Lazy girl workouts- Fun and Fruitful Exercises for Lazy Girls


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Lazy girl workouts

Lazy girls are crazy girls! We will prove this statement by giving the best examples that a lazy girl does

-Workout schedules are just meant to be stuck on her wardrobe
-She waits for that tomorrow to start the diet-She has no idea when that tomorrow comes
-Alarms are set to switch off the sound but not the sleep
-But she wants to look gorgeous and fit

At last, she will be wondering why it is not possible for me. Aren’t lazy girls crazy expecting the transformation without efforts? This leads to overthinking, depression and lack of confidence. No worries! You are not too late to start the workout with some amazing exercises and workout tips.

Exercises and Workout Tips for Lazy Girl-You will Stand On

We are here with some great exercises. Even being lazy, you can try the workout plan which takes a few minutes of yours.

Come on lazy girls! Make the little efforts which can give you the perfect results. You need not run back to the gym or reduce your sleep time. All you need to do is, raise your hands and say “am ready to do it”.

We know that it is not that easy to convince a lazy girl to start the workout. But what if you can do the workout with simple movements of hands and legs. You will love the lazy girl workouts as most of the exercises can be practiced in sleeping position.

1. Clam


After looking at the steps of clam exercise, you will feel that it is designed for lazy girls. You can stay in a relaxed sleeping position and do your workout. This easy exercise is effective in reducing the thigh fat and to get slimmer legs. If you want the toned legs, then you must try this exercise until you see the change.

Steps to do:

  1. Sleep on the side by placing your hand under your head.
  2. Then open your bent legs wide and then bring them together.
  3. Repeat this for 15 times.
  4. Turn on the other side and follow the above steps.

2. Seated Knee tuck and extend

Follow this video to the exercise right:

Steps to do:

  1. Sit with a straight back. (don’t let your back lean)
  2. Take the support by placing your hands on the floor.
  3. Bring your legs in by squeezing your abs and extend them out.
  4. Repeat the in and out movement of your knees. (you must concentrate to notice the burn)

3. Leg Lifts

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts can bring noticeable changes in your body as it is designed for abdominal and core muscles. Your flexibility and strength can be increased by doing some easy exercises, leg lifts are one of them.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down on the mat and turn on either of your sides.
  2. Take the leg apart from another by lifting it up.
  3. Then, bring the lifted leg down.
  4. Do this lift up and down movement repeatedly.

4. Mermaid Crunch

Mermaid crunch

By doing mermaid crunch exercise, you can improve the posture and muscles of the body. You can develop the flexibility of muscles by practicing the exercise.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down and turn on either of your sides.
  2. Put your legs together and you can take the support of your elbow.
  3. Raise your legs together and bring them down.
  4. Do this leg movement for the other side as well.

5. Trunk Twist Exercise

Trunk twist exercise

While doing this exercise you get to stretch your abs and legs. This can make your workout on overall body fitness. The simple exercise will let you burn some calories which are not burnt without proper movements.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down on the mat and spread out your hands.
  2. Join your legs and take them on the left side by keeping your body stable.
  3. Gently, take them on to the right side.
  4. Keep doing the step repeatedly for 5 times.

6. Bridge exercise

Bridge exercise

Bridge exercise helps you to shape and tone your butt. Not only the shape, but it is also good to build the core strength. By practicing bridge pose, you can reduce the knee pain. This is the crucial exercise for the women who sit for the longest time.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down and place your palms down on the mat.
  2. Gently, lift your back and let your back not touch the ground. (you can take the support of your shoulders)
  3. Then, bring your back down and let it touch the ground.

7. Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks

Your lower body and legs can be toned. If you are trying to burn your belly fat, this is a great cardio exercise that should not miss giving a try. You also improve your posture and the other benefit of scissor kicks is, you can reduce the back pain.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down and place your palms on the ground.
  2. Stretch out your legs.
  3. Keep switching your both legs off the floor and on the floor. (both the legs up and down alternatively)
  4. Do 15 times repeatedly.

8. Side Dips

Side dips

Side dips are a simple exercise and can be wind up in a few minutes. But the benefits of this exercise are not few. Side dips are excellent to burn the belly fat and to form toned arms. If you want to make some variations, you can hold the heavy object like a dumbbell and do the side dips.

Steps to do:

  1. Take the standing position with legs apart.
  2. Bend and try to touch the ground on both sides.
  3. Do 10 side dips continuously.
  4. Then, relax for a few seconds and do 10 more side dips.

9. Heel touches

Heel touches

Oblique muscles will be strengthened which are located on the sides and front abdomen.

Steps to do:

  1. Lay down and place your arms on the floor.
  2. Keep your knees bent and touch your heels with your hands on both sides.
  3. Do this exercise twice and 15 heel touches each time.

Workout tips for a lazy girl- Not to flip your fitness goals

Lazy girls expect things to be easy or crazy. The exercises in sleeping position can give them great fitness. But along with that, they need some more tips which will work as a cherry on the cake.

Lazy girls don’t worry about dirty acne on their face and cannot do boring home remedies. So, we can’t give them something tough to try.

These tips are very much easy to follow.

1. Start with short schedules- Slow and steady win the race

Long schedules are always scary and lazy girls can be tired by just looking at the schedules and plans. So, it must be a short kick start which will be easy to take up. Small tasks are a practice to reach a milestone.

2.Pause and start- Recharge yourself

Yes! Do not struggle for long hours on a single day. Such long hours of workout will be tiring and the next day will be a sleeping day for you. So, while working out take short breaks which will help you achieve your target for the day. Doing this, you will be able to regain the energy instantly and this will not be a tough start as a beginner.

3.Stay hydrated- Take a sipper in hand

Workout allows you sweat a lot and you lose water from your body in form of sweat. So, you need to stay hydrated before working out, during and after a workout. Keep a sipper handy while working out and keeps you active.

4.Socialize- Workout partners are fun

It is good to have a workout partner as it is a motivation. Moreover, you don’t focus on the stress levels you go through while working out. For many gyms is a boring place but with a workout partner, it will be all fun. You also cannot quite the workout plan when you a partner to push you. You can also do the modifications and improvements in your workouts together. Are you still not convinced about having a workout partner?

5.Music- Do with the rhythm

Nothing can go wrong with music. Workout and music great combination as you get to move with joy. It is a good way to get some peace and relaxation while working out. If you are a music lover, you will not love your workout time without music.

It just enjoys music and concentrates on your workout!

Hope all the lazy girls will get ready for fitness goals. This hope on lazy girls is strong as the exercises and tips for the workout are easy to try. All you need to do is, start your trials with full energy.

Once you start and get into the practice, you will no more a lazy girl.

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