Different hairstyles for women in the modern world


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Every day isn’t a time to think of what hairstyle to style your hair with. Some days can be relaxed and some days can be extremely busy. However your hair is, the main thing comes down to how to style your hair without cringing about it. There are so many trendy hairstyles for women. We have been seeing so many hairstyles for women as parts and this is the other part of the same sub category. So, here are some of the beautiful hairstyles for women that are discussed below.

Top Hairstyles for Women to Look Trendy

1Side parted hairstyles for women

Side parted hairstyles

Short, long, medium hair or left, right, up or down! However, you wear the side-parted hairstyle, it is going to look sexy, glamorous and comfortable. Even if you have the most unruly messy curls, it will look neat and untidy if you choose to wear a side parted hairstyle. As interesting and exciting this sound, this year 2016 is going to be totally different from the side parted hairstyle in the fashion world. Everybody is wearing it in the awards, for parties, for weddings and even for hi-tea galas. So, its all about comfort and elegance now and women have understood the concept of imbibing style-trend into comfort looks.

Side parted hairstyles have become the most ‘it’ thing amongst women these days.

Many side parted hairstyles are inspiring and attractive like the deep side parted hairstyle, soft side parted hairstyle, fringe side part, across your forehead side part, straight in the front and curls at the back side part, wet pressed side part, messy side part and so many more. If you want to look sophisticated and beautiful, try these hairstyles for any of the parties and look brimming with pride and beauty. It all boils down to fashion and comfort, isn’t it?

2Black braids hairstyles for women

Black braids hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are always a unique thing and they pull out the hidden charm in a woman. Braids are definitely part of proactive styling. So, when your hair is going through serious weather damage and texture change, the best thing to do is to braid your hair before you go out to work, school or even for shopping. With a lot of people using the open hair technique, it would be totally diverse and chic if you pull off an old school crochet braid or justice braid. These braids can make your face look brighter, bolder and longer. So, people with chubby cheeks – Don’t worry! Braids are your safest option for change in looks.

Crochet braids have been famous since the 1990s and women have looked kinky and chic with such hairstyles. Spiral crochet braids are hard to style, but if you learn the technique, it gets easier. Try the tank top braids, single sided braid, long twisted braid, cornrow French braid, bob box braid, Havana twisted braid, twisted up-do, long single braid and so many more. If you want to control your hair and keep it damage free, braid your hair in style and march out!

Also learn, how to do cornrow hairstyles step by step

3Long hairstyles for women

Long hairstyles for women

Women with long hair are very lucky because not only would they look pretty in the way their style their hair, it also adds to their feminine looks. But, when you have to get ready for a party, dressing your hair and making it look perfect might look like a time consuming job. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because we have come up with some simple hairstyles which will make you look sophisticated, sexy and smart. You don’t need a lot of hair products or accessories for these kinds of hairstyles. A comb, a hair spray and some patience is all you would need!

There are many styles that are easy and simple for an evening, party or even for a casual date. You can depend on hairstyles like braided style, curled one side hairstyle, fringe straightened hairstyle, loop sided ponytail, deep side part hairstyle, union curls, messy bun, two ponytails, etc., when you have no time and want to make full use of your long hair. If you are one of those women who likes to take time and make your hair, then try the honey bun style, tuck and cover style, half up-down hairstyle. All you need to do is to check out the best hairstyle for your beautiful long hair.

4Retro hairstyles for women

Retro hairstyles for women

Let’s play a small game now! What comes in your mind when you think of the year’s 1920s or 1930s? If your mind immediately thinks of fashionable hairstyles, curls, sleek bobs then you are definitely in for a treat. 1920s represented a lot more things than just hairstyles and looks, but let’s face it! As girls, everyone ends up thinking about the trend back then and how women dressed themselves and styled their hair. Retro hairstyle represents geometric hairstyling, bandanas or scarf styling, up-do, finger waves, etc. They not only look good but also make it easier for you style your hair.

Like we always say ‘What comes around, goes around’. The obsession among girls for vintage or retro hairstyling continues even in the 21st century. Hairstyles like the scarf-up-do, crown side ponytail, geometric cut, high ponytail, double ponytail, soft wavy bob, curly bottom, Bardot-esque waves, short bangs, double bun is still trendy and stylish among models in fashion world even now. Imagine the hairstyle, some vintage accessories, red lipstick and a cooling glass? Wouldn’t it just complete your retro look? It is always good to pick the best hairstyle according to your face shape. So, pick one and bring back the retro look in you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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