with a lot of natural remedies, which can remove blackheads, in the most affordable way with more effective results. Here, let’s take a look at some of the home remedial products for Blackheads, that can be used to get rid off blackheads easily.

List Of Home Remedial Products

1Baking soda

Baking soda

Cosmetic industry, mostly market baking soda, as a microdermabrasionproduct. But, regular baking soda is just as effective as, those other overpriced branded products. To use this, as a blackhead remover:

  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water.

Then, apply this paste to the blackhead area, and massage thoroughly, then rinse. This will not only help in removing dirt, and oil causing blackhead, but also helps in removing damaged or dead skin.

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Removing blackheads can be benefited in two ways. But, you have to rub the Toothpaste with the brush.

  • The very first benefit is, that it removes the excess oil from your skin, those are present. Which also helps in, preventing future occurrences of spots.
  • Second, rubbing the area can also act as exfoliation, and loosing the existing blackheads.



Bentonite clay, are being used for decades to cure or treat a number of ailments, because of its mineral rich healing substance, which are mainly related to skin. It does a surprising job, when it is wet, that releases molecules of “electrical charge”, by drawing out impurities, that were being locked on your pores. When you apply its mask on your skin, the clay draws all the blackheads out, and also the skin gets the minerals. It also helps in improving skin, health and tone. To get the paste:

  • Mix the clay with water or apple cider vinegar, which may feel a little sticky if you have sensitive or dry skin.

This mask will also feel, like it is tightening your face as it dries. Do not forget to use moisturizer after removing it.

4Lemon juice

Lemon juice

We all know, that how much lemon juice is effective for all the skin problems. It can help in removing acne, blackheads and scars. There are two benefiting ways to use lemon juice for blackheads.

  • In the first process, mix a few drops of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sugar and try rubbing in the blackhead affected area. It can remove blackhead, and can also improve the overall look of the skin.
  • In the second process, mix lemon with yogurt, salt and honey. Then apply them in your blackhead affected area. This can prevent blackheads as well as act as a moisturizer.

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5Salt water

Salt water

We know that, salt water is an effective cure for sore throats. But do you know that it can also work against spots? It works by drying out the excess oil, that are located on your skin. Try to use it consistently and continuously, you might notice a large decrease in the number of blackheads.



Honey can tighten and hydrate your skin, that draws out the blackheads when mixed with a mask. To make a honey blackhead mask:

  • Combine cinnamon pastes with honey, which can form a paste. Apply this mixture or mask and leave it on for a few hours.

Rinse the mask, and you might see a healthier and clearer skin.

7Raw egg

Raw egg

It can sound bizarre, but raw egg can really nourish your face, and also it is an effective home remedy for many skin problems. To make a paste:

  • Mix one tablespoon of honey, with one or two beaten egg whites. Then, apply it to the blackhead affected area for 30 minutes.

It will not only help in removing blackheads, but also leave the skin looking healthy and vibrant.

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