Best Diet For Weight Loss For Women With PCOS


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Thinking that PCOS is not a big problem, you ignore it. Irregular periods are a cause for many health issues in women. The over weight that you are worried about could be a PCOS problem. You need to mind your diet habits to reduce the PCOS related weight. You must be focused on eating specific foods and that too in a healthy quantity. You need not become over conscious about PCOS weight loss if you can modify your diet.

When we are asking you to bring some changes in your diet, it is not with rare or expensive foods. The common but healthy foods that are always available for you are many.

Here you have the best diet that helps you lose weight that you gained as a result of PCOS. Include these foods and you will be able to put down your weight in a healthy way.

Best Diet For PCOS Weight Loss

You may feel, your diet for PCOS weight loss is healthy. Cutting off the meals and a short workout session is not everything you need to lose weight gained with PCOS condition. You need to consume the nutrients as much as your body needs. Do a fact check if your PCOS weight loss diet is effective or not.

1. Low carb foods


High carb consumption causes the imbalance of insulin levels. This can impact your menstrual cycle. Insulin is the hormone prepared by your pancreas from the carbohydrates you take. It allows the body to use sugar. After you intake any food, it breaks down the carbs and converts them into glucose.

If your body is incapable of converting carbs into energy, then you gain weight automatically. This is an interlinked reaction that results in body weight.

As insulin regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, they will have a direct impact on weight gain in many with PCOS.

You will probably see irregular periods and long delays of the cycle as a result of consuming more carbs. So, to reduce your weight linked to PCOS, your body needs to maintain the healthy insulin levels. Then it eventually helps in reducing the weight.

If you are facing irregular periods for a few months, then reduce eating high carb foods.You have healthy food options which are low in carbs.

2. Fiber loaded foods


A popular way to reduce weight is to eat hunger suppressants. The foods which make you feel full even after eating a little amount must be added to your diet. These are hunger suppressants that help you reduce weight. As you feel full after little food, your cravings stop there.

We already explained how insulin impacts weight gain in women with PCOS. Another best way besides low carb food is having fiber filled food. It reduces the levels of insulin and you will be able to maintain healthy weight.

A study showed high fiber foods are helpful to lose weight. It is highly associated with weight loss. As fiber foods make you feel full, you reduce calories intake. Calorie restricted diet promotes weight loss.

3. Foods with healthy fats


Cutting of the meals to lose weight is not a healthy way. But eating a full stomach also affects weight gain. Lets us make it clear for you- eating healthy foods in satisfied quantities is never a cause for weight gain. If you are eating foods that contain carbs then you increase weight.

The best way to eat well and not gain weight is including healthy fats. Healthy fats in your meals or snacks make you feel stomach full and you also don’t gain weight.

Healthy fats can make your PCOS weight loss healthy. If you are worried about not consuming carbs, then here is the best way to- you can have carbs along with healthy fats. This keeps the blood glucose levels lower after your meals which is a result reduces the insulin and less risk of fat storage.

You find healthy fats in olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, fish and butter, cheese and chia seeds. If you can add these foods to your PCOS weight loss diet, it is healthy and also promotes burning fat with facts we mentioned above.

4. Fermented foods


Healthy gut is crucial for metabolism and weight management. When there is a balance of microorganisms in your digestive tract then it is called as healthy gut bacteria. It is not only helpful for weight loss but develops immunity and better mental health.

It is observed that women who have the PCOS problem have unhealthy gut bacteria. The gut bacteria is lower in PCOS affected women compared to others. You must intake the probiotic foods to have a healthy gut. Fermented foods can also treat PCOS symptoms.

There are few Indian fermented foods that can reduce inflammation that is caused due to PCOS. You must include yogurt, fermented soybean, paneer. These foods have the probiotics that you need for your PCOS weight loss diet.

5. Eat lean protein


Proteins balance the blood sugar levels. It is another source to feel full with less quantity. If you are having a meal loaded with proteins then you don’t feel hungry for a longer time. When your hunger hormones are in control that means you are stepping for weight loss.

If you are already taking high protein meals then add protein to your snack time. But calculate the proteins you are consuming per day. Excess protein intake is again a cause for weight gain. The body breaks the proteins down and the components accumulate as fat.

The best sources of protein are milk, fish, egg and chicken. You can consume low fat cheese which also adds protein to your diet. The other milk products like yogurt, buttermilk are a must for you to gain enough protein for your PCOS weight loss diet.

Why Is Weight Loss Hard With PCOS?

When your body is in fat storage mode due to insulin resistance, it will become hard to lose weight under PCOS condition. You continue with the wrong diet as you are unaware of food affecting your weight management.

If you are craving for food and consuming too many calories it becomes harder for you to lose weight. The hormone imbalance also keeps your hunger levels high. This makes you crave for food and that ultimately results in weight gain.

Tips To Make Your PCOS Weight Loss Diet Healthy

If you want your diet to lead you right, then also follow these tips. It enhances the chances of losing weight of PCOS women.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals and undereating results more in weight gain but doesn’t help in weight loss. As you restrict calories for a longer time, it lowers the metabolism rate. You may see the time being weight loss by skipping meals. Later your body gets habituated to low calorie intake and capacity of burning the calories also reduces which results in weight gain.

Eat less processed foods

We are notifying you on insulin impact on weight gain for women with PCOS.

Now how is PCOS related to weight gain or loss related to processed food?

Processed foods and added sugar increases the risk of high blood sugar levels. The process results in insulin resistance and then weight gain.

Reduce inflammation

You need to focus on reducing inflammation which is common in women with PCOS. It is associated with PCOS weight gain and obesity. You need to cut off sugars and processed food which worses the inflammation under PCOS condition and then weight gain too.

Avoid sugar

We are not asking you straight away to reduce sugar in your diet. But the form of consuming sugar or the amount can affect you with weight gain. It makes your weight loss harder when you are including more sugar foods in your diet.

The two components that make the sugar are glucose and fructose. If you eat more sugars than your body needs more insulin to process it. You must also avoid the natural sugars like honey and coconut sugar. These natural sweeteners contain 50% fructose. Use the sugars which contains less fructose. A study shows fructose is risk factor for obese women with PCOS.


Stress is an indirect cause of weight gain women with PCOS condition. The levels of cortisol increases with the increase of stress. This can again be linked to insulin resistance and weight gain.


Exercise can improve the body insulin sensitivity which leads to weight loss. Women with PCOS can include physical activities like cardio and yoga can help losing weight. PCOS women are mostly affected with abdominal fat. Exercising can effectively cut off the weight around the abdomen area. Diet or exercise alone does not work for PCOS weight loss. So, if you need to follow diet and exercise for PCOS weight loss.

Is PCOS Reversible With Weight Loss?

PCOS is reversible with weight loss as there is link with high insulin levels and a low carb diet. If you can tackle the metabolic problems there PCOS is reversible with weight loss. The normal hormone function can reduce the PCOS symptoms. You also need to change the lifestyle and diet habits for menstrual regularity and weight loss related to it.

Diet is a crucial part of a weight loss journey. It is more crucial for women with PCOS as it is a health issue that affects weight management. The causes and condition of PCOS related weight gain revolve around your diet. Not only that but also can treat polycystic ovary syndrome.

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