10 Best Books To Read While Travelling In India


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When we are travelling, we get attached with our favourite hobbies to escape from that horrible boredom. For some it is listening to music and few are happy to find a good book. What is your favourite hobby while travelling? If it’s reading books, then you will be in search of the best books to read just while travelling.

There are books that make you feel happy and involved based on the situation. While travelling, the book should make you feel like a swing with interest, enthusiasm and relaxation. Don’t doubt, you have such books which are great to read during your journey.

Reading a book is not just an escape from boredom but also a great escape from annoying fellow passengers. So, continue book search for travelling from here.

Best Books That You Carry And Read While Travelling

Most of the books that are listed here are available in kindle edition and paperback as well. As I love reading books while travelling, I brought these books to the notice for- book warmers who are also passionate travellers.

1. The Kite Runner


The story is painful and connected with honesty that it can make you stick to the book till the end. It is a timeless Easter tale- Afghanistan. The story is about two boys who are inseparable. Both the boys Amir and Hassan are grown together.

This is a tragic story that makes your heart heavy with emotions.On one side it is about honesty and kindness and other side, it is full of betrayal. The author clearly showed how people and time changes. You must make your heart a little more strong to read this beautifully painful story.

Your time flies away while travelling if you are carrying this book along.

Available Here

2. Into the wild


The book is about a slave who moves south to find freedom. We think slavery is common but this is to show how cruel slavery is.

After reading this book, it stays in your heart for long. It is more about the pain and suffering that African American went through in the 18th century. It is a book that inspires to fight racism and ill treatment. The novel is written in the way to be eye opening and it did for many.

If you want to know what is so inspiring that is depicted in this book, you must give it a read when you are travelling next time.

Available Here

3. Girls Who Travel


The book is apt for the girls who love travelling. Even without taking a round of the world, you still relate to it deeply to the story. The lead character makes you realize that travelling is not about distance but the experiences.

It is a feel good book to read while travelling. A part of the story makes you smile and a part generates laughter. In simple words, you can call it an entertaining book.

The character kika goes on various adventures which keeps you passionate in reading it till the last line. If you are going for a solo trip, then you will find it even more interesting. A great companion for travellers!

Available Here

4. A Walk In The Woods


If you are looking for a perfect travel companion, then this book is there to be the best part of your journey. As it is a travelogue book, this can be a wonderful book to read.

The author, Bryson introduces the readers to the folks he meets on the way. Everything the author describes comes in front of your eyes. You will find yourself smiling and laughing while reading it. The attempt of putting the travelling experience is funny and you will love the author’s humour. The adventures like hiking and trekkings are favourite for many.

It is a thought provoking book that includes many of the author’s experiences. So, when you are going for something adventurous, you will relate to this story.

Available Here

5. The Happiness Project


If you are looking for a book that says a little and is useful about happiness, then you must try this. You will learn things that are valuable in life. Everyone would have imperfections but we need to accept them and work for our own happiness. The book is all about it.

You will connect and feel engaged with the story as most it is realistic. Many of us don’t spare time for happiness and spend time for ourselves. This book tells you how to do it all.

As it is a feel good story you will need it for your happy trip. It also makes you smile and think while reading it. It is a must read!

Available Here

6. A Room With A View

People going through a dilemma in love is common but it is a different experience when you go through. This is a story that shows readers the love dilemma beautifully.

The book is about empowerment of a young girl who awakens and who comes through growth and true love. It is a combination of emotions with a blend of feminism. The novel also included many issues that we face in society.

Available Here

7. An Indian Backpacker’s Diary


The story makes your reading experience thrilling. If you are heading for an adventure trip, then you must take inspiration from this book. The suspense and other elements are dragged brilliantly by the writer.

It is a travelogue book in which the writer wrote about his travelling experiences. The most captivating part of this story is- experiences of travelling with less resources. He put across all his interactions and seen cultures in it.

Available Here

8. The Alchemist


The book is for everyone and any time. If you just want a story that tells something realistic, then you will enjoy the read.

It is a story of a boy who is adventurous and travels from Andalsuia to African desert. He takes up adventurous challenges, a goal of finding treasure in Egypt pyramids. So, this is all about the boy’s goal of treasure hunt and his adventures.

When someone says their experiences of struggles and followed success, it becomes the most inspirational and interesting one. You will find such kind of inspiration in this book. In simple words, you will learn not to give up. Many say but the author of this book made an attempt of explaining the philosophy with some great examples. This is completely a worth buy and read!

Available Here

9. Eat Pray Love


The story is a wonderful fusion of three cultures which you see when you travel the world. That is how you related to this book. A modern American woman who is happy in life with a loving husband, successful career and a country home. Along with all these she also has inner peace which is more important than anything.

If you are looking for a beautiful concept which covers travelogue, woman’s life, then this book will not disappoint you. The lead woman character who gets divorced and goes through the heartbreak decides to travel to three places Italy, Indian and Indonesia.

Her experiences and the way she takes control of her life is something that inspires the modern woman. It is a book that motivates modern women!

Available Here

10. Roads to Mussoorie


Having a book by Ruskin bond while travelling is all perfect. Moreover, this book is about all about travelling experiences. The beautiful description makes you fall in love with your trip as well.

The humour and the mild sense in this book makes it a feel good read for you. The detailed depiction about nature and enjoyable moments is what everyone loves in this one. It is also an easy to read and simple book that you need while travelling.

So are you all ready to make it a memorable journey with this book?

All don’t connect to the same genres. Keeping that in mind, we brought you a list of books with different genres. Some are to inspire you and a few are a feel good factor. Your every trip is going to be a memorable one with these books.

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