Astonishing Health and Beauty Benefits Of Kalonji/ Nigella Seeds


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Benefits Of Kalonji

Another healthy spice with an array of benefits, that a very few people know about, is black Kalonji seeds. Also known as Nigella seeds. It is a spice very commonly used in Indian and Asian cuisine, for the raw burnt taste and tinge of bitterness, that it adds to the food. What remains a lesser known fact, is that Kalonji seeds offer immense benefits because of the presence of trace elements, Vitamins and crystalline Nigellone, amino acids, Saponines, proteins, fibre, fatty acids like Linolenic and also minerals like Iron, Potassium, Sodium, and Calcium. Of the most powerful remedies that it offers, some of them are relieving headache, Joint pain, and relief against skin infections.

Here are 20 Surprising health and beauty benefits of Kalonji you never knew existed

1. Relieves head ache-

Relieves head acheThe lifestyle that we lead these days has taken a toll on our health so much that having headaches is the not a new thing by now. Kalonji seeds Oil is a natural and effective remedy to cure these repetitive headaches and prevent them from returning. Just put a few drops directly over your hands and smear it all over your Forehead and around your ear.

Optionally you can also consume half a teaspoon of this oil orally for headache cure.

2. Helps in weight Loss-

Helps in weight LossAnother popular Nigella seeds health benefit is that it improves your metabolism and increases fat burning tendencies. Just add a spoon of the Kalonji powder directly in warm water with your lemon and honey mix and drink it. For better results repeat this twice a day.

3. Asthma and cold cough Remedy-

Kalonji seeds benefit people having a cold and cough. It can also help in the alleviation of Asthma.

If you put a teaspoon of honey to warm water and crushed Kalonji seeds it benefits greatly in reducing breathing conditions like Asthma. It should be adhered to for a good 30 days.

4. Joint pain reliever-

One of the top health benefits and uses of kalonji oil is for Joint pain relief. It is a great cure for people suffering from arthritis and eases the joints while also helps in Lubricating them.

  • Add a spoon full of Nigella seeds into Mustard oil and heat it.
  • Let it cool down till it is warm enough to apply over your skin.
  • Massage over your joints daily for best result.
  • To reduce stiffness and swelling in your joints you may add 2 teaspoons Kalonji oil to 2 tsp of Honey and mix this into a cup of Vinegar. Apply this on your joints twice daily.

5. Keeps Heart healthy-

These seeds are known to contain Thymoquinone, it has Anti Inflammatory and Hepatoprotective properties. This Increases the health of the heart by protecting it from any damage caused by heart and blood pressure medicines.

6. Anti Carcinogenic-

One of the greatest kalonji health benefits is its cancer preventing properties. Kalonji oil is very beneficial in protecting Colon Cancer, leukemia and Throat Cancer.

Add a ½ spoonful of kalonji oil to a glass of grape juice and drink it. Repeat thrice a day. You may do this for 40 days regularly. Although a great remedy this is not the sole cure for such problems.

7. Controlling Blood pressure-

Use Kalonji seeds to cure Hypertension. They are a great remedy for reducing and regulating blood pressure. Especially for high blood pressure patients.

Just add a ½ spoon of kalonji oil to warm water and consume it twice daily.

This should be followed by good diet and it will yield great results.

8. Improves Kidney health-

Improves Kidney healthBenefits of black seed oil include inducing proper functioning in a kidney and maintain the health of the kidney. Any kind of kidney infection, pain, and Kidney stones can be cured with the help of Kalonji seeds oil.

Just add a half spoon of black seed oil to 1 tsp honey and drink this with warm water twice daily. It will cure and ease out renal colic, kidney pain, and stones. Follow with a diet for better results.

9. Treats piles-

Piles can be harrowing and painful for any person to go through. Although a lot of laxatives can prevent the pain but cure it the best way is the use of kalonji oil.

Apply a few drops of a Kalonji oil and vinegar mix in equal proportions after heating it a few times and then cooling off before applying. If you have this oil with a cup a warm black tea it can be a really great constipation cure.

10. Cracked heels cure-

Cracked heels cureReduced moisture and abrasion in your heels can lead to severely dry and cracked heels. To prevent these heel conditions and also heal the already cracked heels. Soak you feet in the Mixture of 1 tsp kalonji oil and lime juice with warm water. Do it twice daily for best results. Follow it up with a good moisturizer.

