6 Hair Colour Brands In India For Women- Safe Hair Colouring


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When you want your hair to a glam feature of your appearance, everything that you treat with matters. The shampoos, oils, colours and hair cut and hairstyles play the bigger role. Women these days are doing the hair styling with colours and shades. Gone are those days when women just wanted the lovely braids and curls.

If you are woman who keeps changing the hair colour, then do check your brand. The brand that you choose must be safe in long term for hair and skin. The hair colour brands are broken into many. Even the nameless brands are available which don’t assure about the safe use. So, you must do a recheck of the hair colour brand.

In India, there are hair colour brands which are running from decades. The best hair colour brands in India are various. You can check out the below short descriptions and pick one.

Why you must be careful when choosing the hair colour brand?

The hair colours may give you good results for time being. But the effect is not the same as it turn fake in colour and quality.

The hair colour brands are also effecting skin badly which can be uncontrolled. The skin may get the patched, spots and acne with the hair colour you use. So, it is not just styling and colour but also closely connected to hair and skin health.

Hair Colour Brands That You Can Try Fearlessly

1.Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color


The hair colour is made of organic herbs which give the natural colour to your hair. Natural herbs like henna, jojoba oil, sunflower makes it the safe product to use. Some of the hair colours brands add the colour and other hair problems like dandruff, scalp issues. With this hair colour, you don’t face any such side effects.

The ingredients that are used in the product, protects your hair from UV rays. The hair colour also nourishes the scalp.

  • Perfectly covers the graying hair
  • Amonia free PPD and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Safe use
  • None

2.Streax Hair Colour – Golden Blonde 7.3


Streax is always reputed for hair colouring which provides various beautiful shades. The product is enriched with walnut oil which hydrates hair and scalp from inside.

It is a great option of hair colour brands that is available in India. It is all safe to use as it doesnt damage hair generally. The hair colour is not only to turn your tresses into different shades but also to make it smooth and shiny.

  • Affordable
  • Salon like gorgeous hair
  • None

3.BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour


The hair colour may also make your hair rough. Have you experienced it?
So, you got to switch with your hair colour brand to BBlunt hair colour which makes hair smooth after colouring.

The hair colour is suitable for Indian skin tone as it is formulated to match. The product comes with the tonic that prevent your hair from any damage after colouring. The colour also lasts longer which is a basic feature that you would look in a hair colour brand.

  • Easy to use
  • Safe for hair
  • None

4.Kama Ayurveda Organic Hair Color Kit


You can go with this hair colour without a second thought as it comes from a known brand. You can easily cover all the grey hair at home. It is time consuming to apply but definitely worth for the best results for hair colouring.

It is a best alternative for harmful hair colours. You can have brown to black colour hair with Kama Ayurveda hair colour. The product also makes your hair smooth and soft. Though it is a pricey product- it is worth trying all the ways.

  • Natural
  • Easy wash
  • Effective coverage for grey hair
  • None

5.Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Woman, Natural Black 70


Hair colours must all safe for hair, skin and eyes. Some of the hair colours may burn eyes with harmful chemicals. Whereas. Revlon hair colour is safe and on the other hand, it makes your hair look gorgeous with the shades.

It is an easy mix hair colour which is also non sticky. The hair colour lasts for 2-4 weeks. The best part of this hair colour is, it gives you instant and true colour to your hair.

You can get the natural looking hair colour in 30 minutes after hair wash. All gorgeous hair with shine and smoothness.

  • Long lasting
  • Expensive

6.L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color


The product is of no ammonia and gives a natural looking hair colour. You hair gets the shimmer tones and healthy shine. It is a long lasting hair colour that is available in India.

The hair colour also moisturizes your hair and the jelly content in the product conditions your hair. It gives a perfect coverage for your grey hair. The brand is offering the 12 shades which is a widened option.

Moreover anything, this is an affordable products with effective hair colouring.

  • Healthy shine
  • Long lasting hair colour
  • None

Every woman who want the hair colour which is not just gorgeous also safe to use, must look for these hair colour brands in India. Your hair colour and the buy is going to be a happy one as every product is formulated to satisfy the users.

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