Strange things that keep your skin healthy


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Well, we are all very aware that Omega 3 fatty acids can bring great benefits to your skin and you’re your skin to regenerate and become all new and shiny. There are a few strange things that actually help your skin and keeps it really nice and shiny. These strange things are not generally a skin treatment purpose, but they are generally associated with something that you can’t even relate to your skin. But, somehow, over the years, our ancestors have found out that they are a great way of keeping our skin healthy and shiny. So, here we are to give you a list of strange things that keeps your skin healthy and makes it become healthy.

Things That Help To Keep Your Skin Healthy



Well, now who would believe that, right? But, not many know that there are ten times more bacteria on your skin than there are of actual skin cells. If you didn’t know, it is the bacteria that help your skin and makes it look normal and good and helps it from getting into any kind of skin diseases. The terrible news is that, if there even the slightest imbalance in the bacteria count whether they go up or down, can bring in a lot of skin problems or diseases. Well, that is why skin doctors keep telling you that you shouldn’t wash your skin every now and then because if you do that, your skin is mostly washed away from having good bacteria. Using a lot of antibacterial soap or cleansers can bring in collateral damage to your skin and permanently affect you which will also destroy the good bacteria. You will further have dry and dead skin on your body and the repercussions are higher.

2Fish therapy

Fish therapy

Well, this is something that was an ancient practice, but since the new medicine came in, people stopped believing it. But, the good news is that Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish is back. It is basically also called as Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomum. Wondering what they do? Well, it tries to take off all the bad skin or nibble off your dry and dead skin from your body. A lot of spas are now up for this kind of skin treatment that became popular from the year 2006 in India. There are a lot of spas that advise this treatment where a tank is filled with nibble fish that are led to feed on your body. You are asked to enter into the tank or immerse the area you want to, maybe legs or hands or the entire body too. It cures psoriasis and lets you do it with immediate effect and with very minor side effects. You just have to handle the tiny bits and the fact that something is feeding on you. As long as you can do that, this is the easiest therapy to get rid of dead skin or skin disease all together.

3Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

A hot chocolate, cocoa drink is what you need for a winter day. It not only brings the freshness into you, it also brings a big smile and a lot of benefits to your skin. The thing about cocoa powder is that it brings smoothness to your skin and makes it more appealing and shiny. There was a recent research on this that states that 23 women were given a cocoa drink every day for about 3 months continuously to find out that their skins turned beautiful, soft and definitely healthy. It also showed that the skin was not prone to UV rays from the sun or any other mode. You get all this for enjoying a hot cup of coffee every day. Now tell me, wouldn’t you try this?

4Goat Milk

Goat Milk

It is a proven fact that Indian houses use only cow milk. Some use buffalo and some use normal cow’s milk, but not many try the goat’s milk. What we never knew is that goat’s milk can bring in a healthy skin that sparkles and keeps it away from dirt attraction. Since the goat milk is all about rich fat and has a lot of calcium in it, drinking it will only increase the resistance in your skin and will bring a natural glow to your face. It is totally organic and hails as a perfect remedy for skin problems as well. You can always give goat milk for children and young girls. It will also help from pimples and other acne problems as well.

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-Pavithra Ravi