Most erogenous parts of women

erogenous parts

A woman’s body is pretty confusing and yes, I am a woman and I know sometimes men can be confused with the various things that concerns a woman’s sexual side. Do you know that not many a times do women attain orgasms. They fake it to satisfy the men because a man can never understand and take the fact that many a times they don’t satisfy the woman. Men try very hard to meet the goal, but fail in an epic way. Have you seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? You will know that Monica (Courtney Cox) comes up with a basic erogenous parts of women and her super teachings could be considered most trusted.

It isn’t funny at all going back to the episode and see it for you to get it right at all. Remember that women are creative complex creatures. They like the fact that men explore various things. Are you one of the women who doesn’t really know what turns you on? Then here are some of the important erogenous parts of a woman that you should know about your own body. The next your boyfriend tries things, you should be able to guide him through the process. Well, guys may not like it, but it is better than you are faking the orgasm, right? So, here are some things everyone should know

Here are the Erogenous Parts in a Woman



Ears are the most sensitive part of a woman. Whether you are a woman who gets tickled or not, when a man touches your ears, there is definitely the chill that runs through your body. Let us face it, not many of us tell our men that we want them to nibble our ears while they kiss us, right? So, the next time you get a chance to talk to your boyfriend about sex, tell him the importance of ears and how that includes to the orgasm part of the sex. Ask him to bite your ears, flick it and play with him. This will definitely get you excited about the start of a wonderful sex that you would love.



Of course, lips are the best way to start up your sex. Kissing your guy and making your lips irresistible is one way to get him turned on. While that turns him on, know that your lips are a turn on for you too. Yes, when the guy kisses you and plays with your plays, it adds to the orgasm. You can get teased, you can play with it and do a lot when it comes to lips. Try telling him to kiss you passionately. Because when you do that, both of you will get erotically turned on.



You should know that being a woman can come handy in a lot of ways and sex is one of the main reasons in that. This is the best place for you to get a hickey from your partner. You should know that this is one place where you can get turned on easily and this is why you should always concentrate on foreplay to start off with. The guys will know these themselves, but if you clear it to them, you will get what you want. Usually a woman’s neck is considered to be one of the most erogenous parts and this is what turns you on in a very sexy way. It is one of the places that men don’t explore and most men don’t know that it turns you on. If you ask him to explore that you will know that you have missed the pleasure for so long.

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Butt is definitely an unexplored area that not many women would be okay with. Well, if you think that you can handle a little bit of butt, then ask your guy to include it in his list of things. You may have to just ask him to handle it in a much lesser manner. May be you might not like it the very first time because comfort is never there when it comes to butt. But, if you like it, you can very much go ahead with it.



Well, Vagina (Vajayjay) can be the most priority when it comes to guys. They think that there is no other spot that can turn on women. Well, they are wrong. Vagina is just one of the many parts. If your guy is too rough there, you should make sure to tell him that’s not how you want it to be treated. Take it gently, make sure you are happy with what you are getting done. Play around a little bit before jumping to the finale. This can be said to the men by the women only. So, don’t hesitate to do that!

These are some of the erogenous parts that can be given more importance that just the Vajayjay! Well, let’s face it, a slow and sensual sex is much better and when you have the time to explore, you should explore different things, positions etc. Sex is not just a wild love. It is beautiful and you can get creative with it. All you need to do is know the right spots, the right actions and the directions. Once you learn all this, sex becomes easier and you can get comfortable with your guy.

Happy exploring!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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