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Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt

Since the ancient days, the magical waters of Dead Sea, and the benefits of dead sea salt have always been renowned for their amazing therapeutic as well as healing qualities that can help in treating skin conditions. People used it for naturally treating varieties of illnesses as well as many skin conditions. The thing that makes Dead Sea special is the high salt content in it, which is very rich in minerals.

Dead sea salt contain minerals, like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, bromide, sodium, potassium and zinc. They are being easily absorbed by the skin. It is because of the dense mineral content in the dead sea salt that makes it extremely bitter and is not edible. But it do have a lot of incredible beauty benefits for the skin, hair and body as you can find out below! But first, lets try to look at some of these amazing minerals in the dead sea salt and what are the benefits of dead sea salt.

What Is Dead Sea Salt ?

Dead Sea SaltHistorically, Dead Sea is known worldwide for its many healing qualities. It is also considered to be as one of the saltiest body of water and the salt content have been measured much more concentrated than compared to any other oceans, seas or even lakes in the world. It is basically a, where fishes as well as plants do not thrive, and the reason is why it got such a name. The dead sea, is a salt lake that is bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel & Palestine to the west. It is the Earth’s lowest elevation on the land, the dead Sea is about 304 m or 997 ft deep, that is one of the deepest hypersaline lake in this world.

However, Dead Sea have always been regarded as a good source of salts that contain many healthy minerals and is also beneficial to a man’s overall health. The Dead Sea salts are basically not for the consumption but rather are more for the use of beauty purposes.

The minerals that are found in the Dead Sea salt is beneficial to a man’s body as they are similar to all the minerals that are found in the skin cells. This is the reason on why there are a lot of beauty and health products that is made from the Dead Sea salts to keep the skin healthy, well nourished as well as younger lookingas long as possible.

Some Common Ailments Of Beauty-Boosting Minerals In Dead Sea Salt

Beauty-Boosting Minerals In Dead Sea SaltBelow are the short list of some of the minerals that is found in Dead Sea salt for skin problems and what make them great for your skin, hair and body:

a. Magnesium: It can help to promote the cell metabolism, speed up the healing of tissues in the skin, soothes all the damaged skin, help to protect the skin from all the microbes that can cause all the allergies.
b. Calcium: It can help to balance the sebum, enhance the skin hydration, promotes all the cell renewal, prevents from the wrinkles & fine lines, offers protection from the skin cancer.
c. Sulfur: Sulfur is known to be a Natural disinfectant, that can help to purify the skin, detoxify the body, and promote hair growth.
d. Bromide: It can help to soothe the skin, provide relief from the muscle cramps, calm down the nerves, repairs the skin cells, as well as helps to revitalize the dull complexion.
e. Potassium: It can help to replenish all the needed moisture, can help to reduce the puffy skin, and also reduce the water retention.

Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt For Skin, Hair & More

Below are some of the dead sea salt benefits, that can help to deal with skin problems like, dry skin, hair problems, nail care and many more:

1. Purifies Pores

Purifies PoresThe presence of detoxifying as well as disinfectant properties in the dead sea salt,can help to purify the pores of the skin by gently driving out all of the gunk that includes dead cells, pollution, dirt, stale sebum as well as germs which get collected form the acne, blackheads as well as white heads. So whenever, you feel like squeezing out all the pore from your face, then stop and immediately use this gentle and effective dead sea salt scrub. To make the scrub, add a teaspoon of dead sea salt and one teaspoon of honey in a small bowl. Then slowly mix them properly and scrub it on the face. Wash off withlukewarm water and pat them dry properly. This scrub can help to get the pores squeaky clean in no time.

2. Gently Exfoliates Skin

Gently Exfoliates SkinDead sea salt have a very little abrasive texture which can help to slough the flakes off and dead cells from the skin’s surface. Instead of using any of the store-bought scrubs, try to use the dead sea salt which is combined with all the moisturizing ingredient like the coconut oil or raw honey for clean, soft as well as smooth skin!

3. Erases Stretch Marks

Erases Stretch MarksOne of the most miraculous benefit of the dead sea salt for your skin which no body seems to accept it readily that it has stretch mark erasing abilities! It can really work in fading the stretch marks over time! You can make a scrub, combining half cup of dead sea salt, one-fourth cup of shea butter Nilotica, and 15 drops of lavender essential oil.

4. Acne-Buster

Acne-BusterDo you have cystic acne or itchy acne? Then you must start using dead sea salt, immediately. We know that it have a lot of zinc as well as sulfur, that have been a very effective acne treatment when it is being used topically, so try to use it as a scrub or soak it in a bath to disinfect as well as clean the acneic skin.

5. Reduces Puffy Skin

Reduces Puffy SkinWater retention can not only cause puffy skin but can also make your skin look more puffed up. One of the most natural way to reduce all the water retention is actually drink more amount of water which can help in the excess of the water to drain out through the bladder. Another way is to take dead sea salt baths. The minerals, especially the potassium are well-known to get rid of the water retention, as it can help to give relief from the excess fluid in the body.

