Amazing Health Benefits of Sabja Seeds (Basil Seeds) For Health And Beauty


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Benefits of Sabja Seeds

You might have come across a lot of drinks on the supermarket shelf these days that have a gelatinous seed with black core and it is seen floating throughout the drink. You might have wondered it is some exotic drink and passed ahead, But hey, that is not an exotic ingredient. It is indeed the simple sweet basil seeds. These are also known as Sabja seeds, Sweet basil seeds or even Falooda seed. Although this is a common seed, seen in a lot of Asian desserts we hardly realized a number of great health benefits it can have.

These Sabja seeds are antioxidant rich and contain protein, Fibre, essential fats and are packed with a good deal of fiber. These seeds do not contain any calories and are also very popular right now because of the weight loss benefits it offers.

Benefits Of Sabja Seeds-

Sabja SeedsThese seeds are often confused with chia seeds, but these are different. To consume these you will have to soak these in warm water for about 20 minutes. They will then turn jelly like and gelatinous with a black core. You can consume these seeds directly or with any other supplement you wish to. About 2-3 spoons of soaked Sabja seeds, benefits greatly to your health.

Sabja SeedsThe gelatinous seeds release their antioxidants on coming in contact with water. They are fragrant but the seeds do not have a taste of their own. They go well with almost any kind of foods. It is especially known to be eaten with falooda or cold shakes like a garnishing.

Health benefits of Sabja seeds-

1. Weight Loss-

Weight LossProbably one of the most popular reasons why Sabja seeds got importance were its weight loss benefits. Sabja seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, these, in turn, boost your metabolic rate and helps in burning the fat. So weight loss with Sabja seeds is possible if you consume this daily.

Weight loss by eating Sabja seeds is possible as It is also known to fill up your stomach for a longer period of time thus reduced hunger and indirectly lesser consumption of food helps in reducing weight. Also Read: Top 10 Everyday Weight Loss Hacks

2. Controls Blood sugar

An inclusion of Sabja seeds in your diet is known to be extremely beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. It is beneficial as it brings down the blood sugar level in the body. You can just have 2 tsps of soaked Sabja seeds normally, or mix it up in the drink of your choice.

3. Relief for Constipation

Sabja seeds are a natural Laxative and it helps in relieving constipation. It helps in detoxing your stomach and relieve you from stomach infections, Gas and Indigestion also. For relieving constipation these seeds should be best consumed with milk before going to bed. These seeds also reduce any bloating and stomach Flatulence.

4. Relieves Acidity

Relieves AciditySabja seeds have a very cooling effect on consumption. These seeds can reduce acid refluxes during acidity and help remove the acid too. Just add a spoonful of soaked Sabja seeds to a glass of milk. This will instantly reduce stomach acidity.

5. Cools down body heat-

Although these seeds make look like just a garnishing element on the Falooda, they are not. It actually has a very cooling effect on the body and helps reduce body heat. That is why it is used in summer desserts like falooda and lemonade or Milkshakes.

6. Cures Respiratory disorders-

Cures Respiratory disordersThese seeds are known as a very good remedy for respiratory problems. A mix of Sabja seeds, honey, and Ginger juice is also used to treat asthma. It can also be consumed by patients with Bronchitis. Just boil these seeds in 1 glass of water and consume after cooling to normal temperature.

This is also used as an age old remedy for Cold, cough, and Flu. They have Flavonoids like Vicenin, Orientin etc that build your immune system and make your body strong to fight against these infections.

Beauty benefits of Sabja seeds-

benefits of Sabja seeds1. Cures Skin Infection-

The skin benefits of Sabja seeds includes slowly making your skin healthy and for skin infections like Eczema, this works like a wonder. Just crush a few seeds and add a few drops of coconut oil. Apply this over an infected region. This will almost erase your condition of eczema or Psoriasis.

2. Anti aging agent-

Eating a Sabja seeds regularly can help you in secreting Collagen. This is an essential in anti aging of the skin as it will help repair the dead cells and repair your skin from within. It will slowly lead to reduced aging signs. It will reduce wrinkles and spots.

3. Promotes Hair Growth-

Promotes Hair growthFor healthy hair benefits of Sabja seeds, it is best if you start eating these seeds raw. These have abundant stores of Vitamin K, Iron, and Protein. This will help in not just the growth of your hair but also make it healthier, shinier and increase its volume. Sabja seeds for hair are a very healthy option to reduce hair fall.

With all these benefits, this little natural health supplement is sure to become one important part of your household. It is probably one of the simplest forms of home remedy to do and very easy to follow. And after looking at the wonders it can do to your health and Esp. the hair, we are convinced it will soon become a part of everyone’s life.


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