10 Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Says About Your Bonding


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Sleeping Positions
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Did you know that the way you sleep with your partner can say a lot about your personality and the bonding you share with him? While it may seem absurd but the logic is pretty simple. While you are sleeping, you are in a subconscious state, In this state of sleep, you cannot fake the body language to please your partner and hence come back to your natural self. This tendency can reveal a lot about your self as well as the kind of bonding you share with your partner. It has been observed by a lot of body language experts as a perfect way to find signs of deep bonding or even troubled relationships. Want to know what your sleeping position says about your bonding with your partner, Here are 8 most common sleeping positions of a couple and what your sleeping position says about your relationship and bonding.

1. The Spoon Position

The spoon position
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One of the most common sleeping positions in couples, the Spoon position involves a partner hugging the other from behind in a close fit and yet gently. This shows a sense of protectiveness in the partner you is the bigger spoon, In some cases even slightly possessive. This position is a good blend of body contact and intimacy with space and comfort. Couples who are young and recently married often sleep in the spoon position. It often means you have mutual trust and a good connection with your partner.

2. The Relaxed Spoon Position

The relaxed spoon position
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To understand more about couple sleeping positions meanings and what they mean, this is a perfect example to show how over time and age maturity, your couple sleeping positions defines your changing couple dynamics. In the initial phase of new love and young married, physical intimacy is one of the most important factors in a new relationship and most times couples just love to embrace each other and be close as far as possible, this is reflected also in the spoon position.

But as time passes, the physical closeness may not be as important, which is seen in the relaxed the spoon where the hug is a relaxed hand on other partner and the physical intimacy is missing as the partners are more apart and want their space to sleep. Which is not bad, this position means “I Am there for You” but just without the constant sensuality and body connection. This position shows balance.

3. Tangled Up Hugging

Tangled up hugging
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This sleep position is extremely rare and very few couples actually manage to sleep in this embrace and hug throughout the night. It is more commonly seen in the start of the relationship, some couple continue it for their lives. It is a really warm and sensual sleep position and in involve a lot of intimacy. It gives the feeling of security to each partner. If you sleep in the tangled up hug position at night it means you can’t get enough of your partner, you are too dependent on your partner and you find it difficult to be independent or sleep alone.

4. Cuddle and Relax Position

Cuddle and Relax Position
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This position is a sign of one of the most strong relationships and it shows an equal amount of intimacy and independence. In this position, also called as the unraveling knot, the couple first embrace each other snugly in a tight hug for about the first 10 minutes, after which they go their ways and independently sleep in their spaces. This sleeping couples position means a perfect compromise between intimacy and independence. Giving a couple the best of both worlds. It is much more easier to sleep in for a comfortable night’s sleep.

5. The head on chest position

The head on chest position
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In this position, a partner sleeps with her head on the chest of her partner with arms around him and legs entwined. This is a really cute position showing an immense amount of trust and dependability of both partners on each other. The partner sleeping straight on the back shows power and sense of protectiveness whereas the one leaning on the chest shows complete belief and trust. It is a very caring and nurturing position and shows a state of relationship harmony.

6. The legs entwined position

The legs entwined position
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This sleep position says a lot about your bonding as a couple. The legs are the most honest speaking body part in body language studies. It is unconsciously always portraying the truth even when you are sleeping. When a couple sleeps in the legs entwined position, it is a sign that they cannot have enough of each other and yet they are two really independent individuals. This position shows a state of complete synergy between two otherwise complex emotions.

If just one partner puts his legs around the other without reciprocation, it means he is craving for an emotional and sexual connection.

7. The chasing spoon

The chasing spoonThis position is one where the mystery of your relation dynamics is not as open as others. It can mean two different things and only you can make out which one actually stands true for you. In this position of sleep couples usually start with a spooning position, After a while one of the partner may retreat and move to his side of the bed, The other partner still continues to chase him and resume the spooning. Samuel Dunkell, author of Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body has termed this position as illegal spooning, which seems true considering how one of the partners wanted space and yet the other partner continues to chase.

The drifting partner may either likes to be chased and wants to be pursued, or he likes his space more and wants to sleep in his own way.

8. Backs Touching Position

Backs touching position 
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This position shows a deep independence rooted in the personality of both the partners. When partners are sleeping with their faces away from each other, but their backs and buttocks touching, it shows that both the partners mutually understand and need their individual spaces. At the same time, they desire a bond and sexual connection. This position shows a nice blend of couples who are in love but still in tune with each other’s personality and appreciate each other’s choices and space. It shows you need space but definitely not from your partner.

9. Back towards each other

Back towards each other
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Although this may look like a couple just had a fight and they have completely lost will and charm of the relationship but on the contrary, this is one of the strong couples who have a better connection and are secure completely in their relationship. They do not feel the need to physically show a sense of connection to their partners and they are both independent and their space loving people.

While couples who have had a fight may sometimes end up sleeping in this position but over time they may reconcile and get back to sleeping n their normal positions. This position shows independence, Security, and closeness. It is also a sign of a better emotional understanding between the two partners.

10. The domination of space

The domination of space
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This sleeping position shows a clear dominance of one partner over the other. The one who sleeps closer to the headboard will more often be the dominant one. The one who sleeps a little below has a lot of times some self esteem issues and is the submissive person in the relationship. Couples who sleep with their heads at the same level are more like couples who are on the same page. Whereas, this sleeping position shows one partners confidence and others lack of confidence very clearly.

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