13 Fashionable Styles Of Closed Toe Sandals- Trendy Feet


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When you look around in the footwear showroom, you will get confused with the wide display. You may go for shoes but choose heels. The variety and design are easily catching the eyes. So, the footwear that are eye catchy and mostly worn are closed toe sandals.

The reason I would choose the closed sandals is, they cover the feet without sun exposure. Closed toe sandals can be fashionable monsoon footwear. There are plenty varieties of toe sandals from which you can easily pick one of your kind.

We are making it familiar for you to shop footwear wisely and easily. To pick what you want, you must know the choices available. So, now get familiar with the styles of closed sandals that are trending highly in fashion.

Closed Toe Sandals Styles For Trendy Look

1. Mules

Jeffrey Campbell Favela Perforated Mules

Closed toe mules are fashionable and equally comfortable to wear. That is the reason many woman and young girls grabbing mules. Closed toe mules are trending with fashionable colors and patterns. The flat and heel mules are the variants that you will find with closed toe model.

When you want to follow the trends, you also check if the wear is comfortable. You will love wearing the toe closed mules which are also breathable as the back part is uncovered.

Closed toe mules are going well with all kind of western outfits. Ethnic closed toe mules are also designed which will suit Indian outfits.

2. Closed toe wedges


Wedges are lovely sandals that women love to wear and flaunt with party wear outfits. When the walk goes stylish, no woman can drop it. So, the closed toe wedges are as stylish as any other wedges.

If you want to try different kind of wedges, then you must try closed toe wedges this time. You can keep your interest on the model, design and comfort and still choose best pair of closed toe wedges.

Closed toe wedges will can be your favorite of all your shoe collection till now. Check out how it looks from the above image.

3. Pointed closed toe heels

High Heels &Sandals Shoes

Heels are always woman’s favorite. This all time favorite heels are more loved with some trendy style. The pointed closed toe add the extra feminine look.

You can feel elegant wearing the well designed sandals. Every party wear outfit can go with pointed closed toe heels. You can also choose the heels which are velvet made to look classy.

4. Ankle strap closed toe sandals


Ankle strap closed toe sandals are pretty good option for you. Ankle strap and closed toe is the latest combination. You can also choose the multi strap closed toe sandals.

Ankle strap closed sandals are great for office and casual wear. It looks highly decent with any casual outfit. Sometimes, the decent and fashionable sandals may not be that comfortable. Ankle strap sandals are all the way good to choose.

5. Lace up closed toe sandals

Lace-up Peep Toe Chunky Heels

Every ultra posh woman would go for lace up sandals. Check if you are yet to try the closed toe lace up sandals. Closed toe lace up sandals look outstanding and let you look fashionable just with the footwear.

You also have ankle length lace up sandals and high lace up sandals. If you love wrapping your legs with lace, then you can go for high lace up.

Wearing a casual western outfit and pairing it with lace up closed sandals, you can call it chic style.

6. Closed toe ballerina sandals


Ballerina sandals have started ruling footwear fashion since ages. Ballerina sandals are super trendy and comfortable with closed toe.

The lovely prints and patterns make ballerina sandals look pretty. Women stick to ballerina sandals as it goes well with multiple outfits. They are also easy to wear and walk without any hassles.

The closed toe ballerina sandals are familiar enough and every modern women would a few pairs of the style.

7. Closed toe ballet sandals


Do you like the ballet style sandals? If you like ballet style sandals, you cant miss the closed toe ones.

These are a little different from ballerina. Ballerina covers your feet in mid part. Whereas, ballet sandals are lowered at the mid part. This variation makes it one of the trendy footwear for women.

Closed toe ballet sandals are of lightweight. These days women are loving to wear them for parties, casually and to office as well. It is can do the styling any time.

8. Crochet close toe sandals


Crochet is adding the beauty in women outfits and footwear. You will love to fit into your feet into comfy crochet closed sandals.

You can choose the sandals for your fashionable winter outfits. These are much like winter fashion footwear. The crochet toe sandals can glove your feet and make you feel nice every time you wear.

The sandals can be customized and ready made available in the footwear showroom or online. You can grab a pair and go trendy with the closed sandals this winter.

9. Crossed strap closed toe sandals


Crossed strap toe sandals are pretty cool. Making it part of your outfit will make you look fashionable. If you are woman who prefer picking trending footwear for your appearance, then you also try these.

The straps make it a trendy footwear and you can walk non stop with these stylish crossed strap closed toe sandals.

Crossed strap closed sandals look amazing with office and causal wear. The footwear is available in trendy colours and style.

10. Flower vintage closed toe sandals


The floral design makes the sandals look pretty and feminine. This unique kind of vintage style can steal your heart. When you wear a pretty frock, you would love to grab these sandals to pair.

It is not flower print on the sandals but the leather made flowers. If you a fan of vintage styles, you can go with a pair of flower vintage  toe sandals.

The flowers match the elegance of your dress. So, if you have a lovely frock, then shop for these flower vintage closed toe.

11. T strap closed toe sandals


T strap style is trending and a style that is added for different types of sandals. It also worked greatly with closed top sandals.

You can choose the T strap closed sandals for which straps are embellished. If you are looking for party footwear, embellished T strap sandals can be your choice. It is one of the trending footwear style.

You will look much in fashion wearing the T strap toe sandals. To keep it fashionable, choose the trendy colour sandals. You can also wear these sandals with your office and casual outfits.

12. Knot style closed toe sandals

Daphne Gold Bow Slide

If you are looking for a pair of unique toe sandals, then you will find them great. The knot style can be turned into bow and it is much like vintage kind of sandals.

When you feel you want a trendy touch to your routine and casual outfit, you must try such sandals. You can also pair them with party wear outfits. The knot style makes the closed sandals look fashionable and unique.

13. Fish net closed toe sandals

src 1, 2

Wrapped your feet fish net is a fashionable idea. The sandals with closed are routine but the variations make it trendy. These can be the best footwear for party outfits. The western outfits that make you looks stunning also need such pair that can add fashion. Fish net toe sandals can vary in length.

Black is the common colour that you will find in fish net closed toe sandals. It is also pretty to wear other colour fish net sandals. You can choose ankle length or knee length sandals which are of closed toe fish net.

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