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LowCarb Vegan Diet

Have you ever noticed, how beautiful we look, when we are slim and fit. We are able to get into any clothes we want. Not only our figure, but also our whole structures change. We look more ravishing, and there is a change in our whole appearance. But, sometimes maintaining the same figure or appearance becomes difficult, no matter is we are a vegan, as it’s not always be possible to be on a strict diet, and we start gaining some pounds. Here are some tips, to go on a lowcarb vegan diet, which can help you reduce some weight, you might have put on.

Foods That Are LowCarbs

1Panner or cottage cheese

Panner or cottage cheese

Paneer have the richest source of healthy nutrients. It is a high protein food, which is mostly eaten by vegetarians to meet their needs in protein. It can even help in improving metabolism, that is, rich in fibers. It also have conjugated linoleic acid and sphingolipids, which can reduce the risk of cancer. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which can help in decreasing the homocysteine level.

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2Curd or yogurt

Curd or yogurt

One of the other benefits, rather than being low-carb, is that it can benefit for digestion. It helps your body in absorbing nutrients from other food items. It can also help in strengthening the immune system and also help in preventing vaginal yeast infection. Curd contains lots of calcium, and calcium is important to prevent cortisol formation. Only 18 ounces daily is enough to shed belly fat.



Two of the key nutrition in almonds, is healthy monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs and antioxidants, which helps in benefiting the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease. With nutrients like, riboflavin and L-carnitine, it is known as best brain food. Healthy fats and dietary fibers aid, also makes almonds a food for weight loss.



Sprouts have many medicinal and nutritional benefits, that have being derived from many vitamins, organic compounds, and mineral content in it. Sprouts have many significant amount of dietary fiber, vitamin A, C and K, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and folate. Sprouts comprise of minerals like, zinc, iron, manganese, calcium, and copper. Many components in sprouts dramatically increases, as the sprouts continue to grow. Along with these, sprouts are also a rich source of enzymes, that are very essential for health.

Sprouts are one of those foods that is very high in nutrients, but very low in calories. Which means, you can eat the sprouts without compromising on your vegan diets. Fiber presence in sprouts can add bulk in the bowels, and also release ghrelin, which tells our mind to eat something, and can also help in snacking and overeating.

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The main key benefits of soya is that it have high content of minerals, proteins and vitamins with insoluble fibre. It has transformed into many number of popular soya based foods like, Miso, a fermented soya bean paste that can be used in flavouring, it has a good source of minerals. Tofu, which is also synonym to bean curd, which originated from soya milk, by coagulating, soya proteins with calcium salts and magnesium. Whey is discarded to processing the curd. It is one of the very good source of protein, calcium, and iron. Tempeh, this is an Indonesian specialty, typically made by cooking and dehulling soyabeans, which forms texture like solid ‘cake’. it is a good source of vitamin B, minerals and proteins.



According to some new research, drinking milk can help in loosing weight. Milk contains, more of Vitamin D and calcium, which are essential needs for loosing pounds. It also has potassium, peptides, magnesium, which can help in improving heart health.

7Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are available throughout the year, and is considered one of the most healthy food in the world. It contains, cholesterol-lowering fiber, fat-free high quality protein, molybdenum, minerals, and much more. It also have significant amounts of magnesium, iron and folate with vitamin B1 and antioxidants.


  • Generally a low carb diet calls for giving up on consumption of simple carbs and involve more complex carbs. Complex carbs like oats, barley, whole wheat, rice, whole wheat breads and whole wheat pasta, contains plenty of fiber and intake of these foods can help in weight loss.
  • your proteinTry to increase your protein intake. Protein can help in feeling satisfied. They stabilize the blood sugar level and can control your cravings. You can try low fat dairy products, legumes, beans, thatcan give you 50 grams of proteins everyday.
  • Do not forget to take or avoid carbs everyday, because they are the most important part in our diet.

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