Mesmerizing Jhumkha Earrings For Gorgeous Wedding Look

Wedding Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka earrings are the most eternal favourite and ageless design earrings that are in vogue for years which can give you a gorgeous look and can also harmonize with any occasion. These long ear lobes are considered as superior status and spiritual sign of development. The main purpose of wearing earrings is not only for beauty or adornment, but also to protect from evil influences.

It is considered that wearing a large earring can have some therapeutic values. In some places ear piercing is considered beneficial for eyes. It can also help in sharpening the mind and drewing off ‘bad humors’. Indian bridal jewelery attire is incomplete without exquisite jhumkas.

Jhumkis or jhumkas are striking and exotic large sized chandelier earrings on chronicle or circular bell or dome shape. It is basically designed in a form of bell with golden drop found inside the outer cupola. Every region and district have distinct design of jhumkas. In fact, there are so many jhumka designs that while shopping for a pair of earring becomes mind-boggling. Here are few dangling and mesmerizing wedding jhumka earrings you can try for your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding functions.

Different Kinds Of Jhumkas

1Pearly Ring Jhumkas

Pearly Ring Jhumkas

In this type of jhumkas it is made of pearls attached all over the jhumka and the ring. It can look greta in the post wedding reception party with your reception saree and lehenga. You can also make this type of jhumkas in gold or can wear them in imitations.

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2Diamond peacock Jhumkas

Diamond peacock Jhumkas

The stud part in this jhumka is made in a peacock design and the whole earring is studded with diamonds and made in gold. It can look good with your wedding attire and also stunning with your wedding makeup.

3Full ear jhumka

Full ear jhumka

This is basically a traditional gold earring that covers the full ear and is decorated with colour gemstones. It can look good with traditional wedding saree and other traditional jeweleries.

4Gemstone jhumka

Gemstone jhumka

This type of jhumkas can be found in many coloured gemstone like pink, white, green, etc. They can also be found in imitation or can be made in gold. It can look good to wear in your post wedding functions with family and can give you a traditional and authentic look.

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5South Indian traditional gold plated jhumka

South Indian traditional gold plated jhumka

These type of jhumkas can be found in traditional gold and are more famous in South India. Most of the brides in the South are used to wear this type of earrings that can provide them with a traditional bridal look. They basically don’t have the dangling hanging from inside.

6South Indian gold jhumka with mattal

South Indian gold jhumka with mattal

These traditional South Indian jhumkas or as also known as jhumkis or Bharatnatyam jhumkas are made with red kemp stones and are more adorned with dangling tiny pearls instead of bells on the outer copula. These Bharatnatyam jhumkas have ear chains that are also called mattal or matti or kaan chain that is attached to the earring and worn over the ear and fixed in the hair.

7Traditional gold jhumka

Traditional gold jhumka

Speaking of traditional, you can try this jhumka with on your wedding day to give you a traditional look. It can give you a authentic and mesmerizing look of a traditional bride.

8Three layer gold jhumka

Three layer gold jhumka

These are long and three layered jhumka made generally in gold. You can try this earrings for your wedding reception with your traditional saree that can give you a traditional authentic look.

9Silver peacock jhumkas

Silver peacock jhumkas

These silver plated peacock designed jhumkas are best for your pre-wedding and post wedding functions with your family and in-laws. It will look good with simple sarees and simple lehengas.

10Silver jhumka

Silver jhumka

Speaking of silver jhumka, you can also try these big flower sized large jhumka that can look beautiful in your post wedding attire with your in-laws.

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