Simple Tips On Choosing The Best Diet For Women Over 50


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With an increasing age, there are a lot of physical changes that a females body and it functioning, goes through. The changing metabolism of the body being one of the crucial ones. This change in your body needs to be complemented by a change in dietary and lifestyle change in order to stay healthy. As you reach your 50s the calorie burning capacity of your body changes, your hormone levels may be alter and so does your bone density. So, how to make sure you follow a proper diet in this age. Well, we suggest you follow some tips on choosing the best diet for women over 50 and make sure you do not make the most common mistakes.

Follow some basic tips and make your own, best diet for women over 50 that will meet your dietary requirements and daily calorie requirement as well. Here are some tips you need to remember while making your own diet plan for women over 50.

What is the best diet for women over 50?

1. Count your calories

Count your calories-best diet for women over 50This is one of the best tip anyone can give you. Incorporate this lifestyle habit especially if you are looking forward to losing weight after 50. Counting your calories can put your entire diet planning into perspective. According to your daily workout or the type of life that you lead, your daily calorie requirement may be between 1600 calories per day to 2200 calories per day. For setting realistic weight loss goals and achieving weight loss for women over 50 get into the habit of counting your calories. Technology can be of great use. Use apps like “Healthifyme” for keeping  track of all your daily calories. You will definitely make smart choices once you know how many extra calories you consume everyday.

2. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.

One of the best diet for women over 50 would be one that includes a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits. They will give you ample amount of antioxidants that will keep your body ready to fight any diseases or infections. Include more sources of fibre like Whole grains and legumes that will keep your stomach full, give you lesser feelings to binge and also improve your bowels. This will make for a great healthy diet for women who lead mostly sedentary lifestyle. This is also a Good Diet Plan for women who want to regulate their weight.

3. Start taking Multivitamin

Start taking Multivitamin-best diet for women over 50A healthy diet for women over will definitely suggest including multivitamins. You need a dose of all the micro and macro nutrients in proper proportions. To fill out the gaps of any of these, you need to supplement your diet with a dose of multivitamins. They are considerably safe for everyone to consume, but you must always consult your doctor before starting them regularly. A good diet plan tip for women over 50.

4. Eat Lean proteins

A great tip for choosing one of the best diet for over 50 females would be to eat more of lean proteins. These include skinless chicken, salmon, soya protein and vegetables. They contain omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients that you need in this age. In a diet for women over 50, nutrient dense foods will help them retain their muscle mass and achieve strength in their muscles. Including lean proteins in your food everyday,  makes your best diet for women over 50.

5. Reduce your salt intake”

Reduce your salt intake-best diet for women over 50

Well, we don’t need to tell you this. Do we? High salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines has reiterated this fact. It advises people to restrict their daily salt consumption to 2,300mg per day. A great diet for over 50 female should always look for any excess amount of salt they may be consuming and try to cut it down as much as possible.

6. Choose healthier fats

In a proper diet for women over 50, make sure you skip all the bad fts like trandfat. They can be easily hidden in products like processed foods, deserts, butter and other snacks like chips and wafers. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Choose healthier options of these foods instead. Go dry fruits and nuts, fruits and other yummy substitutes. If you can contain your bad fats intake and consume only the good fats, you will successfully have the best diet for women over 50. One of the most common post 50 health change is menopause, it can bring in hot flashes and sweating. Good fats and omega 3 fatty acids will make it much easier for you.

7. Cut down sugar

Cut down sugar-best diet for women over 50For women over 50, try to restrict your sugar intake. They contain very less nutrition and excessive calories. They are also responsible in increasing your insulin levels. Excess insulin can aggravate your bloating. The high GI of sugary foods can make them a terrible eating option for your PMS. The fluctuating levels of blood sugar can aggravate PMS. A healthy diet for women would have moderate amount of sugar.

8. Meet your body’s increasing  calcium needs

For the best diet plan and a balanced diet for older women, make sure you meet your body’s changing calcium needs. The lower levels of estrogen in a woman’s body make sit important for her to consume more calcium for her bone health. Vitamin D obtained from the sun can be a great source too, it will prevent osteoporosis. You can also eat fishes and other calcium supplements along with a nice sun bath early in the morning.

9. Minimise alcohol and caffeine

Minimise alcohol and caffeine-best diet for women over 50A great tip for charting out the best diet plan for over 50 females is to keep stimulant drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol away from your life. They contain caffeine that is not great for your health. They can increase the risk of anxiety and panic attacks. It will also create problem of hot flashes and tiredness. For a diet that focuses on weight loss over 50, caffeine and alcohol should be kept completely out.

10. Integrate exercise in your lifestyle

No matter what your diet goal is, whether it is for Losing Weight After 50 or just for balanced diet and great health over 50, but this is one tip that can help you always. Try to find work for little bit of exercise. The form of exercise may be completely personal. For weight loss goals choose cardio and other extensive exercises and otherwise you can just go for long walks or ever yoga is advisable.

Integrate exercise in your lifestyle-best diet for women over 50Follow these simple tips for choosing the best diet for women over 50 and you will realise how simple lifestyle and dietary changes post 50 can help you achieve the best of health. We hope that our simple chart of tips comes in handy and you are able to live that happy and healthy life with this best diet for women over 50. Do share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below and let us know any more tips you think would be great.

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