Super foods for Beautiful Skin and Hair

foods for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Although makeup might help you look vibrant and young throughout the day, yet at the end of it, you may have to face up to the real you, which might not be a very pleasing sight to behold. The same is true for your hair, as it is for your skin. It is always fashionable to be healthy.

Your diet invariably plays a vital role in determining the overall well-being of your hair and skin. Virtue inspires virtue and the vice-versa. Read on about these super foods for beautiful skin and hair.

Health Foods for Skin and Hair



It does not get better than blueberries when it comes to anti-oxidizing properties. The vital nutrients in blueberries slow down the aging process that the living tissues of the body undergo.

2Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon

The salmon found in the wild is one of the most potent source of omega 3- fatty acids, which is very essential in keeping your skin supple and hydrated. The fish also contains selenium, a mineral which shields the skin against exposure to the sun. Moreover, salmon is rich in vitamin D, which helps the system in absorbing calcium, thus strengthening your bones and teeth.



Like all leafy green vegetables, spinach is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Lutein, found abundantly in spinach keeps your eyes healthy. Otherwise these supple leaves are rich in vitamins B, C and E, apart from having an abundance of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega 3- fatty acids.



Science is still trying to prove if oysters are aphrodisiac or not. They are in any case rich in zinc, that promotes the regeneration of skin cells, apart from keeping your nails, hair and eyes healthy.



Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is an essential anti-oxidant, that discourages the aging of the living tissue. The lycopene present in the fruit is more easily assimilated into the system, in the cooked form.

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Walnuts promotes healthy skin, luscious hair, sharper eyes and firmer bones. They are absolutely pumped with vitamin E and Omega 3-fatty acids. All you need is a handful of this exotic nut to experience all the benefits it brings to the table.



Appearance could be deceptive in the case of this humble, fuzzy fruit. It is loaded to the brim with vitamin C and a host of anti-oxidants which play a vital role in keeping your skin toned, by preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, they are good for stronger bones and prevents cancerous development in certain cases.

8Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate hydrates your skin and protects it from exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun. Moreover, they are amazing for your general spirit levels, with effects equivalent to alcohol and sex.

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