DIY Homemade Blackhead Mask


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DIY Homemade Blackhead Mask

Blackheads are basically some black colored spots or pimples that mostly form on the skin on your face as well as nose. Women, who have to deal with blackheads a lot tend to gets much disturbed as well as anxious due to it. It can also affect its beauty as well as skin so it is important to take proper treatment. Beauty parlors do offer a lot of treatments as well as beauty procedures that can help to remove blackheads. Do you know that you can deal with this problem in comfort of your home without even going to the salon? By using peel off masks, it can effectively remove the blackheads. Here, we will explain on how to make a DIY homemade blackhead mask at home.

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are mostly some small bumps, that generally appear on the skin because of the clogged hair follicles. These bumps are known as “blackheads” because the surface as it looks dark or black. Blackheads are mild acne that form on your face, but they can even appear on the back, neck, chest, arms, as well as shoulders.

What Causes Blackheads?

BlackheadsBlackheads generally form when there is a clog or plug that develops in the opening of the hair follicles in the skin. Each follicle have a hair and sebaceous gland that can produce oil, called the sebum, which can help to keep the skin soft. Dead skin cells and oils from the face collect in this opening to the follicle, producing a bump known as comedone. If the skin over this bump stays close, the bump is known as whitehead. But, if the skin over this bump open, then with the exposure to the air can cause it to look black and here’s how a blackhead is formed.

Some factors that can increase the chances of developing an acne or blackheads, are:

a. Production of too much oil in the body
b. Buildup of propionibacterium acnes or p. acnes bacteria on skin
c. Irritation from the hair follicles when the dead skins cells do not shed on regular basis
d. Undergoing the hormonal changes that can cause increase in the oil production during teen years, menstruation, or while taking pills of birth control.
e. Taking drugs, such as lithium, corticosteroids, or androgens
f. Some times, whatever you are eating or even drinking can affect acne. Like dairy products as well as foods such as carbohydrates can increase the blood sugar levels that can play a part in triggering the acne.

Symptoms of Blackheads?

Blackheads are very easy to spot on skin because of its dark color. They are a little bit raised, although are not at all painful because they are not inflamed just like pimples.

How Are Blackheads Treated?

How Are Blackheads TreatedOver-the-Counter Treatments

Many kinds of acne medications are available at the drug as well as grocery stores. These medications are easily available in the form of cream, gel, and pad form and are being applied directly on the skin. These drugs contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and resorcinol. They mostly work by killing the bacteria, drying the excess oil, and forcing the skin to shed out the dead skin cells.

Prescription Medications

If the above treatment does not help your acne, then the doctor can suggest to use much stronger prescribed medications. Medications that have vitamin A, like tazarotene, tretinoin, and adapalene can keep the plug from the hair follicles and promote more rapid turnover of the skin cells. These medications can be applied directly on the skin. This medication may also be particularly helpful if you have pimples or even acne cysts in addition to the blackheads.

Manual Removal

Dermatologists, use a instrument that are a round loop extractor that can remove the plug that causes blackhead. After the small opening is made in the plug, by applying pressure the doctor extracts to remove the clog.


During microdermabrasion, the doctor use a instrument that have a rough surface to sand out on the top layers of the skin. Sanding the skin can remove clogs which can cause blackheads.

Laser and Light Therapy

In laser and light therapies, they use tiny beams of some intense light that can help to decrease the oil production or even kill bacteria. Both of the lasers as well as light beams can reach below the surface of your skin to treat the blackheads and acne without even damaging the top layers of your skin.

How Can Blackheads be Prevented?

To prevent blackheads without even spending lot of moneyare:

Wash Regularly

Washing your face after waking up in the morning and before going to bed to remove the oil buildup can cause blackheads. It is because washing more than two times every day can irritate the skin and make the acne much more worse. Try using gentle cleaner that does not make the skin red or even irritated. Some of the acne cleaning products might have antibacterial ingredients that kill the p. acnes bacteria. It is also important that you wash your face after eating oily foods, like pizza, because oil from these foods can clog pores.

Use Oil-Free Products

Any type of products that have oil can contribute to build new blackheads. Try choosing an oil-free makeup, lotions, as well as sunscreens and avoid making the problem worse.

Try Exfoliating Product

Some of the exfoliating scrubs and masks can help to remove the dead skin cells from the face and can also help to reduce blackheads. Try looking for products that do not irritate the skin.

DIY Homemade Blackhead Peel Off Mask

Here are some DIY homemade blackhead peel off mask or blackhead remover masks or DIY blackhead masks that can help you to get rid of blackheads and even acne, and provide much clearer skin.

1. Honey And Milk

Honey And MilkIngredients:

a. Honey
b. Milk


a. First take some warm milk and mix it with honey together.
b. Then apply the paste all over your face as well as nose.
c. Later press the cotton strip on top of it.
d. Remove the strip after twenty minutes, by peeling off.
e. Apply moisturizer, after washing the face.

Why It work:

Honey can help to heal the skin because of its antiseptic properties. Using it with some milk can help to get rid of the blackheads from face.

