Night Sweats During Menopause – Remedies And Change in Lifestyle Is A Must


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Menopause is a normal stage of life for every woman. It is the phase when a woman goes through various changes physically. The physical symptoms of menopause are night sweats, hot flashesh, anxiety, mood changes and reduced sex drive. These effects show before the menopause phase starts and then they last for many years. You must start following the remedies for the relief from menopause effects.

If you are more suffering with night sweats often then you need to change your diet habits and lifestyle. Further you will know the remedies to control the night sweat during menopause. Also you can adopt the new habits for your health betterment.

The remedies and information provided here is not only to reduce night sweats during menopause. It is inter related to your overall health during menopause. Be keen at following the remedies and knowing the information related to it.

Causes Of Night Sweats During Menopause

Menopause symptoms can be relieved through various ways. One of the ways is night sweats and there are different causes for this particular menopausal symptom.

Remedies For Night Sweats During Menopause

The hot flushes and night sweat during menopause lasts for 4-5 years. Mostly, it is believed that the menopausal symptoms go away after a certain time. But it doesn’t mean you can ignore the symptoms. You need to regulate your body to keep it fine and fine. Minding all these remedies, you must also try to avoid stress and anxiety which causes over sweating in night during menopause.

As menopause is not an illness, you can work with simple and natural treatment at home. You need to eat the food that controls the hormones normally and allows your body functioning normally too. Now check out the remedies for night sweats during menopause.

1. Intake vitamin E

Intake-vitamin-EVitamin E is a vital antioxidant that you need to fight free radicals and cell damage. When there is deficiency of vitamin E, it increases the risk of depression, stress and eventually weight gain. So, when your menopause phase is approaching or during the phase, you must get enough of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a therapy that treats hot flushes and night sweats.

No stress and relaxed mind reduces the risk of sweating during nights. Some of the foods that are filled with vitamin E are broccoli, sunflower seeds, spinach, nuts.

2. Eat hydrating fruits and vegetables

Eat-hydrating-fruits-and-vegetablesAt a young age, your body has the ability to retain moisture. As you age older, your body doesn’t retain moisture as it would be only 55% of water and it is a major drop. So, you must keep rehydrating your body which helps you from the night sweat symptom of menopause.

Firstly, keep drinking water and also eat fruits and vegetables that allow you to stay hydrated. It helps you for healthy weight, avoid dryness or hormonal change for menopause women.

3. Eat phytoestrogens foods


Phytoestrogens are the plant estrogens that reduce the menopause symptoms. A study shows estrogen is a reliable solution to reduce night sweats and hot flushes during menopause.

Some of the foods that you must eat are soy and flax seeds. Soy consists of isoflavones which are a type of phytoestrogens. We advise you to take phytoestrogens in food form which comes in tofu, soy milk. Again supplements of it are not advised. Consume a handful of flax seeds as snacks.

4. Take a cold shower


If you just want to stay away from night sweats and hot flushes then you need to cool down your body before going to sleep. Body needs to raise the temperature in the morning which wakes up actively from enough sleep. If this is happening in the middle of night then your body needs to lower the temperature. The lower temperature before sleeping helps from night sweats and helps you get a sound sleep.

5. Maintain healthy weight

Maintain-healthy-weightGaining weight during menopause is a common effect which is likely due to hormones, age, lifestyle. During menopause or at the nearing age, you must try to maintain healthy weight.

In a study of 17473 menopausal women were observed losing around 4.5 kgs. This is 10% of their total body weight. It was observed that women show a reduction in night sweats after the weight loss.

If you want to lose menopause weight or maintain healthy weight then you need to bring a few changes in your diet and lifestyle . These are the game changers for your losing weight. You must keep exercising and start a healthy diet. Balanced diet is very important to maintain healthy weight. We have mentioned a few food options for the women who are suffering night sweats during menopause.

