10 Ethnic Bridal ‘Nathnis’ You Can Wear


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Traditional Bridal Naths

We all love to wear different kinds of jewelleries for wedding, be it our wedding or our friends or cousins. Somehow, with all these modern jewellery taking over, deep down, we all want that traditional look, when it comes to jewellery.

We have seen our mother’s wedding pictures, where we love her attire, and want to recreate the same look in our wedding too. Here are some traditional bridal naths to wear for different occasions.

Different Kinds Of Bridal ‘Nathnis’



‘Nathni’ is a hoop nose ring popular in the western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is made up of Gold or silver, this large hoop sometimes is decorated with a precious or semi precious gemstone. It has a long delicate chain that is connected with hair. As seen in the picture, this ‘naths’ are big O shaped nose rings that will fit into any gemstone jewellery.

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2Maharashtrian Nath

Maharashtrian Nath

This ‘nath’ is one of the most unique and popular ‘naths’ in all over India. Many Bollywood actresses, sport this look to show Maharashtrian wedding. Its cashew nut shape is known for its unique design, decorated with beads, pearls and colourful stones.

3Konkani Stud

Konkani Stud

This traditional bridal nose stud is quite familiar in the ‘Konkani’ region. It is a very simplistic and minimal look for those who love simplicity. It is basically in the shape of a bird, fish and an abstract. It also have one or more than one gemstone in different colours.

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Just like the ‘Konkanis’, even South Indian brides like to keep it simple. The brides of Kerala and Karnataka prefer to wear small and light weight nose rings, or sometimes two mini nose rings in both the nostrils. ‘Mukhuttis’ are synonym to nose rings, in regional language.

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5Pullaku (The Central Nose Ring)


This bridal nose ring is basically worn on the decision of the nose or the central lower part instead of the nostrils. It is very prominent among the Tamil Nadu Brides. Some even prefer to wear the nostrils as well as the central division. These nose rings come in varieties of shapes and sizes, which have less decoration.



This distinctive nose ring involves more of connecting through chains than the rings itself. The chain gives more priority than the ring. It is a set of plain metallic stud or ring with decorative chain similar to a bracelet. Another form of the North Indian ‘Latkan’ known as “Bullag”, a small pendant starting from the division of the nostril.

7Punjabi / Shikarpuri Nath

Punjabi / Shikarpuri Nath

It is the heavier version of ‘Nathni’. It is more popular among the Punjabi Brides. It consists of large or medium sized hoop adorned with little pendants in a row along the chain that connects the ring with the hair. The ring designs can be seen in various patterns, sizes and colours and the most popular traditional bridal jewellery. The stones and designs will make you fall in love with the ornament.

8Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand Fan Shaped Nose Rings

Himachal Pradesh

This type of nose rings was specially adorned by brides in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It is known for its beautiful and heavy bridal jewellery. These nose rings are fan shaped, that is, a semi-circular piece carved with intricate motifs and decorated with pearls or gemstones. It can contain cultural context.

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9Bihari or Uttar Pradesh Spoked Nose Rings

Uttar Pradesh Spoked Nose Rings

This type of nose rings are very famous and traditional in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It contains jeweled spokes running along the circular shapes. The ring falls on the lips, because of its firm and long spokes and covers half of the mouth.

10Kundan Nathni

Kundan Nathni

‘Kundan’ is the perfect wedding jewellery for all. Nothing matches to the beauty of Kundan. You can choose from a part of nath in ‘Kundan’ or the entire nath in ‘Kundan’. ‘Kundan Nathni’ is the rising trend among the Indian Brides. We saw Sonam Kapoor wearing it with her saree at the Cannés film festival.

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