Weird rules to be aware of while traveling to Singapore


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Singapore Rules

Singapore is an excellent place for a lot of things. The infrastructure, the cleanliness and the place in itself is just so good and beautiful. Also, you should know that Singapore is the safest country in the world ranking 4th and is totally dependable on means of transport even at odd hours. If you are taking a trip or a vacation to Singapore, there are some rules and regulations you might have to be aware of. Because these weird rules could put you into trouble when not followed. The Singapore govt doesn’t bother about the nationality you belong if you violate their rules. You will immediately be fined or out behind the bars for unpardonable mistakes. The government here is so strict that they don’t let students do any kind of disciplinary mistakes also.

But of course, other than the strict and weird rules, there is nothing else you have to be worried about. So, as long as you make your vacation happily, in the most decent way, nothing is going to trouble you. If you are respectful and decent enough, you are not going to questioned at all. So, we have put up a list of weird rules to follow in Singapore in fact, that are considered as rules in Singapore. This can make your travel hassle free.

Top Rules to Know in Singapore

1Don’t eat, drink or look strange

Don't eat

Let’s be very clear that you cannot look strange, drunk or you can’t look like you are having a hangover in any of the metros in Singapore. Yes, it is also a violation if you carry food items or if you are spilling water/drinks on the train ground. Of course, there are cameras everywhere and even in the nook and corner of the metro station. A voice will keep announcing a message that says that any person who look suspicious will be arrested by the Singapore police. So, guys, if you are drunk in the night, quietly take a can and get back to your hotel. Don’t travel in metros and get into trouble. Also, if found guilty, the charges are either $500 or 6 months jail!

2No kisses or hugs in public

No kisses

You might be a European, an Indian or even an American. But whatever you are, there are absolutely no kisses, or Kong hugs allowed in Singapore. Of course you can hug light, handshake and be close to your loved ones. But, French kisses or any form of foreplay is highly taken seriously here. Anybody found guilty or a couple caught can be put behind the bars for easily 1 year.

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3Homosexuality is looked down upon


Well, Singapore is a developed country in infrastructure , class and everything. But the mindset stays behind. It in fact is true that homosexuality or same sex romance is forbidden in public and will be cringed upon. But this varies from one place to another in Singapore itself. If it is a shopping area or a hangout place, it isn’t a big deal. But inside a Chinese temple or anywhere near the heritages of Singapore, this can be a serious offense. There is no fine in this case, but if you are found guilty for extreme offense, then you can go to jail for 2 years.

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4Flush or face it

Flush or face it

Like I already mentioned, Singapore is very neat and classy. Even in the public restrooms, there is constantly cleaning and flushing process that keeps adding to their already good working system. So, if you fail to flush or if you turn out to be lazy, then you will have to face the consequences out forth. You cannot urinate in public or even in elevators like how it happens in India.

In fact, there are special UDD which is called urine detection devices that can detect the urine smell. Immediately some alarm turn on and you will be taken into custody. So, for all your young boys, don’t even think about letting them go on the road! If found guilty, the fine is 150$.

5You just cannot litter

You just cannot litter

You just cannot litter in Singapore and I mean it in the most serious way. This offense is super risky and you could get into deep trouble for the same. It is nothing like India and you should remember that littering even a piece of paper can lead you to trouble. If you are a first time offender, they will charge you fine up to $300. But if you have been caught already for the same offense, the government or the police will ask you to wear a t shirt that says ‘I am a litterer’ and will make you clean the roads for a week continuously.

Since Singapore is a very disciplined country, rules like these are actually useful for individual responsibility. So, Indians! This is mostly for people who throw random things on the roadside or chew their gum and spit it on the roads. You cannot do anything like that here!

6Pedestrian crossing is very important

Pedestrian crossing

You also cannot jaywalk in Singapore. You can be easily fined up to $1000 if you cross the road without following their signals. You can be put behind the bars for easily 3 years if you do it more than once. The small crossing paths are fine and excused. But main road crossing cannot happen. Also, you have to cross only in the designated pedestrian crossings. Like in India, you cannot use a show of hands to stop the vehicles and cross. So, all of you out there, be careful!

Singapore is a very nice country, but for its weird rules. But according to me, that’s what keeps the country extremely neat and well mannered. So, you follow these rules and have a good vacation.

-Pavithra Ravi

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