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Gorgeous Hair
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Have you always struggled trying to keep your hair healthy? Do you end up buying a lot of hair care products and yet never really achieve the gorgeous hair you want? Well, a lot of women have hair problems that prevent proper healthy hair growth. But a lot of times the problem may not solely be lack of nourishment. Some lifestyle habits such as over styling, Using chemical products too often, environmental factors or even stress can lead to your hair problems.

To drive all the hair issues away and keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful, here are a few hair care and styling tips for the naturally gorgeous hair you can easily do at home.

How To Get Gorgeous Hair Naturally

1. Hair Wash-

Hair washWashing your hair is a very important hair care routine. Although washing your hair is a necessity, You should remember not to over do it. Washing your hair every day can strip off natural oils from your hair, Leaving it dry and dull. Try to keep a few days gap between every wash. Do not use excessively hot water no matter how much you like it. Try to keep it warm.

2. Condition regularly-

Your hair has a certain level of natural moisture and oil that keeps it conditioned and healthy. But, over time as the length of hair increases the moisture tends to get lost. To keep that from happening, always condition your hair shafts, esp. the ends, as the ends are more vulnerable and tend to lose moisture quickly. Make sure to apply hair conditioner minimum 7cms away from your roots, otherwise, this can lead to build up near the roots and suffocate your hair.

3. Drying your Hair-

Drying your HairAfter every wash takes time to dry your hair naturally. It is one of the best tips to achieve naturally gorgeous hair. Drying your hair naturally lets the hair take its natural shape and this does not cause any damage to wet hair which is very vulnerable. Do not use a hair dryer every day, although you may use it on cold setting but avoid using heat dryers every time. It can lead your hair to become really dry. You can also use a towel to pat dry your hair but do not stroke it violently. This can cause split ends.

4. Brushing Hair-

Wet hair should also never be brushed. Wet hair is very weak and fragile and brushing out wet hair can lengthen the hair. Over time this can cause thinning of hair. This also causes the hair shafts to open and lose moisture. the Wet hair gets easily damaged by brushing.

5. Diet-

DietDiet plays a major role in hair growth and nourishment. If you eat an imbalanced diet, chances are that you will have weaker hair and several hair issues. Always consume a well-balanced diet with protein rich foods and also vegetables rich in iron and zinc.

6. Health supplements-

For severe hair fall and dry hair, you may consult a dermatologist who will ascertain a proper cause of your hair problems. If the hair falls in not chronic you may eat food rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, this helps extensively in the growth of hair and nails. Flax seeds, almonds, and walnuts are good sources to include in your diet. Vitamin B-6, B12, and Folic acid are great supplements to include in your diet, they will do wonders for your hair.

Hair Styling Tips To Get Gorgeous Hair-

1. Tight Hairstyles-

Tight HairstylesHair styling is a great way to make your hair look even beautiful, but abstain from pulling up your hair into tight ponytails or buns every day, for a long time. These practices, over time, can cause receding hair line and thin of hair. It all leads to hair fall and hair breakage. Try putting up a ponytail not very high up and a little loose. Keep your wavy hair naturally open or Use a hair band and clips to style your hair.

2. Hair care products-

Using all chemical products rich in sulfate can cause more damage than good over a period of time. If you have naturally wavy hair, Using sulfate free shampoos will do wonders for your hair. It will make them look more natural and raw. Over time your hair will become healthier and thick.

Avoid using excessive hair straightening cream, hair color, hair gels and other chemical compositions to style your hair. These can rob your hair of the normal hair moisture and reduce the volume with the damage.

3. Scalp care-

Scalp careCare for your scalp as much as you do for your hair. Always take time out for a hot oil head massage for a good 30 mins. to relieve any stress and improve the blood circulation. Tie a hot towel around your head for 10 mins and then wash with mild and herbal shampoo. This practice can improve hair growth and reduce scalp problems. It is also a must to maintain your gorgeous hair.

4. Styling Tools-

We all love the sleek straight hair look, as much as the wavy beach curls. But to achieve these effortless looking hairstyle we have to go through the process of heat styling. Although heat styling may not always inflict hair damage, hair that is dry is more prone to heat damage which is irreversible. So, control your hair styling frequency to minimum levels. Do it only when it is a must. And always use a heat protecting product 20 mins before using those lovely styling tongs and flat iron.

5. Protection from Environmental Factors-

Protection from Environmental FactorsA lot of times all these hair care tips can go waste if you are unable to protect your hair from environmental damage. Exposing your hair to intense hours of sun can cause it to dry out completely over time. To keep that from happening, always use a hat or scarf to cover up your hair before going out in sun. Prevent exposing hair to long hours in sun. Use shampoos that have sun protection properties.

6. Protection During Swimming-

Who doesn’t enjoy a good swim? But the damage it can inflict on your hair is just horrific. The salt and chlorine present in the swimming pools can make your hair dry and frizzy. This damage is almost irreversible and very difficult to repair. To prevent your hair from going completely dry, always use a swim cap. If you do not want to wear a cap, make sure to wet your hair and apply a good amount of conditioner to your hair. Wash it off after you are done swimming.

7. Hair Cuts-

Hair CutsThe best way to maintain proper healthy ends is giving it a regular hair cut. Chopping off the ends of your hair will prevent the damage from spreading and give you naturally gorgeous hair almost instantly. The dry ends should be cut and after the hair cut always remember to condition your hair regularly.

If you follow all of these hair care and styling tips regularly, there is no doubt you can achieve your natural gorgeous hair within a few weeks itself. Make sure you follow these always and your hair will never see a dull and dry hair day ever again.

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