Proven Health Benefits of Neem Leaves


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Benefits of Neem Leaves

The bitter tasting tree stem used as datoon may bring back memories from childhood for a lot of us. Neem tree has always been known for its numerous health and beauty benefits, from before the advent of modern medicines. Ayurveda gave great importance to this tree for its great healing and treating properties. The Neem tree leaves benefits, have been used not just in medicines, but also for treating beauty related issues by women for ages now. And to extract the maximum advantage out of these leaves, here are proven ways to benefit your health through neem leaves.

Health Benefits of Neem Leaves-

1. Fight Viral Infections-

Viral infections usually difficult to heal. Neem acts as a very effective Ayurvedic cure for treating viral infections. It is ground into a paste and applied to the affected area and it will eliminate the virus completely. It is an age old remedy for small pox, chicken pox, and warts. Neem can also be boiled in water and this water can be used to bathe in. This can prevent you from catching further viral infections and improve your immunity to them.

2. Boosts Heart Health-

One of the most important medicinal use of neem is for proper cardiac care. Neem leaves or neem ke patte are boiled in water and used for treating high blood sugar levels in the blood. It purifies toxins from your body and dilates the blood vessels. It helps in proper blood circulation, reduces elevated and erratic heart beats. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure.

3. Anti Fungal properties-

Infections caused by a fungus such as Bronchitis, lung infections, and mucous membrane problems can be effectively death with the use of neem leaves. Fungal infections on the skin such as ring worm etc can be cured with neem seed oil. Just dab a few drops on the affected area every day. It will also cure fungal infections in skin and hair. You can also apply neem leaf powder mixed with water if you do not have Neem oil.

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4. Treats Malaria-

One of the most amazing home remedies for treating malaria is consuming Neem leaves. The presence of Gedunin kills malaria from your body and heals you. Especially the neem bark is used for treating malaria.

5. Improves Eye irritation-

Sometimes when you have tired eyes or something in your eye irritates, just boil a couple of neem leaves in water and leave the water to cool down. Now splash this water on your eyes and wash your face with it. It will instantly relieve you of the irritation and discomfort.

6. Effective cure for skin infections-

Skin diseases like Eczema and ring worm can make your life discomforting and be embarrassing at times. To treat these infections and drive them away from the roots just grind some neem leaves and add turmeric to it. Apply this to the infected area. This will remove these infections very well.

7. Treats Ulcers-

Neem has anti-Ulcer and anti inflammation properties. It is used extensively in Ayurveda for the treatment of skin ulcers and intestinal ulcers. Neem can heal an ulcer and prevent inflammation in stomach and intestines.

Treats Ulcers8. Removes Dental Plaque-

Neem datoon is the most famous thing that we always relate to a neem tree. It is an age old practice in India and our ancestors have been using neem twigs to chew and brush teeth. Neem twigs are the best remedy to remove plaque formed in the teeth naturally and also prevent further plaque formation. It also makes your teeth stronger and prevents bad breath. Important this to remember is you should not use an old twig, but instead pluck a fresh one.

Removes Dental Plaque9. Insect repellant-

Neem is a great insect and mosquito repellent. It is also used as a way to prevent malaria. Just apply a few drops of the oil to your exposed skin. Neem extracts is used extensively by pharma companies in making mosquito repellents. The neem smell makes the mosquitoes in lesser egg production and eventually die.

10. Cures asthma-

Other than treating Phlegm, Wheezing cough and breathing disorders, neem is also known as a wonderful treatment for asthma patients. The flower of neem is a miracle treatment for phlegm One of the most important Neem oil benefits is that is can completely cure asthma. Just intake 2 drops of Neem oil orally every day, You can slowly increase the dosage to completely eliminate asthma.

11. Used for Leprosy-

Patients with leprosy have been given neem treatment for years now. They are asked to apply neem paste to their body and even neem seed oil massage and asked to drink neem sap. This helps is healing leprosy slowly.

Used for Leprosy12. Treats Joint pain-

One of the most instant uses of neem oil is applying it to joints for pain removal. It is used extensively by patients of arthritis and people who have joint pain, muscles pain and other joint related illness these days.

Is it safe to eat neem leaves every day?

Although eating neem leaves with all of its good benefits could seem healthy for the most part, but the proportion of leaves you consume should be noted and regulated. You should not ideally consume more than 3 leaves per day.

  • Neem leaves generate heat and women who are pregnant should avoid using neem leaves orally. It can lead to miscarriages.
  • Men shouldn’t eat excess Neem leaves as neem leaves in excess can lead to the killing of sperm cells.
  • Couples planning to conceive should avoid eating Neem leaves.
  • Because of the medicinal value of neem, excess neem oil or neem capsules can lead to more active immunity. This can lead to increased auto immune diseases symptoms.
  • If you are stated for a surgery, you should stop consuming Neem two weeks before the surgery.

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