How To Make Ankle Bracelets With Beads

Ankle Bracelets

One of the most useful summer accessory – anklets. Anklets are one of the best way to look sexy as well as cool when wearing a skirt or short jeans. It is one of the favourite pieces of jewellery. It gives the very desired look, no matter wherever you go. It can complete the whole accessory look. With some really interesting look that anklets can provide, the most interesting part is the DIY anklets. So here, are some tips on how to make ankle bracelets with beads.

Fashionable Beaded Ankle

110-minute knotted ankle bracelet

10-minute knotted ankle bracelet

This is a very simple design. Create a delicate anklet with some little bit of eye catching sparkle at any time. Choose your favourite colours, then tie some knots, string with some beads, and voila there you go with some very stylish anklets. Wear them in the beach or party. Make some fashion statement with this simple accessories.

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2Ankle “wish bracelets”

Ankle wish bracelets

These anklets can be your permanent jewellery. These are known as wish bracelets, because you tie your wish with every beads and tie them on. Just select a thread of your favourite colour, take three strands of these threads in your ankle length and start tying the knot and in the middle thread place the beads. Then continue with this way till the end.

3Braided charm and seashell ankle bracelets

Braided charm and seashell ankle bracelets

Here you can show your braiding skills again. But this time you have to loop your braids either with one hole in a charm summery seashell. Same as the above anklet, take threads in the size of your ankle and then start braiding till the end. Then fold the thread and loop it through hole of the seashell. There you go. The perfect seashell fashionable anklet for the beach is done.

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4Hemp and bead anklet

Hemp and bead anklet

If you are intrigued by the idea of braiding with the beads. But you want something a little more intriguing then you can try this type of pattern. Change your colours up for a really bright look with nice and neat row of single colours. Take not only three, but six strings of threads in the size of your ankle. Divide them with two in a row, and as you start braiding, place one bead on the side of a row.

5Simple woven anklet

5. Simple woven anklet

Big pendants can make the anklet look very eye catching as well as fancy without making it complicated. First select a big and nice pendant of your choice, take threads more than your ankle length and cut it in a half. Fold one section of thread and put it through the pendant loop. Then, after tying the thread divide it into three sections and braid till the end. Repeat it same with the other side too. There you go with a cool and funky look..

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There are many types and designs of anklets you can make with beads. Beads look most stylish and adorable in your feet. It can give you an amazing andd gorgeous look for any thing you wear. Like, dress, or three quarter pants, or short pants or skirts. They are great to go with parties, beaches, functions at home or even out with friends. So have fun with your DIY anklets and show off your amazing skills.

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