Go Green! Happy Eco-Friendly Diwali!


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Eco Diwali

Diwali brings a light of joy to houses, and people are in the mood to pollute the environment with family and friends. It’s natural to get a picture of firecrackers at every home and street when one thinks of Diwali. Also, one should get a thought of an environment that will be totally polluted on Diwali.

Celebrate Diwali in a unique style to save our planet. So this Diwali burst ego and not crackers. Just because the festival comes once in a year does not mean that we forget our duties and responsibilities. Instead, we should take an effort for an eco friendly Diwali as Green is a new black. Instead of spending loads of money on crackers just to show off your long ladi, light up your house with diyas.

Ideas To Reduce the Ill-Effects of Diwali

1Use Diyas instead of Electric lights

Use Diyas

Diwali goes more than 3-4 days of celebrations. Electric lights consume much power and the effects of Diwali will be felt in the long run. Instead, wasting thermal energy buy lots of diyas and light up your house with its glow. Being traditional and organic is being closer to the true spirit of Diwali.

2Opt for eco-friendly crackers

eco-friendly crackers

Eco-friendly crackers hit the Indian market big time. Though there are many eco-friendly crackers, people are still opting for hazardous ones. It’s time to change, put your toxic crackers aside and pick the right ones. Though harmful crackers are cost efficient, it’s worth spending for eco-friendly crackers as they cut down the level of air and noise pollution. You also use sky lanterns to make your Diwali filled with lights. Added to it, you will also be complimented for doing your job to save planet.

3Use natural flowers

Use natural flowers

Invest in natural flowers instead of spending on artificial flowers. Artificial flowers look flashy, also plastics are harmful for the environment. Whereas natural flowers add freshness to the environment of your house with their fragrance and can also be used in rangolis for decoration.

4Gift herbal products

Gift herbal products

Diwali gifts are commonly sweets and chocolates. Though these aren’t the healthiest choices, people celebrate Diwali only with sweets. So this Diwali, avoid unhealthy food and gift them organic and useful gifts. You can opt for handmade candles, organic gift baskets, lampshades, special tea, gourmet coffee or plants.

5Recycle old stuff

Recycle old stuff

The smartest thing you can do this Diwali, is to give away you old stuff to the less fortunate people. Instead of sitting your stuff idle at one corner of your house, donate them. It not only clears the environment from unwanted waste, but also lights certain lives who cannot afford new things for themselves.

The pollution caused by firecrackers not only affects the environment, but also creates respiratory problems. One should also remember that the noise of the crackers not only annoy human beings, but also pets, especially dogs, as their hearing is 4-7 times higher than ours. If children in the family insist on bursting crackers, then go with eco-friendly crackers as they are the best option for noise-free.

This Diwali take a step ahead and go green. Be creative enough to make the ‘festival of light’ pollution free.

Go Green! Happy Eco Friendly Diwali!

-Nikisha Uddagiri