Signs that prove that you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan


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Grey’s anatomy – The first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is the inoperable cases, the lost yet lovely patients, the beautiful relationships everyone has with each other and so on. You have probably loathed the director every time she killed one of your favorite characters from the series, may it be Mc. Steamy, Lexie, Denny, George or the patients. You have probably seen how an inside of an O.R works, how to handle Emergency cases, and most importantly, you know the patients personally. That gives you the satisfaction on how genuine the show turns out to be. You love to see how every time a patient comes out all fine and good from the death bed. If you have been relating to all the above, then here’s more that you will be able to relate and think about. Here’s to all the people who are sincere followers of the show! These are the signs that prove that you are definitely a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Top Signs That You Are a Great Fan of Grey’s Anatomy

1When you see them in other series

When you see them in other series

You cannot accept if you see the Grey’s Anatomy characters in other series. Yes, it is just not in you to accept them as other characters in any other series. You will always refer to them as the character they played in Grey’s Anatomy because they have touched, changed and made your life so beautifully with their presence.

2Whenever a character dies, a part of you dies

Whenever a character dies

Whether it is your favorite lead or the patient you have been following for quite a while, or even if it is the nurse, when they die, a part of you dies too. Think about all those characters like Denny, Lexie, George, Mc. Steamy and finally even when Derek! You curse the director as much as you can but end up watching it to know more. The series is an addiction for you where you watch it day in and out even if you don’t see your favorite character anymore on TV.

3You regret the professional choice you made

You regret the professional choice

More than once, you have tried and thought about changing your profession to Medicine. After all the glorious, tough, sucky chapters of all the interns you see on Grey’s, you also tend to think that it isn’t a big deal to after all be an intern in a Med school. You see open heart surgeries, more than ten brain surgeries, cancer treatments and so many complex cardio surgeries! It makes you hard and makes you think you have seen it all.

4You have a person too

You have a person too

After watching Grey’s Anatomy, you wish to have a person for yourself too. Like how Meredith has Christina, you want to also have that extreme and undying love and care for one of your best friends. You want to make sure your person wants and needs you every time she is in trouble and vice versa.

5Double 007 is George O’Malley

Double 007 is George O’Malley

You believe that Double 007 can only mean George from Grey’s and not anyone else. Not even James Bond. People may probably cringe at the idea, but you are proud that you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan and so you don’t really care what they judge you.

6You hope someone understands you

You hope someone understands

More often things untold are more understood than being explained to them. You always wonder if your boyfriend, husband, friends or even colleagues can understand what pain you are going through than you telling them every time. Like how Stevens tells ‘I know’ to George, or like how Baily talks to the chief understanding what he feels. It sure is a great feeling, right? Do you have someone who can understand that you like?

7You know both the Greys

You know both the Greys

You know who is Dr. Grey and who is Little Grey and you love them both unconditionally. You always want things to work out great between them and you love Lexie, no matter how many times she does a mistake.

8You blame Shonda Rhimes

You blame Shonda Rhimes

You probably hate Shonda Rhimes to death and you have a million questions to ask her about why she did this and that. But, without her, you won’t get Grey’s Anatomy and you know that also. You probably want to ask her why she keeps killing all your favorite characters. She is probably the person why you don’t have all the nice feelings inside of you.

9You are emotionally too attached

You are emotionally too attached

You are always emotionally attached to Grey’s Anatomy. Every time you see an episode that makes you cry, you swear you won’t watch another one, but all you end up doing is watching it again and again. You are so addicted to it, that you know all the character’s names, their age, their relationship with the other characters and much more about them. You have probably even searched their personal life in the Wiki and you want to be connected to them in all means.

10They survived and you hope you do too

They survived and you hope

They survived the shoot, the plane crash, the endless mishaps in their personal life and they kept going. You hope to earn from them and make sure you go ahead and march towards what is destined for you, You end up feeling dark and twisted, yet you have the hope of finding the Derek somewhere for the Meredith in you! There is no better show in this genre for you and if you feel all of this, you are definitely a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

-Pavithra Ravi

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