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Beauty Hacks

While traveling, there could be so many things you may not be used to like the pollution, the dirt, the sun, weather and so many things like that. But, when you travel, looking great and having fun could be something that is proven as a tricky job. The nature can take its toll on your skin and hair because let us face it, we aren’t as sturdy and strong as men. They don’t really care about the weather or how they look. For us, it isn’t like that. You need to look good and be comfortable in the skin too. Vacation gives way for so many hundreds of pictures and you definitely don’t want to look dusty and dirty in the pictures, right? So, there are some beauty hacks that can come in handy when you travel.

Sometimes you may get tired of carrying large packets of makeup and cream. So, we are going to tell you everything about looking great when you travel. These beauty products are not going to be very confusing because they are basics only. If you are an avoid traveler or a backpacker, then there are some travel beauty hacks that you have to pick in the long way to go. So here are some light weight items that you can fit in your bag that can help you through the travel and trekking.

Some Travel Beauty Hacks That You Should Carry



No matter how easy it is to apply makeup, I would tell you that packing Vaseline as one of your travel beauty hacks is very important because it comes as a multipurpose tool. Vaseline keeps your hands, skin, lips and legs soft and without cracking. It helps you keep your body soft and makes your kissable lips even more kissable. Make sure you take Vaseline if you are going trekking too. This is because, when you trek, you are bound to wear sports shoes and the cold or hot weather may crack your heels. That could be a disaster for you and create pain unwontedly. So, applying Vaseline is a great way of reducing the cracks and keeps you on your feet. The Vaseline will take extra care of your lips also. Who knows what you can expect on an impromptu trip? You can get to kiss a guy and you don’t want your lips to be cracked, right?

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2Blush Makeup

Blush Makeup

The thing about traveling is that, you never know whom you are going to meet on your way. You bag needn’t be filled with a lot of makeup products, but one important thing you can watch out for is keeping your blush makeup. Powdered blush makeup is flawless and acts as your foundation to your face. The magic of this is that it takes the place of eye shadow or powder. Blush is definitely also important because it comes in handy to make your lips and cheeks look rosy. It adds color to your face and that will make you look pretty in just seconds. Since you are already carrying Vaseline, you can dab a little bit of that on your lips and bam, you are ready! Blush Makeup is a very handy and useful item that you should carry when you travel.

3Eyeliner and Kajal

Eyeliner and Kajal

If you are like me, then you definitely need eyeliner or a kajal. I am obsessed with either of these. The added advantage of this kind of beauty hacks is that it works as a three in one tool. You can use it as eyeliner, eye shadow and also as a mascara. If you want a smoky look, you have your kajal to do that work for you. You will look better and fuller if you apply some eyeliner or kajal when you go out. Why you have to carry this, you may think. But let me stop you there! There are 2 things important during a travel – guys and photos! So, you have to look your best in front of both cameras and guys. So, taking an eyeliner and kajal wouldn’t hurt at all.

4Baby powder

Baby powder

If you are wondering what I am going to tell you about baby powder, then you should also know that baby powder is one of the best and the most effective ways of handling your hair during travel. It not only keeps baby bums soft and cute, but also helps your hair from oily damage. If you are not able to take a lot of head baths, then baby powder can come in handy at this point of time. Of course dry shampoo can’t give you as much as nourishment as your normal shampooing. If you think you have to go out for a party and your hair looks oily or messed up, you just have to sprinkle a little bit of baby powder on your hair. When you sprinkle it, comb it as well. The best part of baby powder is that it also gives volume to your hair, so your hair will be sticky free and will look good too.

Since baby powder also acts as a deodorizer, it will be useful whenever you are sweating or if your bag or shoes smell. You can never know what is up your way. You may have to walk a lot or suddenly it may rain. When it rains, it is fun but after that it may start to stink. That is when baby powder comes to rescue. Sprinkle it all over and you will not feel a thing.



This doesn’t come under beauty hacks, but when you travel, you are bound to touch so may unwanted germs. So, having a sanitizer is super helpful and will prevent you from catching germs or diseases.

-Pavithra Ravi

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