How to soothe a crying baby

Crying Baby

Babies cry for no apparent reason. If you are a new mom, it is even worse because you don’t know why the baby is crying. Is it the sound from outside that disturbed the baby? Or maybe it is her nap time! You have no idea why. But, there are some ways to soothe your baby and keep her/him calm from crying. You have fed, burped, cuddled, put her/him down for a nap, but there are little noises from her and suddenly for no reason there is a loud whimper of your lovely baby. Well, the truth is, babies also don’t have a reason to cry. It is just random discomfort or maybe she/he wants your attention. Here are some wondrous ways to stop your baby from crying.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Calm

1Let the baby suck

Let the baby suck

This may come as a surprise to lots of moms, but simply giving your baby something to suck on will cool her/him down and stop from crying. This could be her/his new game – to suck on something and enjoy her/his pleasures. Sometimes, even your finger can be the chewer. You wouldn’t know when the baby is teething, so sucking on something will keep her/him busy. This is an instant-baby-cry-stopper!

2Put on some music

Put on some music

Diverting a baby is super easy! You just need to show some other interesting thing and she/he will get redirected. Music can be one of the best options any mother can think of. Put some bouncy or light music which will make your baby wonder, the source of music. This is another easy way to keep her/him from crying and divert mind immediately.

3Switch on the generator or cooler

Switch on the cooler

The noise that both the devices make will astonish the baby. This is called ‘white noise’. Like the previous tip, this is an easy way to divert the baby. Though, there is no good music, the baby will be astonished by the sudden noise and stop crying. Beware, sometimes- this could go the other way round too. She/he may start crying even more. Be careful of the intensity of the sound.

4Take the baby out

Take the baby out

If your baby is crying continuously and you have no idea what to do, just take her/him out. When you get fresh air, sometimes it helps the baby. Also, when she/he sees people, things, trees and greenery around, babies generally tend to change their mind immediately.

5Give your baby a bath

Give your baby a bath

Warm water always works wonders when your baby is crying. She/he needs you to put her/him down to the tub and clean up. Thorough cleaning will also make the baby feel sleepy. This will automatically stop her/him from crying.

6Do the spring action

Do the spring action

Sometimes the way you hold the baby could be wrong or difficult for the baby to handle. Try to swing the baby and change your position. This could be one of the ways you could try to stop the baby from crying.

7Make skin contact

Make skin contact

It is proved that holding babies close to your heart, works wonders to stop the baby from crying. Hold your baby close enough and try the changing position. This will instantly stop the baby from crying.



Apply lots of moisturizer and massage the baby. Babies love to be touched so a massage can be a great relaxing ritual for you as well as the baby. Especially if it comes after a warm bath, using gentle strokes and touching the baby constantly works like a magic. Using different lotions or special baby massage oils is the most preferred.

9Walk away

Walk away

Too much attention can also cause problems and may not make it any better. Sometimes just give up and walk away. Give yourself a break. Put the baby in a safe place and just walk out. The cries may continue for 10-15 minutes after which the baby will self console and stop crying. You needn’t feel bad about this because you have done your best efforts to calm the baby. Sometimes stepping away helps to break the cycle and your baby will cry for a bit longer before falling asleep on their own.

Though these ways work like magic, every parent has her own way of handling the baby. It depends on the mother-baby relationship. So, try whatever works best for the both of you. Crying is a normal part of your baby’s life, and after some experimentation, you and your baby will figure out how to calm her down together. And take heart: After three months, her crying jags will be less frequent and much more comprehensive, so you’ll be better able to interpret what she/he needs.

-Pavithra Ravi

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