Effects of Early Marriage- Everything You Need To Know


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Every girl doesn’t find marriage as her destiny. Even though she is meant to be part of a new family, it is her wish. Few girls take a stand for themselves and take their own time to enter into the new phase, marriage. Some of the girls get married due to family pressure or some other forcible circumstances.

There are many disadvantages of early marriage where the young couples fall into the problems and struggle to lead their lives. Reason can be anything but early marriage can affect an individual’s life and makes life without awareness miserable. Every individual who is getting ready to marry must have an idea about their future.

It is suggested not to take a further step in the matter of marriage when he/she is not really ready. It is going to affect both the lives and their families too. You need to know what is early marriage and the effects of it. Just drag the bar down to find the causes and effects of early marriage.

What is Early Marriage?

When a man/woman is engaged at a very young age that can be named as early marriage. This is a general and symbolic opinion of early marriage. But early marriage is when a man/woman is not ready to take up the post-marriage responsibilities. Some of the young people, without awareness, get married. Early marriage in both views is not acceptable.

Reasons for early marriage

Family pressure
Lack of awareness
Stubborn thoughts and opinions

Effects of early marriage

1. Incapable of handling responsibilities

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Marriage is a new phase for both men and women. It gives loads of excitement but also gives a bundle of responsibilities. They may learn eventually but also their time to learn. It is not about physical capabilities but the mindset and the courage of handling some tasks. Be household chores, financial conditions and looking after the new family. The women who are incapable to take the basic responsibilities post-marriage, need to learn first and take the forward step. Without basic knowledge, they cannot lead a healthy life post marriage.

2. No future planning

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When there is no proper idea about their own life, they would not make an effort to plan for the future. Due to some reason, they get ready for marriage forcibly. They realize after facing toughest conditions, that it is an effect of early marriage. They regret of no future plans and it would late by then. So, men/women who need to have a basic future plan. The plan about their career, financial conditions, family and other aspects.

3. Emotionally Weak

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The immature minds and unready hearts are emotionally weak. They may not recognize it as an effect of early marriage. As everything comes with experience, the fewer experience teachers very less. They may not know how to face or balance their emotions. So, they to prepare themselves to face the toughest and low situations as well. Parents need to educate their children and go with marriage plans.

4. Cannot Balance all the Aspects

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A married person should be able to manage all the aspects. Especially, women play a multi-role in any family. If she is a working woman, she is also expected to be good homemaker, wife and daughter in law. There are such inspirational women, who manage well and they must be enough courageous to take up every challenge that was in their way. They must be either young but capable or capable at right age. So, all women must learn to balance all the aspects of post marriage.

5. Financial Status

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Post marriage, a person must be able to manage the financial conditions. The ups and downs of financial status are common. All we need is the courage to manage the financial conditions. The unawareness of managing the financial conditions pulls people to troubles. They may face losses in life and increase with debts. They must be enough smart to handle the financial issues without stepping back and it comes with experience. They need to face and experience reality before getting married.

6. Lack of Sex Education

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Marriage is definitely not for or about sex. But sex is a part of married life. Due to the age factor, a person will not be mentally ready for physical intimacy. Sex education can make the bond better. So, the couple needs to have sex education. It is better to have an idea about physical intimacy.

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7. Improper child care

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The two unclear people together cannot take proper childcare. The young parents without proper knowledge, they don’t take care of kids in the way they need to. The growing kids also face health and mental issue when parents don’t show the proper care. The proper awareness in parents, of bringing up kids can only give a healthy life for kids. So, the people who ready to get married also need to think in the long run. When they think in the long run, they find the facts.

8. Dependency

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As a result of early marriage, they may tend to depend. The lack of knowledge to leads to dependency, financially and personally. Even to take decisions in their lives, they may seek another opinion which is not a great sign. The couple should at least be capable of making decisions together. Approaching elders and experts about the real big decision are needed. But reaching out to the next or beside every time it makes life tough. On the other side, they also cannot take vague decisions on a small and important situation.

9. Sacrifice on Aims and Ambitions

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The person may have certain ambitions but they end up sacrificing them. Most of the times, parents of young girls and boys, expect their children to follow their decisions about marriage. The helpless and innocent youngsters also agree to get married. They may regret but cannot help or go against their parents.

Here, parents need to know their children’s thoughts and ideas. Children need to open up to parents about their ambitions and passion if any. Marriage is placed as an important phase in life but it leaving the ambitions is not any rule of marriage. Parents and their children need to understand the importance of every phase of life.

10. Conflicts in Families

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The young couples approach their elders and families for every petty issue. This may lead to ruptures in families of two sides. Until the families are understanding and cooperating, they would not be any conflicts. But the dependency and petty issues may lead to big differences. The couple who can manage their lives, would not make the situation big but would deal cleverly. It comes with experience and maturity which is important for every married couple.

11. Less Compatibility

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No ideas about marriage will have no place for compatibility in couples. Marriage gives a companion for life to share every important phase and moments together. The happiness in togetherness comes with compatibility. The happiness also flies away from couple’s married life, when there is no compatibility.

Advantages of early marriage

The age related early marriage has advantages but very few. The advantages may not work in practical and real sense. Even if they work, it is not the same for everyone. Some of the health care practitioners say that pregnancy after 25 have scopes of miscarriages. So, for pregnancy and childbirth, early marriage is safe. It is not the same in all cases and mostly depends on individual health and fitness. Getting married and having kids at early age makes you young parents and it is not a great advantage in a practical sense. Women who get married at a young age can also adapt and learn new things easily which is another advantage.

Two people who are going to be a couple for life, need to look deep into their lives and their future together. They need to think about the consequences and plan accordingly. We would like to conclude by saying you need to stand for yourself and your future. Be a wise woman and create a happy family!

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