Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves Or Waterhyssop Plant


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Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves

Brahmi’s most unique as well as important health benefits include, it’s amazing ability to help in improving the cognitive ability, prevent cancer, relieve stress, increase sexual drive, treat respiratory conditions, cleanse the body of toxins, boost the immune system, protect against mental degeneration, and lower inflammation.

It has a scientific name called ‘Bacopa monnieri’, this creeping, herb has always been praised in the Ayurveda and other traditional medicines across the world for many generations. You may also know it by its another name, like waterhyssop. It is also pretty difficult to point an exact native region for this herb, and many experts say that it has been growing wildly in six major inhabited continents for many hundreds of thousands of years. Unlike other herbs, brahmi also have quite a range of unique health effect which have made it desirable as well as cherished by many global cultures.

There are some valuable alkaloids as well as triterpene saponins that is found in the brahmi that have a very strong effects on the body. Brahmi was most commonly being used as a fresh salad ingredient, but the herb can be dried and grounded and use as any other herb. You chew also the leaves as a general tonic, almost like a vitamin supplement. The flavor is very mild, but the main reason to use brahmi is basically for the impact that it have on the human health. So here, are some health benefits of Brahmi leaves that you must know about.

Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves

a.Cognitive Boost

Cognitive BoostOne of the most amazing and prized benefits of brahmi leaves is its ability to stimulate your mind, particularly in the terms of memory as well as concentration. It has always been used in many Ayurvedic medicine that can help to increase focus and also increase the retention. Some of the most organic compounds in the brahmi is that it can stimulate the cognitive pathways in your brain to boost the cognitive ability.

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b.Cognitive Disorder

Cognitive DisorderBrahmi has the ability to reduce the onset of the cognitive disorders as we go on aging, such as from dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown brahmi is an effective way that can stimulate the creation of many new neural pathways as well as lower the oxidative stress in your brain, which can help to keep your mind sharp well in the old age.

c.Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and StressYou can chew the leaves from the brahmi plant in order to get relief from the stress as well as anxiety. The active ingredients in the brahmi can also effect the hormonal balance in your body as well as positively impact the balance of the stress hormones in the body, thereby inducing a very calm, as well as relaxed state in a more natural way. It will let you to avoid the side effect from a traditional pharmaceutical for stress and anxiety relief.

d.Anti-Inflammatory Capacity

Anti-Inflammatory CapacityWhen the brahmi leaves are being rubbed topically on the affected area of the body, then the compounds that is being released can also help to reduce the swelling as well as eliminate the irritation, and the inflammation inside your body. This is an ideal treatment for people who are suffering from gout, arthritis, or any other inflammatory conditions.

e.Respiratory Benefits

Respiratory BenefitsWhen the brahmi leaves are brewed in tea or even chewed as a normal leaves, it can seriously help to boost the respiratory health. It has also been used in many Ayurvedic treatments for congestion, bronchitis, chest colds, as well as blocked sinuses. It can help to clear out all the excess phlegm as well as mucus and can give relief from the inflammation in the throat and in respiratory tracts to provide rapid benefit.

f.Immune System Booster

Immune System BoosterWhen the brahmi leaves are consumed in the form of tea, leaves, or otherwise, brahmi can help to give the immune system a proper boost. The very small amount of nutrients is being supplemented by the antioxidant compound that can help to increase the response time of the immune system against all the pathogens, viruses, or even bacterial infection.

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g.For memory

For memoryBrahmi leaves can affect the hippocampus part of your brain, which is also responsible for intelligence, memory as well as concentration. The brahmi powder can be beneficial for the hyperactive children (ADHD). The leaf of your brain also show many similarities with the cerebellum thus can also help the memory and its concentration

h.Skin Health

Skin HealthIf you are looking to speed up the wound healing as well as disinfect your skin at the same time, then spread brahmi juice or its oil on the affected area. It can help to reduce the appearance of the scarring and can leave you with a smooth, healthy skin that is enriched with many natural essential oils.

i.For fair skin

For fair skinThe presence of antioxidants in the Brahmi leaves can also help to dispel all the toxins from your body, especially from all the epithelium layer thus improving the skin complexion as well as stimulating the skin of its cell regeneration. It is also an amazing ingredient for the inner skin that lines at the digestive tract, and which can support the function of the healthy microbes. Brahmi leaves can be used in treating of the psoriasis, abscess, eczema and ulceration.

j.For Epilepsy Treatment

For Epilepsy TreatmentBacopa has been used as a neurological tonic as well as for cognitive improvement. It is also used to cure many neurological problem like epilepsy when taken along with Vacha. The chemicals of bacosides A and B can help to improve the neuro-transmission among the brain cells. They can also help to repair the damage of the neuron too. Its chemical properties helps to mitigate the neuro-degeneration

k.Treats insomnia

Treats insomniaMassaging the scalp with Brahmi oil can help to overcome sleep disorder, which can lead to cure the depression, tension, anxiety as well as stress. It is also recommended that the person who is suffering from such negative domain of health can massage his head every night with this oil. It is also helpful with children who are hyperactive.

Side effects of Brahmi:

a. You must avoid, if you are taking birth control pills

b. Must be avoided during estrogen replacement therapy.

c. Too much consumption can lead to stomach discomfort.

d. Must never be consumed above the doses of two teaspoon

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