6. Keep a fan beside while sleeping

Keep-a-fan-beside-while-sleepingIf you are sweating excessively during nights due menopause then try to cool your body with some cool breeze. Keeping a fan beside your bed is the best. It saves you from over sweating during nights. Also see that your room temperature is low throughout the night. The heat temperature can increase the risk of sweating at night.

7. Wear lightweight clothes

Wear-lightweight-clothesAs you are excessively sweating at nights, you are advised to wear lightweight clothes. Heavy clothing can keep you warm and lead to more sweating as you fall into sleep. Your body temperature increases with the packed clothing which is a risk of sweating more than normal.

8. Exercising is the medicine

Exercising-is-the-medicineDuring menopause, you must try to stay active throughout the day. As you need to maintain healthy weight, you need to exercise. Though there is no direct effectiveness linked to menopause night sweats and exercising, it improves overall health. Exercising can reduce mood swings, anxiety and also be good for heart health, maintaining normal blood pressure.

It is totally advised for obesity in menopausal women. You need to regularly exercise to reduce the night sweats.

9. Protein and fatty acids rich foods

Protein-and-fatty-acids-rich-foodsThe protein in lean meat and eggs reduce menopause symptoms. Salmon which is rich in omega-3 fats helps in fighting the symptoms. You must be focused on taking food that is rich in healthy fats. That can reduce the menopause symptoms to a good extent.

Foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for women with menopause. Some of the foods that you must include in your diet are salmon fish, fatty fish, flax seeds, chia seeds.

Don’ts During Menopause

Apart from following the remedies, you must make sure you avoid certain things. Be it your diet habits or lifestyle, you cannot neglect your health. At the right age, you must habituate the must follow habits. See what needs to be avoided to reduce the night sweat before or during menopause.

1. Don’t eat trigger foods

Spicy foods can trigger the hot flushes and night sweats in menopause women. There is a chemical called capsaicin in hot peppers which increases sweating. You must reduce consuming other spices like jalapenos and cayenne. Continuing to eat spicy foods can worse the menopause symptoms. Instead of these species you can add turmeric, cumin, basil which are of less heat.

2. Avoid refined sugar and processed foods

It is better to cut down processed food from your regular diet. The sodium and high levels of sugars in the processed foods causes bloating and symptoms like sweating. At the menopause age, you must eat the fiber foods which are easily digestible. Whole grain bread, carrots and peanut butter are the foods that contribute the nutrients you need.

3. Say no to alcohol and smoking

There are a number of risk factors that amplify the menopausal symptoms and among them, alcohol and smoking are very much included. A few women get into depression and anxiety due to alcohol consumption during the menopause phase. There are studies that linked hot flushes and night sweats to alcohol consumption for women with menopause.

In case, you cannot totally avoid drinking, then keep it moderate and that would be enough. As women age, the alcohol does not dilute easily in water as you have less water content after a specific age.

Dietary Supplements To Treat Menopause Symptoms

Many women go for supplements to control menopause symptoms. The most commonly used supplements are Phytoestrogens and black cohosh. Though these supplements are used widely, in general it is not advised. Initially they may help you ease the symptoms but later may also show the side effects.

Are Night Sweats Normal During Menopause?

Night sweats is a common symptom of menopause. About 75% percent of women experience night sweats and hot flushes before or during menopause. But it is a controllable symptom which is not an illness or critical.

Night Sweats During Period Not Menopause?

If you are experiencing sweats that drench the bed sheets, then it is called night sweats. Still night sweats in women is not just due to menopause. It could be with the body temperature, triggering foods or effects of medication.

Does Everyone Get Night Sweats During Menopause?

Most of the women who see night sweat as a symptom of menopause. Very few women don’t experience menopause and they may see mild hot flushes.

The bottom line: If you are near to menopause or already experiencing menopause then it’s time to start off the healthy changes. You must regulate the hormone appropriately with your diet and lifestyle. You know the triggers of night sweat for menopause women and you know what to avoid to reduce the symptom.

You also must keep a few things limited. It is not a tough phase but a new phase where you need to be a little more mindful than before. Hope you treat the menopausal symptoms at home with the mentioned remedies.

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