17 Best Foods That Keep Acne Away- Anti Acne Diet


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Best Foods That Keep Acne Away

The imperfections like dark spots, acne, pigmentation is repeatedly found and faced. Concealing the dark spots marks with makeup is still fine but acne is not acceptable. The bumps on the skin are not only painful but stand out even with makeup.

If you are asking the solution for clear skin, then all we would suggest is eat right. Eating right keeps your skin clear and glowing naturally.

Your diet talks louder about your skin health and this is the undeniable fact.The foods that you are taking are much responsible in causing and clearing acne. Can you believe that you have anti acne diet?

What Causes Acne?

Again food alone is not responsible for acne. It is also based on the genes, habits and lifestyle. The common causes which are irrespective of food and diet must be known.

Common conditions like puberty, menstruation and menopause cause acne in women. The hormone termed as progesterone also causes acne. The fluctuation levels of progesterone during periods cause acne.

Acne is a condition when your skin gets the bumps which are of different types like pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. The excess sebum in skin pores clogs the pores and it results in acne.

1. Spinach

SpinachAt first, your skin must be cleansed to get rid of acne. Spinach helps widely in cleansing your skin. You can add spinach more often in your diet and stay away form acne.

The chlorophyll is a green pigment that is rich in spinach and that helps in clearing the acne causing bacteria. It also removes the toxins from digestive tract system and blood stream. Spinach also contains the vitamin A which plays the role of anti acne agent.

You got enough good reasons to include spinach in your anti acne diet.

2. Oatmeal

OatmealOatmeal can be healthiest breakfast which keeps your tummy lighter and happy. If you know only this far about oatmeal, then you must know what it can do for acne.

Oatmeal is rich in zinc which can supports your skin with anti inflammatory properties and kill acne causing bacteria. You can a cup of oatmeal everyday to keep your skin acne free.

3. Turmeric

TurmericTurmeric is known for medicinal usage for skin and overall health. That is the reason turmeric is a key ingredient in many acne clearing skin products. You must realize how good it is to use turmeric internally when it is hugely considered for external use.

Turmeric is packed with anti inflammatory properties that can fight bacteria. You can use turmeric in your dishes and protect your skin from acne. The internal bacteria and toxins can be flushed out with turmeric.

Try using 1/4 teaspoon per day to stay away from acne.

4. Tomatoes

TomatoesTomatoes got the antioxidants that can keep acne at bay. The vitamin C in tomatoes can do all good to your skin. The acidic properties in tomatoes can clear the bacteria and impurities in your skin.

You can simply eat few slices of tomato or add into salads to get rid of acne. Tomato is the handy food item to make of anti acne diet.

5. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin-seedsPumpkin seeds are wonderful food for skin. As pumpkin seeds are filled with zinc, it help in collagen production and cells regeneration. This super food for acne can be your everyday snack. Having a handful of pumpkin seeds can let your get rid of acne.

6. Apples

ApplesDon’t forget that an apple a day keeps doctor away! Apple keeps acne away too. Apples are loaded with the dietary fiber which is called as pectin. Pectin helps in absorbing and removing the toxins from skin.

Apple also helps in making your skin healthy in many other ways as it contains essential vitamins along with pectin.

7. Carrots

CarrotsCarrots are the greatest food source of vitamin A and beta carotene. These vitamins in carrots lowers the risk of inflammation. Carrots can be part of anti acne diet easily adding in salads, raw. It can be your healthiest snack!

You can also prepare your skin to defense and fight acne eating a carrot stick everyday. Carrot juice is healthy drink that you can take to get rid of acne too.

8. Salmon

SalmonThe non vegetarians go on the heavy meats which are not a good option. You can swap your heavy non veg dishes with salmon.

Salmon contains the proteins, B vitamins, potassium and selenium and antioxidants. This package of whole goodness in salmon makes it healthiest meat. Your skin needs to be prepared to fight acne, eating salmon is the best way to make your skin the acne fighter.

9. Berries

BerriesThanks to the antioxidants in berries! Berries are much easy to include in anti acne diet. The antioxidants and vitamins in berries can help your skin in defensing acne.

You can have strawberries which are rich in vitamin C. Blueberries contains pectin which removes the impurities and reduce acne. You can switch the foods and make a health anti acne diet with fresh berries.

10. Nuts

NutsIf you are skin is often attacked with acne, then the reason could be- low levels of antioxidants. The low level of antioxidants like  vitamin E and selenium may also cause acne over and over again. So, they best way to flare of the antioxidants level is consuming nuts.

Adding nuts to your anti acne diet is wise. Instead of having the processed snacks, you can have nuts like almonds, walnuts. You also need not worry about high level of calories as the nuts are low in calories.

11. Lemon

LemonLemon is full of acidic content and it helps in flushing the toxin out of your body. Lemon juice can be your morning drink along with honey. This is not just the drink that helps in achieving weight loss goals but also lets you gain acne free skin.

You can also apply lemon to your face. Instead of applying directly, make a face pack with lemon juice and apply. This also helps in fighting acne.

12. Green tea

Green teaGreen tea is more familiar for weight loss. But you must not just restrict using green tea for weight loss purpose. As it got the antioxidants, you can add it in your anti acne diet. Green tea let you defence the bacteria and it is the best detox tea.

Having green tea everyday, keep you body and skin impurities free. Then, your skin would be at low risk of causing acne.

13. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoesSomething that tastes good is not health and kept hearing this. But we must change this statement now. Sweet potatoes being tasty, they are also health, healthiest food.

Sweet potato contains of vitamin A which helps in fighting skin inflammation and clogged pores. You can have the boiled sweet potatoes or make some delicious recipe to add in your anti acne diet.

14. Papaya

PapayaPapaya is loaded with a unique enzyme which is called as papain. Papain is antibacterial and this makes papaya fight acne. It also unclogs the pores with powerful reaction.

Your skin also rejuvenates and glows naturally when adding papaya into anti acne diet. You can have a bowl of papaya cubes in your daily diet to keep the acne away. Then, you will know how papaya is an anti acne food.

15. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelon is always known to beat the heat in summers. When it can beat the heat, it can also beat the acne.

When you are sure that acne is caused with excess sebum, start eating watermelon. Watermelon controls the oil production and clogging of pores. The content of vitamin A can also reduce the size of skin pores.

You can just make a fruit salad with some fresh fruits adding watermelon. You can also stay hydrated which protects your skin from acne brilliantly.

16. Cucumber

CucumberCucumber is soothing anyways for skin and body. Acne irritates and it is also painful. Then, you can have slices of cucumber in your diet regularly. The vitamins C, K and B in cucumber keeps your skin health.

You can also stay hydrated with cucumber. Women with oily skin can eat cucumber as it controls excess sebum.

Take cucumber juice or keep eating cucumber slices along with your meals daily. You can also apply cucumber to sooth your irritating and inflamed skin.

17. Barley


You can keep an end to acne with barley water. Azelaic acid in barley keeps the skin inflammation away. Azelaic is a proven anti acne factor. So, you can rely on barley water which is an anti acne food.

You can eat whole grain barley which is extra beneficial as it contains more of zinc. You can replace barley with sugar and carbohydrates.

All these food act essential to keep acne away. You can make a simple anti acne diet plan with these health foods. You have handful of food options that to be picked over processed and junk. You also don’t need to compromise on taste with these foods to get rid of acne.

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