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A perfect glowing skin with a great texture comes naturally to a lot of women, But for the rest of us we have to do just a little more effort for that smooth face. But, have you been religiously following your cleansing, toniing and moisturising routine and using the best skin care products but yet you just can’t get the results to stay long. Well, no matter how great your record with your skin is, if you are unable to avoid some of these food products in your diet you may not always get the best results out of your effort.

Here is a list of all the worst foods for your skin that may have been keeping you away from your perfect skin glow.

1. Coffee-

CoffeeHaving a fresh cup of Coffee everyday could be as refreshing as a warm bath. But did you know that consuming more than 3 cups of coffee can rob off that dewy glow from your skin? Coffee acts as a diuretic, It dries out the skins moisture and over times leads to signs of aging like wrinkles and dry skin. Also the excessive consumption of caffeine is known to induce the release of stress hormone, which can be directly responsible for thinning of skin and aging. Always try to limit your consumption of coffee to less than or equal to 2 cups a day. Along with this try adding a few glasses of water to increase your body’s hydration. This will result in reduced ill effects of coffee.

2. Excess Salt-

Eating Salt is essential for your body, But the excess amount of salt can lead to water retention, in order to maintain your ionic balance. This water retention can lead to bloating and result in a puffy face. Salt is also known to be a dehydrating agent. It can reduce the moisture of your face and cause it to look dull and patchy. Restrict your common salt intake by substituting it with rock salt of other natural flavouring substitutes.

3. Fried Foods-

Fried FoodsFried foods are not only bad for your health but also pretty brutual to your face. The food fried in oil contains high amount of trans fat. This can lead to increased levels of Insulin in your body. This insulin can cause inflammation and redness on your face. Always restrict the consumption of fried food to the least and keep your health away from problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

4. Sugar –

One of the surprising foods that are bad for your skin is sugar. Eating too much sugar can lead to the excess sugar to land up in our blood stream. Other than the ill effects it can have on health, this sugar can break down collagen and elastin which is responsible for tight skin. This can lead to formation of wrinkles on face and saggy cheeks. Excess sugar is also bad for your gut, It can cause inflammation and constipation too.

5. Alcohol-

AlcoholAlcohol acts as a dehydration agent and consuming alcohol regularly can lead to your skin looking dry and old. The alcohol steals the moisture from your face and makes it look less fresh. Over time, regular consumption of alcohol not only takes a toll on your liver and overall health, but also your health. It is a food that is toxic for your skin and best if kept really restricted in quantities.

6. Dairy-

DairyFor a cow to keep lactating throughout the year, the commercial dairy farms usually administer chemically made hormones for increasing their milk production. Even after pasteurization these compounds are not destroyed. A lot of Dairy products, these days, contain these hormones which are passed on to us when we consume the various dairy products made from this milk, like yogurt, cheese and ice cream. These hormone substitutes are known to cause not just health problems in males and females both, but also cause skin inflammation and regular breakouts. Try using organic milk from locally sourced dairy.

7. Processed Food-

It is the age and era of instant everything. Instant appliances, instant beauty products and also instant foods, Although we understand how a well peeled and cut into pieces pack of your favourite fruit makes life so much easier, but we cannot deny the ill effects it can have on your skin. Processed food, be it dairy, fruits, vegetables or even meat, tend to lose all its natural nutrients and enzymes in the processing stage. Even in the storage of processed food products the nutrition value is subsequently decreased. Moreover, they tend to go low on water content, and consuming processed food on daily basis can dehydrate your skin severely. Instead opt for fresh fruits and veges, choose milk and meat from local farms.

8. Chocolates and Candy-

Chocolates and CandyOur favourite cheat day indulgence, chocolate and sugar candy may not really be doing that great for our skin. The high amount of sugar present in these can hamper not just our skin but also our immune system. This reduced immunity can easily result in inflammation, regular breakouts and acne marks over a period of time. Avoid this indulgence and opt for fruit sugar over this one.

9. Fast food-

Quiet often than not, fast food contains fried stuff and dairy products with higher Glycemic Index, this GI makes them to get easily digested to release high level of sugar into the body increasing the rate of aging and skin wrinkles. It is also bad for health as it can lead to increased levels or cholesterol and can promote weight gain too. Avoid fast food where you can and restrict them to only a few occasions. Instead opt for salads and wholesome food. They don’t just cause damage but also help in improving skin texture and make it glow.

10. Soda drinks and juices-

Artificial juices and soda contain high level of sugar in them. They are unhealthy and they can make your skin age because of the high amount of sugar present in it. It is also known to be unhealthy for daily consumption. In place of a soda or a artificial juice, opt for a freshly made glass of fruit or vegetable juice that has a lot a lot of nutrients that can actually do good for your skin rather than cause harm like these sodas and artificial juices.

11. Grilled Meat-

Grilled MeatGrilling meat for a longer period of time causes it to develop the charred blackness on it. It is nothing but AGEs or Advance Glycation End Products. These AGEs impart a great taste to the meat and makes it taste better, but it has lot of ill effects on health and beauty. Consumption of these AGEs regularly can lead to rapid anti aging in mature age and lead to sagging and dull skin. For a lot of reasons avoid eating grilled meat.


  • Choose Dark chocolate over milk chocolate or sugar candies. 60 to 70% cocoa content chocolates are actually good for skin and health both.
  • Eat fruits and veges that are rich in fibre. It helps in regular bowels and flushing out toxins from body giving you a fresher looking skin.
  • If you are a regular coffee person hydrate yourself well by drinking around 3 to 4 litres of water each day. It can help you from the ill effects of coffee, hydrate your skin and flush out the toxins giving it a natural glow.

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