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successful marriage tips

Marriage is easily one of the most complicated relationship of anyone’s life. On the contrary, it is also one of the most easy going and enjoyable relationship of your life. And as years pass with your partner there are so many things you tend to forget along the way. Simple things. Things that defined you as a couple, things that made you crazy about each, things that pulled you closer and made you take the plunge.

But as years pass you tend to forget these small things and keep piling on the stark differences or problems and struggle to find meaning to everything you once loved. But, in times like these stop for a moment and shake yourself up. Take time out to think and give him some too, shake yourself up and start with a clean slate. Read these successful marriage tips for struggling couples and try to find out if you can both meet mid way somewhere.

Successful Marriage Tips for Women Who Are Struggling In a Relationship

Women Who Are Struggling In a Relationship

  1. Keep an eye only for the best things in each other, as far as possible try to avoid all the negative habits that have been troubling you for so long and try to live on the good ones.
  2. Seek advice. look out for someone who, in your eyes has had a successful marriage and have worked out the dynamics of a couple’s married life the best. Older women usually tend to give wise advice and can throw light on broader perspectives that you may not see right now.
  3. Give him the Liberty to zone out. don’t let it bother you, he is not intentionally ignoring you. Men tend to have their moments of lost thoughts. Give them those few moments and don’t react.
  4. It is no one’s responsibility to change, alter or fix each other. we are all humans and we all make mistakes, with time on the changing colour of your hair you will slowly learn everything that marriage and life has to teach you.
  5. Tell him how strong, handsome, dependable and worthy he is. men tend to forget it all the time. and when you keep on making them realise that, they feel a bond towards you and it arises from the fact that you understand him even when he isn’t trying.sometimes your partner’s jokes
  6. Laugh more often. sometimes your partner’s jokes maybe funny, sometimes not. sometimes you suddenly remember something, right in the middle of a fight and you really want to laugh out loud. In times like these, trust your instincts and laugh. Share the joke and soon you both will laugh.
  7. It is you and only you who is responsible for your own actions. do not blame him for your miseries. Take stand for your own emotions and feelings.Don’t blame each other for your respective state of minds and issues.your partner wants you to go for a walk
  8. Try doing what you want from each other. if your partner wants you to go for a walk, and then take a stroll everyday for week. know how it feels, whether it will be possible and then decide what you want to do. do not strike out his idea in the first moment.
  9. As soon as a partner is back from work avoid cribbing about trivial things.You can talk about it after sometime, when He/she is relaxed and is lounging around.
  10. Love your partner like he wants you do not like you want. sometimes people don’t tend to have different ideas about care love and showing affection. While, you maybe a cuddler or someone who believes in public display of affection, He may enjoy a quiet private conversation on your couch. seek to learn what you want from each other. knowing what you want and trying to understand your better half will make a huge difference in solving your struggles as a couple.Ladies should try and look more feminine
  11. Take time off to spend on yourself and the way you look. Ladies should try and look more feminine, men manly. Remind each other how much the other person complete you. create an illusion of need.
  12. Be present when your partner need you. take time out give them your attention. this is the only way to bond deeply as a couple.
  13. Have sex with him. Often and regularly. getting physically close to your partner can evoke a sense of healing. it is remedy to cure all the wounds we inflict on our partners with our words.Give each other some space
  14. Give each other some space. in your married life space is awesome the most underestimated yet the most important aspect of building strength in a relationship. having some time to yourself can have almost miraculous benefits. you have time to declutter your brain, spend time doing something you like and recover from any trauma or stress.
  15. The most important successful marriage tips anybody will ever give you is to speak out what you feel and vice versa. It may not always be Rosy, sometimes it can pinch really bad. but what matters the most is that you’re transparent. In the end it will help you understand your partner better and know where you are going wrong as a couple.Trust can be the biggest confidence boost
  16. Trust each other, no matter what. Trust can be the biggest confidence boost in any relationship. if you are struggling as a couple make sure you reinstate trust in each other and your relationship. This simple successful marriage tip will come so much useful throughout the life of every couple who is going through a rough patch.
  17. Pursue common goals. established where you see yourself as a couple in a few years. make sure you are both aiming for the same goal and you are on the same page as a couple. A common goal will help you develop faith and bring you to closer.Pursue a hobby together
  18. Pursue a hobby together. well it may not always be possible that you both share a common hobby but trying out new things, something new partner loves can also be an interesting idea to work out your relationship dynamics through a rough patch. pursuing a hobby can be a great way to reconnect to your partner since that will be his happiest time.
  19. Do not hold grudges. if you ever want your relationship to work out and last long, grudges should definitely be the first thing to let go. it can not just hold you down and complicate you all thinking process but it will always make your brain highlight only the shortfalls and negatives of your partner.
  20. Forget whatever happened in the past. While, this may be really difficult but for working out your issues as a couple this is one of the successful marriage tips you should learn to practice. whatever happened in the past holds no importance in the present all the future. try to embrace each others mistakes and faults in the present or past. the worst thing you can do is bring it up again and again.always choose love
  21. Lastly, always choose love. Like they say love is a pattern in the chaos.Hold on to laugh it is something worth fighting for. what matters in the end is love, a feeling like no other. something that has held the world together for so long and will continue to do so till eternity.

Every couple struggles. It may be in 2 years on in 20, it may be for love or disharmony. There comes a phase in everybody’s life when you struggle to find meaning in the relationship. in in such Times always remember what you started with. the beautiful feeling you felt when you first decided to get married. the strength you get when you stand beside your partner, the feeling of been complete. in the end follow your heart. try out these successful marriage tips in working out what may be wrong. we really hope this article helps you and you soon find the missing spark in your relationship.

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