6. Reduces Skin Roughness

Reduces Skin RoughnessSoaking in the Dead Sea salt bath can help to soften up all the rough areas from the body like elbows, knees as well as heels. If you are having cracked heels as well as calluses on the feet, then prepare a foot bath by filling a tub with some amount of hot water, adding one-fourth cup of dead sea salt as well as squeezing half of the lemon for an extra exfoliating. Now remember to relax the feet in the water for more softer heels.

7. Minimizes Large Pores

Minimizes Large PoresLarge pores can easily be reduced by the use of this simple dead sea salt toner: just add one teaspoon of dead sea salt to four oz spray bottle, now try to fill the top with some warm distilled water. Before using shake well and spray on the skin. Later watch your larger pores, shrinking in.

8. Soothe Skin Inflammation

Soothe Skin InflammationDead sea salt can help to reduce as well as soothe the skin inflammations like, acne and inflammation that is associated with sunburns, eczema and psoriasis patches as well as dry skin. Use a little warm bath mixed with dead sea salt to help heal the skin inflammation naturally.

9. Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Reduces Fine Lines And WrinklesOne of the most surprising benefit of using dead sea salt for skin care is its amazing anti-aging properties! Some research showed that minerals present in the dead sea salt can help to contribute to 40 percent of reduction into the depth of the wrinkling of the skin. They can not only ward off the pro-aging free radicals but can also help to exfoliate, detoxify, hydrate as well as soften the skin, thereby promoting youthfulness.

10. Calms Skin Allergies

Calms Skin AllergiesItchy skin, hives, dermatitis, weird red bumps and other types of skin allergies can also be calmed as well as healed using the dead sea salt. The magnesium rich and bromide content can also help to soothe the skin while keeping away all the allergenic elements as well as microbes that can cause negative skin reactions.

11. Treats Dandruff

Treats DandruffThe presence of sulfur as well as sodium content in the dead sea salt can help to deepen the cleanse of the flakes in the scalp while fighting off the yeast overgrowth that might be the cause of the dandruff. To use it as a scalp scrub, combine one tablespoon of fine grain with dead sea salt, one tablespoon of oat flour as well as enough honey to form paste. Now massage it on the scalp, wait for five minutes, later rinse off and wash your hair as usual.

12. Promotes Hair Growth

Promotes Hair GrowthAnother, miracle of dead sea salt is to help in preventing hair loss as well as boost the hair growth. The minerals like the sulfur, are a huge source of the amino acids as well as protein, which can help to improve the hair strength and boost hair growth. The presence of other minerals in the dead sea salt can help to nourish the hair follicles hence fostering the formation of the new hairs. Second, dead sea salt scrub in the scalp can help to increase the blood flow from the scalp that is known to stimulate the hair growth. Lastly, dead sea salt is also known as an effective stress reliever, which is also one of the major cause of hair loss in the both the gender.

13. For Wavy Hair

For Wavy HairTo make a texturizing hair spray with the dead sea salt for your beautiful wavy beach hair, all you need is to combine half to one teaspoon of dead sea salt, one teaspoon of of coconut oil and one teaspoon of the aloe vera gel in a four oz spray bottle. Then fill up with some warm water, adding two drops of the peppermint essential oil, for preservative plus refreshing scent, and shake them well. Later spritz on the open hair and try to scrunch up with your hands to form the perfect wavy hair!

14. Reduces Cellulite

Reduces CelluliteAre you using your favourite cellulite cream and there are no results? Then immediately toss it aside and then start soaking in the dead sea salt baths. The minerals present in it can help to detoxify the body from outside. In a hot water, add dead sea salt and soak it for at least 20 minutes. The minerals that is released from the salt can not only help to break down all the old fat cells but is also responsible for the dimpling effect and can help to get rid of the toxins by assisting a proper lymph flow.

15. Whitens And Brightens Teeth

Whitens And Brightens TeethYou can make your own dead sea salt teeth whitener, which can leave you with an amazing radiant smile! Combine, half teaspoon of baking soda, with a pinch of dead sea salt and water to form a paste. Now put the paste in your toothbrush and apply it on the teeth. Then leave it for a minute or two later rinsing off. Try to do this once in a fortnight or once a week if the teeth are not too much sensitive. All of the ingredients can work in removing the yellow teeth stains and fighting off all the plaque-causing bacteria too!

16. For Strong Healthy And Bright Nails

For Strong Healthy And Bright NailsAre you dealing with brittle, weak, yellow as well as soft nails? Also, peeling of the cuticles? Then it is one of the high time that you do a nail soak with the dead sea salt. Take a bowl, and in it mix up to one teaspoon of dead sea salt, one teaspoon of lemon juice, two tablespoon of water and half teaspoon of olive oil. In this solution soak the nails for 5 minutes. After five minutes, try to scrub the nails with a nail brush then rinse withwarm water and marvel its brightness!

How To Use Dead Sea Salt?

As I have mentioned above, there are many ways to use dead sea salt. They are good for the external use of skin, hair, nail and health. But also do remember to not consume it internally, and keep it away from children.