11. Fights Acne-

One of the healthiest effects of Kalonji oil for skin is that it repairs and nourishes your skin deeply and prevents it from breaking out. Kalonji oil is known to remove acne causing bacteria and fight acne.

Apply a few drops of kalonji oil on your face before going to sleep and wash it off with cold water in the morning. This seeps deep into your skin and purifies the blood of all the impurities that may cause acne. It is a very healthy Kalonji oil home remedy for great skincare.

12. Improves Memory-

Kalonji oil is known to improve and boost memory and create a sense of alertness.

For this, you have to boil around 10gms of mint leaves in water and add half tsp of kalonji oil to it. Drink this mixture twice daily for 30 days for great results.

13. Reduces Hair Fall-

Reduces Hair FallThe Nigellone and Thymoquinone present in these seeds act as antihistamines. These help in regrowth of hair and prevents hair from weakening. This is a great remedy for hair fall.

Kalonji oil for hair is a miracle home remedy which is natural and healthy.

For best result, Use lime juice for massaging your head and leave it on for 20 mins. Wash it off and pat dry your hair. Then apply Kalonji oil to your hair scalp. Continue this for 15 days. You will be amazed to see this inexpensive remedy and its great results.

14. Healthy Liver Functioning-

Kalonji seeds are extremely good for the health of liver. It is also used in treating Jaundice and other liver problems and infection. For best results. Soak handful of ajwain overnight. Use this water and add half tsp of kalonji oil to it. Drink it twice a day regularly to completely remove Jaundice.

15. Anaemia Cure-

Anaemia is very common these days in women of young age. It can cause a lot of helath problems in the long run. To cure anaemia Boil mint leaves in water and extract the pulp out. Use this juice and add half tsp of kalonji oil to it. Consume daily for a month. Your anaemia will be cured.

16. Removes Warts-

Removes WartsWarts are pesky skin growth that can appear on any part of body. Esp. Around neck and on feet.

They can be sometimes painful and look embarrassing. Kalonji oil is a great home remedy for removing warts. Along with consuming kalonji oil daily you should apply this oil on warts after cleaning it completely. This oil tends to dry it out and finish it off from the roots.

17. Prevents Diabetes-

One of the most important uses of kalonji oil is to cure diabetes. Kalonji oil when taken with warm black tea everyday is known to almost make diabetes patients forget about their conditions. Kalonji for diabetes is a healthy natural way to treat it safely.

18. Conditions Hair-

Along with boosting hair growth Kalonji oil has deep penetrating power that can moisturise the scalp of your head deeply. Removes impurities, dryness, dandruff and itchiness of scalp. It turns your scalp very healthy and makes hair stronger and healthier.

19. Boosts Energy levels-

Boosts Energy levelsConsuming Kalonji seeds or oil every day can lead to increase in the vital energy of your body for the day. It is known to induce calmness and rejuvenates your body internally. These seeds have minerals and vitamins to provide all the essential macro and micronutrients to your body.

20. Builds Immunity-

Nigella seeds are great for building body’s natural immunity. Consume it daily and increase your resistance towards infections and fatigue.

Possible Side Effects Of Kalonji-

1. Although consumption of Kalonji seeds and Kalonji oil is very safe it should not be used in large quantities by pregnant women. Larger quantities can unsafe as it can reduce or stop the uterus from contracting.
2. It can Lead to lowering of blood sugar levels and if this followed with an improper diet it can cause temporary Hypoglycaemia or Low blood sugar.
3. If you are due for any surgeries You should stop consumption of this oil as it may lead to slowing down of blood clotting and lead to excessive bleeding


1. To prevent black kalonji seeds from going bad You should keep them in a air tight jar and store it in a cold environment and away from sunlight.
2. Always buy small amounts. Only a little is enough so do not buy a lot at a time.
3. Before buying Nigella seeds check for proper packaging and its details. Do not buy stale open packets.
4. Before Buying Kalonji oil always look for best before date. Do not buy oil with expiry date very close as one bottle can even end up lasting for months.
5. In any special health conditions you should always consult your doctor before inducting this into your diet completely.


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