Weird things a curvy girl in India undergoes

curvy girls will relate to

Body image and shaping your body is very important and no one is really against that. But the overdo of the whole body image and being fit part is kind of annoying after a while. Yes, you tend to get sucked into the pressure of looking fab and amazing no matter how good you already look. A lot of women nowadays in India are going through the entire looking fab and thin syndrome. No matter who or what you do, you have to look fabulous in a dress. It has become more like a compulsion. Otherwise, you will either get judged for it or you will be the one undergoing some weird things. A curvy girl in India basically is never just left alone. We are blessed with different body figures and each one looks good the way they are. But, a curvy girl is never allowed to be the way she is.

She is subbed into the whole look-thin syndrome of the country. Indian food basically is filled with carbs and fat. We just can’t help but add all the ghee and the amazing tasting aloo-mutter into our daily course of meals. Well, a foodie can never stop eating and it ends there. So, if you are on the curvy side and people are asking you to go on a diet, here is a list of things easily curvy girls will relate to.

Top Things a Curvy Girl will Relate To

1The fat tag

The fat tag

You will always have a tag that will come behind you no matter how stylish you look. But if people have been telling you that you are fat or if they have been giving you those advices, don’t give a damn anymore. Yes, I said that right! Don’t give a damn at all. They are going to keep saying stuff like this no matter how thin or fat you look.

Aunties or uncles will keep telling you how fat you have become or how chubby you have turned out to be. But well, don’t lend your ears to all that. All you have to do is just take a pizza slice, eat it and chill maro! Don’t worry about people who keep giving you random opinions about that.

2Curve rumours

Curve rumours

Curves are beautiful according to me. The Curves make you look sexy, they make you look totally ravishing for that matter. But people around you will never understand that. They will either call your curves as fake curves or they will say random things like they are surgically implanted. People can get very ridiculous when it comes to commenting on other people’s body.

3Fit is an issue

Fit is an issue

Curvy girls have this problem in common. The clothes they love are either smaller in size or they are larger. Yes, it is very irritating when you like a dress, but it doesn’t fit. You will have to try every dress before you buy. You cannot just randomly pick one and go to the billing counter. This is one of the most annoying things a curvy girl undergoes. Well, but do we have a choice? Nope!

4People’s comments

People’s comments

You try to buy the perfect kind of dress, you check for perfect color and everything is pitch perfect. But your friend or your cousin will have some kind of opinion or comment no matter how good you think you look in the dress.

The problem with people is that, at least in India, they are very nosy and they don’treally understand that it’s not their business and they have to stay away from it. So, if your third cousin says something about your dress or your figure, you will figure out that you needn’t give a damn after a while. Their comments are highly annoying, but they can be totally ruled out.

5Pet names

Pet names

You will be called as moti, chubby, bun, bum, golu, gundu and so many names like that. You have to just deal with it and you can’t escape this at all.

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6Bodycon dresses are a pain

Bodycon dresses are a pain

Bodycon dresses are fashionably very beautiful and curvy girls do look good in them. But the thought of a figure hugging dress puts out every curvy girl and it creeps the hell out. But in my opinion, why not show your curves off when you have them. Come on! Who cares about people when you know you are satisfied and you know that you look in the dress you are wearing?

7Love yourself

Love yourself

No matter what people say, don’t give a damn! Just love yourself for the person you are. Wear whatever you want and enjoy to the fullest. End of the day, that’s what everything needs!

-Pavithra Ravi

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