8 Styles of Jewelry for Bridal Lehenga – Heritage with Fashion


You go choosy when it is your wedding shopping. The special day is exciting for you but it also takes hours for all the shopping to be done. You have to mix and match the combinations which make your look elegant and give you an Indian bridal look.

The Indian traditions that you put on your wedding day make you an Indian bride. But it should also be a fashionable outfit with Indian traditions. Indian bride’s every step becomes elegant with the outfit and jewelry. If the outfit and jewelry are set for the bridal lehenga.

When you have the idea to pair your lehenga and jewelry, much of your time gets saved. You can focus on your glamour and carry on with the ways to enhance your beauty for your big day. So, here is a list where you find a quick and fashionable pairing for your bridal lehenga with Indian traditional jewelry.

Bridal Lehenga with Traditional Indian Jewelry

We took these ideas on colours and contrasts. For a flawless appearance of bride, the colours and combinations must work nicely. A brides elegance comes with the inculcated beauty in her. But the traditional Indian jewelry addition is to enhance her natural beauty.

1. Diamond jewelry and pink lehenga

 Jewelry for Lehenga: Diamond jewelry and pink lehenga
Image source: biyeshamlao.com

Pink lehenga is most preferred bridal outfit which makes a woman look angelic. The pink shades and with the addition of diamond jewelry is the most beautiful combination. Diamond jewelry let the pink lehenga shine. The brightness of the diamond reflects the lehenga to appear as a traditional Indian bride.

The neck pieces, neck chokers, intricate earrings look extremely spectacular. It is a modern bridal look wearing pink lehenga and diamond jewelry. The attractions that pink lehenga and diamond jewelry gives, make an Indian bride feel special.

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2. Diamond jewelry and lavender lehenga

Diamond jewelry and lavender lehenga: Jewelry for Lehenga
Image source: www.pure-elegance.com

Diamond jewelry and lavender lehenga is a breathtaking look for a bride. A bride who wants a unique combination can go with lavender lehenga and diamond jewelry. You can style your lavender bridal lehenga with various diamond jewelry pieces. As you have intricate designs of diamond jewelry, it can match your lavender lehenga.

You can choose the light lavender lehenga and coloured diamonds. If your lehenga is in dark lavender colour then you can pick a white diamond necklace.

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3. Gold jewelry and red lehenga

Gold jewelry and red lehenga: Jewelry for Lehenga
Image source: www.indiandresses.co

Red is a colour that preferred for Indian brides. Gold jewelry and red lehenga do the magic of Indian tradition. Let the two extreme Indian traditional colour come together to make you look like a golden doll. The bright red and gold jewelry is a flattering combination and forever choice for Indian brides.

The intricate gold jewelry can be a perfect match for the bridal lehenga. Every Indian traditional motif elevates on gold jewelry. When a bride is in red, gazes come on to her with in seconds and goes back after long. Red colour with gold jewelry pulls the attention towards the bride.

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4. Gold jewelry and yellow lehenga

Gold jewelry and Yellow Lehenga: Jewelry for Lehanga
Image source: biyeshamlao.com

Gold jewelry is a sign for Indian brides and yellow is an auspicious colour in India weddings. The motifs of jewelry are significant in some of the Indian traditions. The gold jewelry like Rani Haar, Laxmi Haar, Temple Haar have their own significance. All the traditional jewelry are made with modernized creations. Yellow colour lehenga and gold jewelry are a beautiful combination just as it is shown in the above image.

Yellow lehenga can be worn for haldi ceremony which is simple to carry and flaunt. Gold jewelry can be minimal for yellow lehenga.

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5. Pearl jewelry and maroon/burgundy lehenga

Pearl jewelry and Maroon: Jewelry for Lehenga

Pearl jewelry is a beauty enhancing jewelry. The traditional Indian pearls are shine with clam and let the bride go elegant in style. The classy and grand look of a bride can be set with a sumptuous maroon lehenga and pearl jewelry. Both maroon and burgundy can be a perfect pair with pearl jewelry for a bride. The shining pearls with traditional Indian designed jewelry look fully royal.

A bride can hold her elegance along with the delicacy wearing pearl jewelry.

6. Pearl jewelry and cream lehenga

Pearl Jewelry and Cream lehenga
Image source: www.filmfare.com

The bride appears glorious with pearl jewelry when it is paired with a cream lehenga. A bride with pearl jewelry looks beautifully adorned with traditions. Every modern bride can go with this combination of pearl jewelry and cream lehenga. Every ornament can be of pearl to pair up with a royal cream bridal lehenga.

The traditions stay on and fashion flows on the wedding floor when the bride walks on her way.

7. Kundan jewelry and blue lehenga

Kundan jewelry and blue lehenga
Image source: www.cbazaar.com

Kundan jewelry makes the bride look regal. All an Indian bride wants on her special day is to appear queenly. So, she can wear this look of blue lehenga with kundan jewelry. Kunda necklace flows on a beautiful bride and the whole jewelry set makes the bride a traditional doll. When blue lehenga and kundan jewelry is pair up, you will see the best of yourself. Your appearance in the mirror talks loud about fashion. Each detailing of the lehenga can be part of the jewelry by blending with the shine and shades.

8. Kundan jewelry and green lehenga

Image source: www.alagrand.com

kundan jewelry and green lehenga is a beautiful combination. The bright green colour lehenga with sumptuous kundan jewelry is a modern style for bride. Kundan jewelry is the nicest jewelry for brides as it has the traditional designs. A green lehenga with kundan jewelry looks magnificent on a bride.

You can choose the velvet fabric green lehenga which makes the your appearance prettiest. Velvet shines and kundan jewelry pairing perfect too.

Brides of different regions in India wear different jewelry. The jewelry that matches blends with their culture and tradition is a must. Following the culture and tradition, they can set a fashionable and modern bridal look. The selection of outfit must be wise and then comes the jewelry. When you are confused to pair the various kind of Indian jewelry with your bridal lehenga, you can choose the above ideas.

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