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Bridal Earrings
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When you have a look at your best pictures in your gallery, you observe every tiny element. Your smile, hair and accessories.The appearance that she is loving as a bride makes her smile even after ages. So, everything that you are choosing for your bridal appearance must be attractive and special. For the future smiles, we have brought the ever fashion bridal earrings for modern brides.

You want to style uniquely and shine more on your wedding day. The diamonds that are woven into the metals and pearls that are attached are the additions to your natural spark. All these earrings are to add the spark to your own style.

A lovely woman who is walking up to the wedding floor is seen like a newly designed traditional doll. You are the creator of your bridal appearance. So, be unique and perfect at it!

Bridal Earrings To Adorn Your Ears

Bridal Jhumka Earrings:

Jhumka earrings hang down and make women look up with elegance. That is the reason brides go for jhumka earrings. You know what suits you better. If you feel that you look prettiest in jhumkas, then look for the latest bridal jhumkas.

There are various types of jhumka designs that Indian brides can look and fix on. You can pair the jhumka earrings with multiple bridal outfits. You can check out from the above for clear idea of bridal jhumka earrings.

1. Multi layered jhumka earrings


For your brimmed traditional bridal look, you can go form multi layered jhumkas. Multi layered jhumkas with saree and lehenga is a lovely pairing. The earrings are pretty combination for traditional outfits as they are crafted with intricate designs.

2. Pearl drop jhumka earrings


A pretty pair of long jhumka earrings attached with pearl drop design is the ever trendy style for Indian brides. You can choose pearl drop earrings for multiple bridal outfits. Not just for bridal appearance but are also fashionable and suitable with all kind of Indian ethnic wear. I would suggest you to pick the diamond woven stud that comes with shining pearl drops.

3. Chain jhumka earrings


The other type of jhumkas that Indian brides can look for is chain designed. Gold chains and pearl chains attached to the earrings make it royal pair of earrings.

Bridal Peacock Earrings:

Beautiful creatures of nature are influencing traditional bridal jewelry. This is not new. You even find the fauna themed design for antique jewelry. Peacock design is inspired the jewelry designers since long and no wonder if its still a running style.

There are many variations of peacock earrings just like the variant colours in its magical feathers. If you want to explore the new styles and designs of the bridal peacock earrings, then here some designs.

When you are at the jewelry showroom, these images would strike your mind. Once check all the designs of peacock earrings and the beautiful designs will be registered in your memory. These are extremely pretty and you cant take off eyes so easily.

4. Peacock hoop earrings


Hoop earrings are the prettiest! Women who love and look prettier with hoops must try peacock designed earrings. If you have a sharp feature face, then I suggest you to go for hoop earrings. They are great to be paired with various outfits. You can check out the peacock hoop earrings.

5. Jhumka peacock earrings


Jhumka hanging with a peacock looks breathtaking. When you tuck these earrings on your ears, you will know that you are looking elegant in your bridal appearance. These earrings are ample of fashion with the jhumka and peacock combination.

6. Kundan peacock earrings


Kundan stuffed earrings are super attractive. If you fall for heavily designed earrings, then go for these. Colourful, bright kundans make the earrings stand out with fashion. The peacock design and kundan stones make it royal bridal earrings.

7. Single peacock earrings


A single peacock designs make the earrings look elegant. The attachments and embellishments fill the royalty that bridal earrings need. This style of peacock earrings broke into variations that will become your favourite.

8. Multi colour peacock earrings


A dancing peacock must watch scenery. What makes a peacock attractive is- its colourful feathers. So, a pair of multi colour peacock earrings are equally pretty. You can pair these earrings with your light colour bridal saree or lehenga. A perfect contrast!

9. Silver peacock motif earrings


If you are looking for earrings for a particular wedding ceremony like bridal shower, sangeeth, then you can check out the silver peacock motif earrings. These earrings are simple and fashionable along with lightweight outfits like silk sarees, lightweight lehengas and kurta outfits.

Goddess Lakshmi Bridal Earrings

Goddess Lakshmi earrings are of more significance and tradition that design. If you want Lakshmi designed bridal earrings-you can look at the very latest designs.

The jewelry that is designed with Gods and Goddesses are classified as temple jewelry. The most pat kind of temple jewelry a Hindu bride can choose is Lakshmi designed jewelry.

10. Lakshmi earrings with jhumka


The woman who wants the jewelry that has a fusion of tradition and beautiful design must go for these. The earrings look spectacular with Goddess Lakshmi. You will love every bit of the earrings from tip to bottom as it also has a lovely jhumka design.

11. Lakshmi earrings with pearls


Pearl adorned Goddess Lakshmi earrings are perfect for traditional brides. Traditional with that fashionable look that comes with lovely motifs and carved designs. This pair of Lakshmi earrings with pearls will become the best piece in your bridal collection.

12. Lakshmi earrings with kemp stones


The kemp stones in jewelry add the traditional look. If you want a pair of earrings that look vintage, then you can pick this design. The colourful stones make the jewelry attractive and royal.

Bridal Disk Earrings

Disk earrings are another fashionable kind that falls in the category of bridal jewelry. This style is getting to more creative designs which also has the Indian original style.

