Top Tips for choosing baby’s names


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choosing baby’s names

Well, a lot of people make the mistake of choosing a name in haste for their children or child when they know that the child will go by it for the rest of their life. It definitely is a big deal when it comes to naming your baby. You find a name that you love and you want your children to love that too. In most cases, the name is what keeps your baby going in the future. It can make or break your baby’s life. If you are wondering if the name is that important, then yes, it is! But, let’s take it one by one and most importantly, let’s know that considering a baby’s name has a lot of inside pointers that as parents you have to follow. Anyway, we have come up with a list of tips that you could follow for choosing baby names.

Tips for Perfectly Choosing Baby Names

1Name talk

Name talk

It is important that you start talking about naming your baby at the very beginning of your baby name hunting journey. Instead of talking it with other people, start the talk with your partner and your family members. It is very necessary that you both combine and take a decision and not let others get in the way. Of course, they can give suggestions, but not to decide for you. Make it more like a light conversation. You can actually talk to your fellow mommy friends as well and ask them how they choose names for their babies. This way you will get an idea on how to choose names.

2List works

List works

Have a list of boys and girl names. Keep writing in on your phone so that you don’t forget what names you had written previously. Even if you have the winner’s name, add it to the list so that you won’t forget or you won’t feel bad that you forgot the name. It is important to keep a list because there could be some names that you might like and some you may not like. The same applies to your partner as well. So, discuss and write separate lists and then combine the lists and shortlist names that you both like together.

3Family names

Family names

It is pretty worth if you want to consider a family name. Well, how you can do it? It is simple! Just draw a family tree and write down everyone’s names and see if you can form a name out of that. You can inherit your name and your grandfather’s name or your husband’s and your mother’s name. There can be any number of combinations that you can bring in when you decide to name your child using the family tree. It could not be your style, but you can come up with different names and you can do it as a fun activity. Of course, the last say is yours and your partner’s, but considering other names from family isn’t wrong at all.

4Pick a queue from anywhere

Pick a queue from anywhere

You can find names interesting from anywhere and everywhere. Your neighbor’s cousin might have a name that you could be interested in, your friend’s daughter might have a name that you could be interested, a store’s name and so many places you can find the names. You know which place is the best place to find a good name? Movie credits! That is where you will find different names. So, pick a queue from anywhere and everywhere.

5Chuck the trends

Chuck the trends

Trends won’t be your priority when it comes to choosing the baby’s name. If you have always liked a name but it isn’t suiting the trend, then just name your child with the name you like. But, remember that the name will travel for next 80 years, so don’t consider having a very old name, Your child may not like it and you for that.

6A proper name goes a long way

A proper name goes a long way

A lot of kids get teased in school for the names that they have. Unique names can be a danger too, and it so happens that your child will not only be teased for their name alone, but also for the rhyming words that sound similar. This could be the potential teasing points for other kids which could be very irritating and annoying for your child. Make sure your kid doesn’t regret the name he/she has for the rest of their lives. It is very important to consider the teasing factor and name your kid.

7Meaning of the name

Meaning of the name

A name should have a strong and clear meaning and should weigh its strength of all itself. An inner meaning is definitely a beauty, so make sure you think of names that have really nice and positive energy to it. Having positive energy will bring your child to be a happy person since the name keeps lingering in everyone’s mouth.

Naming your baby is very important and the decision involves a lot of thinking and brainstorming. Come up with something nice and make it a unanimous decision!

-Pavithra Ravi