Golden rules of applying lipstick


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Lipsticks are an integral part of every woman’s life. It goes without saying that lipsticks are the most amazing cosmetic product that every woman is looking forward to invest in. But how many times have you wanted to walk up to a person and tell her that the shade of her skin tone and lipstick just does not match? From the wrong shade to wrong application, even the smallest mistake will make a woman’s lips look awkward. This may not be a self realization because most women do not even know what’s going wrong with the way they apply the lipstick. So, here are some basic golden rules of applying lipstick.

Tips To Achieve Perfect Lipstick Application

1Always start from scratch

start from scratch

Well, most women make this mistake! Application of lipstick on the already applied lips will only make it look bad and change the shade of your lips. Always start from the scratch. Make sure that your lips are absolutely oil and dirt free before applying a fresh coat of lipstick. Use dirt removing wet wipes or oil to remove dirt or dryness of your lips. Re-coating your lips could happen only if you are in absolute hurry and if the last coat is applied 3 hours back. When you are not using a lipstick, use lip balm so that you can exfoliate the lips and keep it fresh.

2Too much is bad

Too much is bad

Applying 3-4 coats of lipstick are fine, but over applying sparkling products could do the damage in looks. Everyone likes it when lips are sparkly and shiny, but it only looks great when there is proper light illumination on your lips. The light reflection comes when there is moisture on your lips by itself. This will not happen if you over apply sparkly products. Not just that, these kind of products also makes your lips dehydrated. So, keep a check when you use such products.

3Choose the right kind

Choose the right kind

Isn’t this obvious, after a hundred times of reminding the same rule, there are women who just assume that a particular color would look great on them. While, making a statement look is important, this can be achieved only when you pick the right kind of shade for yourself. Yes, red lipstick is the fad now and looks great on almost everyone. But, other colors are still available which can make a mark on your lips. You need to decide what kind of shade you fall under to adorn the right kind. Natural colors are the lost beauty, which will make a great impact if you have a pale skin. Contrasts are a hit among many people. Explore and try different shades than sitting on just one.

4Pick the right bright

Pick the right bright

Well, if you have decided to buy a bright shade, you might as well consider buying the one that will suit your lip color. Your skin tone has nothing to do with the brightness of the lipstick. Surprised? Well, all that matters is your lip color than your skin color. For darker lips, trying burgundy or brick red suits best. If you have pale lips, cherry red, blood red and plush pinks are your choice. If you naturally have pink lips, try to re-coat with baby pinks and orange. You can play with other colors like lavender, purple, black etc.

5A big no to Vampire Look

A big no to Vampire Look

Many women tend to think it is actually a cool trend to have dark lipstickdone on their lips. Black or over coating brown could be examples of the same. If you have an idea of looking a vampire, go ahead! Not only does it look scary, remember that it will age your look and you will look like a lost kid, confused and thinking if you look fine carrying that out in the bright light. If you still have the love for bright colors, go for burgundy, dark shades and definitely eliminate black from the list. A white dress and a black lipstick is a perfect example for how you shouldn’t look! Be extremely mindful of the tone you choose.

6Say bye to liners

Say bye to liners

Liners were in trend back then in 90’s. They are no more necessary for you to enhance your lips. Lipsticks no, do not bleed anymore and have a compact look, so you can bid a goodbye to your liners. If you still want to enhance your cupid’s bow, enhance your lip line very lightly with the liner that matches your skin tone. Contrasting lip liners are a disaster. So, please stay away from them!

7Start from the center

Start from the center

Start applying your lipstick from the center, no matter what shade it is. Blend it towards the edges and then apply another coat to it. Do not start with the edges which will only make it look clownish after a few minutes.

8Blot it out

Blot it out

Blotting your lipstick is done to remove the second and a thick coat of lipstick that is already applied to your lips. By blotting your lips, the lipstick stays for more hours avoiding smudges. Use a blotting tissue paper for the same. Use a sheer lip gloss or the same color liquid lipstick again when you need to enhance your lip color. Blotting creates a base while the second coats will emphasize the color and give a shiny and matt finish look.

Lips are the most sensitive areas of your body. Remember that usage of poor lipsticks or unhealthy or re-used ones can cause allergy and spoil your skin. Voila! If you follow these amazing and golden rules, you can achieve an easy shiny kissable lip without a doubt.

-Pavithra Ravi