Disk earrings are heavy with lovely embellishments. If You want to accessorize your bridal look with regal earrings, then you must have a look at the few styles of disk earrings.

Diamonds and pearls touch the golden disk- this simple concept of designing is attracting the modern woman. If you haven’t gotten the clear idea of how bridal disk earrings look like- then glance the below designs.

13. Round earrings with jhumka


The heavy enchanting earrings mostly have a jhumka addition. Few women jhumka design earrings over anything. You have many jhumka earrings in this article and this is one of the most fashionable designs for Indian brides.

14. Round earrings with pearl drop


Stone embellished earrings with pretty pearl drop one striking style. You have many such designs that make you look bridal. If you want minimal designed earrings, then you must choose something that is less embellished. You can check if the above design fits you want! If so, go for such trending bridal earrings.

15. Round stud earrings


The stud earrings are striking and the most preferred by modern women. The disk earring earrings which come in stud style are striking with add-ons like shining stones and pretty pearls. In the above image, it is a sample that says stud disk earrings are just classy.

16. Floral disk earrings


Floral disk earrings are breathtaking with the intricacy. The floral designs are like inspiring art that always comes on jewelry. If you want nature inspired earrings, then you can explore unlimited fashionable floral disk earrings which are perfect for Indian brides.

Jhoomar Bridal Earrings

Jhoomar bridal earrings are worn mostly worn by Muslim brides. These earrings are pretty with embellishments. A pair of Jhoomar earrings can make you look rich with tradition and fashion.

If you want a clear idea about jhoomar earrings- the hanging earrings which are woven with stones, kundans, diamonds and pearls as well. These earrings hang down with heavy attachments.

These earrings are coming in various styles which are suitable for all Indian brides. If you want to look unique with a fusion different style of jewelry, then you can get a jewelry set that includes jhoomar earrings, maang tikka,

17. Pearl jhoomar earrings


This is another lovely version of jhoomar earrings. The pearl filled earrings are fashion striking. These are heavily embellished for a traditional bridal look. You have variations in the same design. You can get a lovely bridal pearl set for your wedding with a fusion of these earrings. Name these in the stores and you find plenty of styles of these earrings.

18. Kundan Jhoomar earrings


Kundan jewelry don’t need any introduction. It is the latest jewelry that modern brides are picking. It throws the traditional look with one sight. If you are looking for latest jhoomar earrings for your bridal appearance, then find these.

19. Crescent hanging jhoomar earrings


Crescent design is very much trending for jewelry. The half circle design that is attached down with chains- this can be the perfect description for these earrings. For a clear idea, you can look at the classy sample that is attached above.

Diamond Bridal Earrings

Nothing can beat gold jewelry in adorning an Indian bride. But gold is meant for weddings. The ceremonies like reception need diamonds to shine on. Women also wait for the diamond to do the stylish thing when it is night parties. And why not when it is time to adorn herself for a beautiful night reception.

Some modish brides also prefer diamond jewelry even for weddings. Diamond jewelry is constant for Christian brides. There are some diamond earring designs that you must look for as a contemporary bride.

20. Diamond dangle earrings


Diamond dangles earrings are the most preferred by the brides to pair with gowns and other fancy outfits. The intricate tiny earrings make your appearance look elegant with attachment of delicacy.

You will fall in love with the collection of diamond earrings as they reflect with a combination of spark and fashion. You are no less to a modern princess who walks down the aisle with a pair of diamond earrings and a lovely gown. You can check one of the trending designs of diamond dangle earrings.

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21. Diamond floral stud earrings


You must be looking for a bright set of earrings to lighten up your face. You can check out the diamond floral earrings. The well fixed diamond and the carved designs of earrings make you go wow over them.

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22. Diamond earrings with pearl drop


When pearls and diamonds come together, that becomes a perfect piece for brides. The glittering diamond with detailed designs is what makes the earrings attractive. If your eyes are catching these earrings, then just go with it for your special day. They prettify your bridal appearance and add little shine to your grace.

23. Multi layered diamond earrings


Multi layered earrings are ever fashionable for bridal appearance. If you are looking for heavy, intricate and charming earrings, then you must go with multi layered diamond earrings. You will become fond of these earrings more than any other pair from your bridal collection. Have a look again and again- if you still want to adore them, then own a multi layered diamond earrings pair.

24. Leaf diamond earrings


The flow of leaves on the branch is naturally beautiful. It is equally beautiful when it comes to the design on the earrings. Let your ears get adorned with these fashionable earrings. The intricacy and delicacy that added to the leaf diamond earrings makes the brides look extremely breathtaking.

25. Royal blue diamond earrings


Royal blue colour is vibrant and brightens anything. If you want to showcase your fashion interest as a modern bride, then these earrings are befitting for you. They will become the highlight of all accessories. If your outfit is silver embellished then pair you can look for a royal blue diamond set with necklace and earrings. We have explained in detail and now you can imagine it for yourself.

Style your ears to be an attractive part of your bridal appearance. The adorned ears must contribute as a traditional piece that stands out with fashion and style. Also, make you raise up with Indian bridal tradition. The above mentioned bridal earrings are covering all these elements that are collected for all pretty modern Indian brides.