Various Benefits Of Black Grapes For Health, Skin And Hair


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Benefits Of Black Grapes

One of the benefits of black grapes is that it is known for their velvety colour as well as sweet flavour, that come packed with all the nutrients and antioxidants. With the cultivation that dates back to the 6,000 to 8,000 years ago, they are also said to be one of the oldest cultivated fruit in East Europe. Botanically it is also known as Vitis vinifera. There are mostly two types of black grapes species that are known as, ‘The Old World Species’ it is basically native to the area all on the southeast coast of Black Sea to Afghanistan and have over 10,000 different varieties; and the second one is ‘The New World Species’ that has been originated from the South America as well as North Eastern America.

Grapes are basically ‘berries,’ which have a semi-solid, translucent flesh inside it; they may have seeds or not in them. One of the most popular uses of black grapes is in making wines. However, this amazing juicy fruit has many uses and benefits to its crowning glory. Apart from it being relished as a fruit or even in salads, black grapes can be cooked in a variety of ways to make delicious sauces, compotes, jams, desserts. So here, are some benefits of black grapes that can be beneficial for health skin and hair.

Health Benefits of Black Grapes

Do you know that black grapes can help in heart diseases, or can fight cancer? So below mentioned are some of the amazing health benefits of black grapes that can help to heal you from inside.

1. Protects the Heart

Protects the HeartA study suggested that by intake of black grapes can help to protect against the metabolic syndrome-related organ damage. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increases the blood pressure, levels the high blood sugar, lower the excess body fat or even low the HDL and increase the blood triglycerides. Later, significantly increasing the risk for heart disease, stroke as well as Type 2 diabetes. Resveratrol, a compound that is found in the grapes, is known to ease the flow of the blood into the blood vessels, thus improving the blood circulation. The phytochemicals that are present in them can help to reduce the damage of the heart muscles and can aid in the regulating cholesterol levels in your body, thereby preventing heart attacks and other types of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Improves Vision

Improves Vision3. Black grapes have Lutein as well as Zeaxanthin, which are basically carotenoids, which are known to help in maintaining a good and healthy eyesight. According to some studies, diets that contain grapes can provide a more significant protection just by shielding against all the oxidative damage of the retina and also prevent the blindness.

4. Fights Risk of Cancer

Fights Risk of CancerBlack grapes can help to exhibit antimutagenic as well as antioxidant properties, which can contribute to combating all kinds of cancer, i.e., including breast cancer. A compound called resveratrol is considered the very rich source of anti-oxidants as well as certain elements which can help to destroy the energy source of all the cancerous cells.

5. Boosts Brain Function

Boosts Brain FunctionGrapes can work in your brain as a protecting agent; it can help to improve memory as well as concentration and enhance the health of the brain. Due to the presence of riboflavin, it is also beneficial for some people who are suffering from the migraines. Resveratrol can also help to reduce the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides in the patients who have Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Prevents The Risk of Diabetes

Prevents The Risk of DiabetesOne of the amazing benefits of black grapes is that it is an effective ingredient that can help to prevent diabetes. They are also known to improve the regulation of insulin as well as increase the sensitivity to the insulin. ‘Pterostilbene’ presence in the grapes can help to lower the sugar levels in your blood. Black grapes also have a very low glycemic index (GI) value that is ranging from around 43 to 53, that can promote better blood sugar balance.

7. Immunity Booster

Immunity BoosterOne of the benefits of black grapes is that it is rich in vitamin C, K, and A, along with a lot of flavonoids and minerals, and they are said to help boost a person immunity. They are rich in sugar as well as organic acids and can help in relieving from constipation, indigestion and many kidney problems.

Protecting From infections and inflammations

infections and inflammationsThe presence of resveratrol, in black grapes, is known to be an excellent bactericide and fungicide. It can therefore help to prevent from any pathogenic infections as well as inflammations. It has many antiviral properties which are effective against all the diseases like polio and herpes. It can also help to cure asthma by increasing the level of moisture present in lungs.

Black Grapes for Skin

Taking care of your skin is one of the most tricky thing ever to do. No matter how much you look after it, there is always something that will be missing. So here are some tips on benefits of black grapes for skin and how you can use it.

1. Maintains A Healthy And Youthful Skin

Maintains A Healthy And Youthful SkinAntioxidants, that are present in the black grapes tends to render anti aging benefits like wrinkles reduction, increasing the elasticity of your skin, the proper amount of blood circulation which also leads to a very healthy, youthful as well as glowing skin. The presence of vitamin E in the grapes can help to secure the moisture of your skin, and hence they are used as a natural moisturizer.

The content of vitamin C in the grapes can ensurethe rejuvenation of the skin cells. It is because of the presence of antioxidants, and black grapes can be used as natural sunscreen that can protect against all the damage that is being caused by the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun and thereby reduce the damage on your skin cells.

2. Protection Against Sunburns

Protection Against SunburnsSometimes, sun can be harsh that we eventually end up getting completely sunburned even after we have applied on the sunscreen. Then no worries, nature has an amazing solution for all these problems. Grapes, as surprising as it can be, is a great home remedy for the sunburn.


a. Few grapes (mashed)


a. First apply these mashed grapes slowly as well as generously on your affected area.
b. Then leave it for about 30 minutes before washing it off with the cold water.