2. Orange Peel

Orange PeelIngredients:

a. Orange peel powder
b. Milk


a. First keep the orange peels in the sun, so that they can become completely dry.
b. Later grind the peels into a powder form.
c. Ready made dry orange powder is also available in the market.
d. Mix this orange peel powder with a little amount of milk. Mix them well.
e. Then apply this mixture on your face for about thirty minutes.
f. After that, remove this mask by peeling off.
g. Later wash your face using the lukewarm water.

3. Egg White

Egg WhiteIngredients:

a. Egg white


a. First break an egg and separate the white part.
b. Apply the egg whites on your face all over.
c. Then press a tissue paper on top of it.
d. Apply an egg white on it once again.
e. Wait for some time and allow the mask to become completely dry naturally.
f. After this, remove the tissue by peeling off.
g. Wash your face using lukewarm water.

4. Egg White And Lemon

Egg White And LemonIngredients:

a. Egg white
b. Lemon juice


a. First break an egg and separate the white portion.
b. In it mix a little amount of lemon juice.
c. Apply the mixture on the face with blackheads.
d. Press some tissue paper on top of this mask.
e. Then apply egg white above it one more time. Wait till the mask is completely dry.
f. After that, remove the tissue from your face by peeling off. This method can help to remove the blackheads along with the tissue.

5. Egg Yolk And Gelatin

Egg Yolk And GelatinIngredients:

a. Egg yolk
b. Milk
c. Gelatin


a. Break an egg and separate the yolk.
b. Mix the milk and little amount of gelatin with the yolk.
c. Heat this mixture slightly on a slow flame.
d. Remove it from the flame and cool down the mixture.
e. Apply this mixture on your face and wait till the mask becomes completely dry.
f. After that, remove this mask by peeling off from face. Wash your face after that.

6. Honey And Cinnamon

Honey And CinnamonIngredients:

a. Honey
b. Cinnamon powder
c. Cotton strips


a. Mix honey with cinnamon powder in equal amount.
b. Apply the paste on the affected area of the skin.
c. Then press the cotton strip on top of it.
d. Remove this strip by peeling off after five minutes.
e. Later wash your face and apply the moisturizer.

7. Turmeric, Mint And Gelatin Peel Off Mask


a. Two tablespoons of mint tea
b. Half teaspoon of turmeric
c. One tablespoon of gelatin


a. First boil few mint leaves in the water and strain out the solution.
b. To this solution (still hot) add turmeric powder and gelatin to mix properly.
c. Then cool the mixture if it is warm enough to apply.
d. Apply this mix with brush on your nose.
e. Leave the paste for 15 minutes, peel off the mask and get rid of blackheads.
f. Wash your face with water.

9. Clay

ClayBentonite clay is considered as a mineral rich healing substance, which have always been used for the centuries to treat many number of ailments, that are chiefly related with skin. It is because of the molecules when gets wet, does an amazing job of drawing out all the oils or other kind of impurities that are locked in the pores. When you make a paste and apply it on your skin it gets to drink all the minerals, while the clay can also simultaneously draw out the blackhead. It can also help with the circulation, which can help with an overall skin tone as well as health. Mix the clay with water, if you are having a dry or sensitive skin. This mask can help to make you feel that your face is tightening as it dries.


a. One tablespoon of bentonite clay
b. Water or Apple Cider Vinegar


a. Mix water or Apple Cider Vinegar to form a paste which is thick but is still applicable.
b. Using clean fingertips cover the face with a very thin layer of paste and let it sit completely for about 10 to 25 minutes, depending on how long you are letting it to dry.
c. Rinse it off with some lukewarm water and moisturize.

10. Toner for Tighter Pores

Toner for Tighter PoresSince blackheads are mainly caused because of open, clogged pores reacting to the oxygen, it only makes sense that “shrinking” the pores down might help. Lemon juice is just like the astringent substance, it can lighten the skin temporarily and make the skin sensitive to sun, so try to load up on the sunscreen if you are planning on using the method in summer time. If you are having sensitive skin, try to dilute the lemon juice with some water first.


a. One lemon
b. Cotton balls
c. A small bottle


a. First rinse the face and pat it dry.
b. Then squeeze the lemon juice in a small bottle and dampen a cotton ball.
c. Apply the dampened cotton ball on the affected areas for three to four times in a week, before bedtime.
d. After waking up, rinse the face with luke-warm water and apply a moisturizer.

11. Cleansing Sugar Scrub

Cleansing Sugar ScrubSometimes all that you need is just some good exfoliating, that is followed up with moisturizing. Exfoliating can help toaway the dead skin cells. These skin cells can potentially clog up the pores, leading to acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. It can also temporarily help to revive the circulation and it leaves with a healthy glowing and soft skin. If possible try using jojoba oil, as it can closely blend in our skins sebum. If you do not have jojoba oil, olive, grapeseed, or sweet almond oil are also fine substitutes.


a. One cup of sugar
b. Four tablespoons of jojoba oil
c. Airtight glass jar
d. Essential oils


a. First mix four tablespoons of oil in one cup of sugar, stirring until that everything is completely incorporated.
b. In it add several drops of essential oil for fragrance.
c. Try to store them in a cool dark place in a jar made of glass.
d. Remember to stir before using and wet face, scoop out some scrub on the fingertips, and massage them all over the skin in circular motions.
e. Rinse with some water and moisturize them.
f. Try not to do this more than two to three times in a week, otherwise it may risk drying out or irritating the skin.