Ways to solve teenage problems like a boss

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College, drunken parties, boys, love, first crush, heart break, exams, tension, love and so much more can define your teenage life. Making new discoveries can be the main reason why you don’t want your teenager to end. But, with all of this, there are so many issues that tag along. Your boyfriend may not text you, you may not get great grades in the class, you may feel a little left out or you are in the spotlight always. The Teenage years can seem to be extremely happening at one point and just go away in a whisk. You need a good friend you can help you come across all of this and make you go through the right path. Even if you don’t have the best of friends, there are some ways you can use to help yourself and deal your teenage problems like a boss. Here are some ways you can handle teenage problems all by yourself without taking the help of others. Give it a read and find out the mantras!

Ways to Deal with Teenage Problems and Win it like a Super Boss

1Looks are not important

Looks are not important

Nothing about look defines you and you should know that. Have you been the one who colored your hair blue? Are you the one who doesn’t care much to wear makeup? Are you the one who doesn’t want to look girly and stuff? It is fine! It is totally fine because look hardly defines the person that you are. You just have to choose the way you want yourself to be and go doing that, all by yourself. Coloring your hair blue doesn’t mean that you are a crazy punk; not wearing makeup doesn’t make you dull. Not looking girly doesn’t mean you are a manly person. It is just the perception of the others. So, don’t let that get in your way of how you look at yourself.

2Explore the world

Explore the world

Just go around and explore whatever you want to. This is the time you should be thinking about how you can enjoy rather than worrying how you are not going to make mistakes. The best part about your age is that you don’t have to bother too much about with mistakes because hey, you have a lot of time to earn from your mistakes. So, go and learn new skills and spell the beans around you. Understand what you love and you don’t. Follow your hobbies, learn something new, go for wonderful treks and mountain climbing, go clubbing, fall in love and get hurt. DO everything, because when you grow up, you will have a bundle of stories to tell your partner or children.

3Keep a Secret book

Keep a Secret book

When you have a lot of things around you like heartbreaks or anger towards people, you can keep a secret book and write whatever you want with that so that no one has to find out from your face. Your best friends could know all the stuff you do, but there are some things that are way to personal even for your best friend to know. When stuff like that come up, write a book. Keep a diary that records everything from your innermost thoughts to your daily actions. That way from 20 years from now, you will love to read what you have written and that will just melt your heart. This book will help you get through a lot of things in life. So, don’t think of it as a lazy book writing habit and instead make it an interesting part of your life.

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4Breakups are fine

Breakups are fine

This could be the time for two important things to happen in your life. You will think you have found the love of your life and also break up with the love of your life. Both of these are just a phase of your life. You will experience the first heartbreak in both good and bad ways. All that you read about love and breakup will be experienced by you and it is fine if you break up. Breakups are just a way to tell you that true love is still waiting and you are just crossing levels of life. It is the time of the your life when you are growing up. Take enough time to mourn over your break up, because after that is your rebound time and there is much more than crying to do when it is your rebound time.

5Bond with your mother

Bond with your mother

You may feel like your mother is the biggest enemy who doesn’t understand greek and latin about you, but ladies remember that your mother has undergone everything that you are undergoing. There are ways that she can help you pass through it and let you slide through the easy phase.

6Don’t fall into peer pressure

Don’t fall into peer pressure

Your friends could do things that you don’t want to. Just because they are your friends, don’t fall into the line and become one of them. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it because that is what peer pressure will put you through. So, if you are looking for an alternative, then you could very much do the opposite of not following them. Do what makes you happy and just go about that because when you grow up, all the goof ups from being a teenager will haunt you. So, don’t fall under peer pressure. These are some ways you can handle teenage problems.

-Pavithra ravi

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