Different Kinds Of Eye Makeup You Can Wear This Festive Season


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Smoking Eye Makeup tips

In this festive season we all want that perfect makeup look with our new attires. As we say eyes are the mirror of our face, we love to highlight them But sometimes we are not sure on how to get those perfect eye makeup look at home or what eye makeup will go with which attire. Here are some smoking eye makeup tips to try at home.

Varieties Of Eye Makeup Look

1Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup can look more fabulous and gorgeous with every dress you wear. It provides the flirty makeup look in every women. It is not the easiest look to master. But it can be made a little easier.

In the basic, beginning to draw a line at an angle by lowering your eyelids from the outer corner. Make the line longer and sharper. Create a triangle connecting the top. Try to fill the triangle with a liquid linear. Then join your triangle with the rest of the liner and apply eye shadow and mascara. Touch up if any mistake.

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2Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eyes

Another eye makeup look that will go with any of your festive wear is the smoky eyes makeup. Classic smoky eye makeup look is done basically with black or grey but you can even try some other colours. You need three shades of similar colour.

At first apply concealer in your eyelids, this will make smooth canvas for your eye-shadow. Apply powder over the entire eyelid to decrease shadow creasing. Take a black eye pencil and trace lash line from the inner to outer corner. Take a brush and start sweeping the light colour across the eyelid. Then take the medium shade and sweep halfway across the eyelid. Later use a fluffy blending brush sweep the darkest shade to the outer corner of the eye. This will create a dark, intense shadow or smoky appeal into your eyes.

3Tropical Teal Liner

Tropical Teal Liner

As the name suggests, tropical teal liner also means shades of different tropical season. With this eye makeup you can give your makeup a colourful glow.

To get this tropical look, first apply a shimmery shadow in your eyelid. Add a tropical colour eye pencil in your lower eye lashline. If you want, you can add the similar colour eye shadow in your eyelid.

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4Shimmery Eyes

Shimmery Eyes

Bought a dress that does not go with smoky eyes? Then why don’t you give your eyes a simple shimmery look? Its one of the best eye makeup that go with any festive season. From minimal makeup to heavy makeup. It is beautiful all the time.

Brush some light shimmery gold shadow on your eyelid. From the mid of your eyelid, apply shimmery bronze shadow towards the outer corner of your eye. Mix black eye shadow with deep brown shadow and intensify the outer corners. Apply single black liner to complete the look.

5Dramatic Eye

Dramatic Eye

Dramatic eyes can give a great look with sarees you wear on festive seasons.

Apply concealer on top of your eyelid, and dust of the loose powder on it. Stretch a thin liner on the upper and lower eyelids. By using an eye shadow brush, shadow your upper lid with brown eye shadow. Use a grey eye shadow to smudge that will give you a blending and smoking look. Start with a lighter layer of shadow and build the colour. To provide a dramatic look.

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