Why It Work:

The flesh of grapes, as well as its extractor on the seeds, have proanthocyanidins and resveratrol, that are considered as a powerful antioxidant. The proper application of the grape seed extract on your skin can provide protection against all the harmful ultraviolet radiation. It acts as a sunscreen that can reduce the redness which is caused because of the sunburns and also minimizes the damage borne by the skin cells.

3. Reverses Aging

Reverses AgingGrapes can help to tone the skin and reverse all the aging process. So rather opting for any chemical laden products, try to use grapes. They are considered as an excellent anti-aging agent.


a. Pulp of grapes


a. First rub the pulp on the face in a proper circular motion.
b. Then rinse it with some cool water after 20 minutes.

Why It Work:

Free radicals are one of the main cause of the premature aging. It is basically characterized by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The presence of antioxidants in the grapes can protect your skin from all the harmful effects of free radicals and reverse its appearance of wrinkles as well as dark spots. Grapes also contain vitamin C, which is necessary for the proper formation of the collagen, a protein that can help to retain the skin elasticity and reverse the aging.

4. Make Skin Supple

Make Skin SuppleTo make the skin supple as well as smooth, we resort to spending on imported cosmetics products. But, do you know that grapes are an amazing exfoliating agents which can make your skin look like baby soft? Here, is a face pack that can make the skin supple.


a. Grape seed extract.


a. Gently scrub the extracts on your face.
b. Later wash it off with some cold water.

Why It Work:

Grape seed extract is considered rich in vitamin E and can help to retain the moisture of your skin. This seed extract can act as an exfoliant. Scrubbing the skin with it can result into the removal of top layer of the dead cells, into a healthier as well as smoother skin.

5. Combats Uneven Skin Tone

Combats Uneven Skin ToneMost of us do experience in the uneven skin tanning, with the face looking patchy as well as discolored. But, thankfully grapes are an effective way to cure uneven skin tones.


a. Grape juice or pulp.


a. First apply the squeezed grape juice or pulp on the skin.
b. Then let it dry. Later rinse it off with some cool water.

Why It Work:

The pulp of grape has been known to improve the skin tone that by owing to the presence of the polyphenols. So, never hesitate on using grape juice to even out the skin tone.

6. Helps In Lightning The Scars

Helps In Lightening The ScarsWe tend to pass through a lot of acne phase during our adolescence. However, as when grow up, they do seem to disappear automatically. But, the scars remain. So, don’t worry, grapes can really help to lighten up the scars that are caused because of acne.


a. Green grapes
b. One tablespoon of alum
c. One tablespoon of salt


a. Mix all the ingredients together and wrap them in foil. Then, slowly bake them for an hour.
b. Then apply this juice of the grapes on the face.
c. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse with some warm water.

Why It Work:

The presence of Vitamin C in the grapes can help to repair skin. With the regular use, you can even see the scars fade away.

Black Grapes Benefits For Hair

One of the major benefit of black grapes for hair is that it can literally make your hair shiny, long as well as beautiful. So here, are some methods to use black grapes for your hair to make it more lustrous.

1. Treatment For Hair Loss

Treatment For Hair LossSeeing hair tangled in the comb can scare us out of our wits. To stop the hair breakage, you can use grapes. They are known to be extremely beneficial in combating the hair loss.


a. Some seeded grapes


a. Mash some of the grapes and apply generously on the hair.
b. Then let the paste stay for some time, before you rinse it off.

Why It Work:

The presence of linoleic acid in grapes and grape seed oil, can help to strengthen the follicles and make hair strong as well as healthy.

2. Imparts Shine To Limp, Dead Hair

Imparts Shine To Limp, Dead HairWith the constant exposure to sun can leave your hair completely dry as well as brittle. Your natural dark hair can tend to lose its color. So it is time to take up the grape juice therapy for the hair.


a. Skin of at least 12 to 14 black grapes.
b. Two tablespoon of chickpea flour.
c. Two tablespoon of fenugreek powder.


a. First grind some black grapes and then leave it aside.
b. Then blend the chickpea flour as well as fenugreek powder to make it a paste.
c. Later grind all the ingredients in a fine paste, apply it to the hair as a hair pack.
d. You can rinse this mix after 15 minutes to get that beautiful as well as naturally dark hair.

3. Provides Volume To Hair

Provides Volume To HairGrape seeds are known which can help to facilitate the hair volume. So, here is a hair pack that can help to get your hair some volume.


a. 50 grams of grape seeds.
b. 50 grams fenugreek seeds.
c. One teaspoon of pepper.


a. First take some fenugreek, grape seed, as well as pepper and grind them until in a powdered form.
b. Now add this powder to the lukewarm oil and massage it on your scalp for about 10 minutes.
c. After that rinse off the pack.
d. Try to use it twice in a week to get best results.

4. Fights Stubborn Dandruff

Fights Stubborn DandruffBlack grapes can help to prevent from scalp itchiness and dandruff. To get an instant relief from the dry scalp, try to mash up some black grapes and apply it on your hair. Later wash it after 15 minutes.

Why It Work:

Black grape have a lot of vitamin E as well as antioxidants, it make them a successful agent that can prevent the hair problems. It can even help to improve the blood circulation in the scalp, by keeping it healthy.