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Women are nowadays a lot busier than men. Yes, women need to work, take care of the home and it has been like this for a long time. In this process, they forget how they look and even go to office without makeup. Well, just because you are tortured with work at both home and office, it doesn’t mean that you have to concentrate less on your makeup. You of course can easily try looking pretty using some creative tricks and beauty tips. If you are packed almost for all the 24 hours of your day, then you fall under this category. High aiming women, women CEOs, presidents are in this tough position. They have to look professional and beautiful in front of their colleagues.

Of course, your time is what you earn more than anything. It counts for you! But, are you finding it difficult to cope up your speed to the makeup tips and beauty tricks?

Well, don’t worry busy ladies. Take just 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and read this article to know what all beauty tips you can do to look pretty as ever. If not for the full beauty package, we will at least tell you how to do the basics. The basics are important and you also know that. So, here are some easy and important beauty tips for working women need to follow.

Top Beauty Tips for Busy Women

1Concealer is your comforter

Concealer is your comforter

Let’s face the truth ladies! As workaholics, you might not get the time to rest your eyes even for one hour straight. There is always some disturbance. Your baby wakes up or your phone rings with official mails or maybe even before you take a blink, it’s already 6 am. Even if all these spare you, you might be woken up by your husband’s snoring! Well, keeping all this in mind, you might end up having saggy eyes and blackheads around the corners.

You need to look fresh and awake, so concealers can help you do that. Go on a makeup hunt one weekend and buy a shade that is closer to your skin tone. You just have to apply the concealer around your eyes and that can easily prevent eye sagginess or puffiness. It will just take three quick minutes for you to look from ‘Oh God, I look like a zombie’ to ‘Oh, not bad! This concealer works like a magic’.

2Eye magic

Eye magic

You should make sure that no matter is missing from your bag, you can’t let the eyeliner, Kajal or your eye makeup goes out of it. This is because, eyes are the first thing everyone see in you. After that comes your dress, hair and other things. They say that eyes are one place that can define your age, no matter what. So, always carry your eye makeup with you.

Take seconds off your busy schedule and go have a touch up in the restroom. Apply the eye shadow or eye liner quickly inside the restroom and look fresh and alive again. If you have a mascara, then swipe it on your eyelashes and look normal again. All you have to do is make sure you don’t smudge your eye liner or Kajal in this process. The eye make up tip works best when you are in the middle of your busy day!



Nobody expects you to be amazingly beautiful and radiant all the time. But what about a dull looking you. It doesn’t appeal too much to people right? Well, so it’s always best to moisture your skinor face whenever you try to step out of the house. Have your lotions intact and apply them whenever you can to make and that will help your skin look and feel smooth. You will definitely see the change and you will love it.

4Plump lips are essential

Plump lips are essential

Let’s imagine that you have a client meeting this afternoon and you are late already by 10 minutes in your day to begin. You look shabby, unprofessional and most of all, you had a long night, so your face looks crappy. Just run to the restroom and dab some foundation and all you have to do is just put on a fine lipstick on your lips. When people see you with those pink shiny and cheerful lips, they will immediately smile at you. Use colors like cherry, plum, Fuschia or maybe brown because they are earth tones and tone down your look. But of course don’t forget to apply your lips with lip balm and then lipstick.

5Hair works wonders

Hair works wonders

Every day is not a good hair day. Every day you don’t get to look amazingly beautiful. But, there is one thing you can do to not look like a bimbo. Yes, all you need to do is to just fix your hair and get your locks together. If you have curly hair, that’s a different issue because you are literally screwed of you have curly hair and you are late. But, if you have wavy or straight hair, don’t worry much because you can immediately take care of those tresses and get going.

If your hair doesn’t stand properly, you can very much control it into a bun, a messy hair do or even an unruly hair style. All you need to do is take care of those streaks and tresses. Ponytail works good too!

So, ladies! You are busy, you are independent and you can also look very pretty with all other attributes you adorn on your cap. Don’t worry too much about how to look all the time. Sometimes, it’s fine to down play too 🙂

So, cheer up busy Queens!

-Pavithra Ravi

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