11 Shoe Types Every Girl Must Have


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Shoe types every girl must have

This article is about one thing that women have love affairs with and its shoes! Well,yeah, shoes are every woman’s first love, well it is mine! Women’s love to own a pair of each and every shoe design and style. This love is the most beautiful part in every woman’s life. So, here are 11 shoe types every girl must have, in her wardrobe to look beautiful and fashionable everyday.

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Shoes Every Women Should Own

1Black stilletos

Black stilletos

This is the first most essential as well as fashionable shoes or footwear, that every women need on her wardrobe. These beautiful shoes, have little thickness in the front called platform and a really long heel at the bottom. The reason why the platform in front is so important is because then you will be on same balance or ground. Without, no platform on the front you have to stand twisted from the front side.

2Nude stilletos

Nude stilletos

This is the same kind of shoes, only in the nude, which is also so important. Nudes shoes are like a lifeline, because they can go with everything, that is, any kind of dress, top jeans. Trust me, everything!

3High ankle boots

High ankle boots

These shoes or footwear is the super essential is ankle high boots. Believe it or not, you can wear them with anything. Anything, like short skirts, denim shorts, jeans, ripped jeans, leggings. You can even wear them, when you are travelling, or when you are going to a party, or going out to the movies, or out with friends. They are like the best uniform.

4Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

Oh! What can be best in summers than a pair of flat stylish sandals on the foot, and roaming around in a floral dress or even shorts. The best wear for the best summer look.

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5Casual Sneakers

Casual Sneakers

This casual sneaker can be your perfect weekend shoe or footwear, you can pair them with dresses or jeans. They can also make you pretty fashionable with your look.

6Pair of keds

Pair of keds

The third most essential shoes that you must have is the pair of keds. Do know one thing about keds, that people don’t know, is that they can protect your feet, like super protect. With these, you are not going to get those ugly cracked heels, which we get most of the time when we wear flip flops.

7Smart Oxfords/Loafers

Smart Oxfords

Smart loafers or brogues have become a mainstay in the wardrobe of today’s fashion. Think them as your office-to-off-duty alternative sneakers with some preppy-cool twist.

8Ankle-Strap Sandals

Ankle-Strap Sandals

This shoes can give your legs a length, that you have been always wanted. It is a good to go, with outfits like lid length skirts, mid length jeans.



This fourth must have shoe is another slip on and they are not exactly loafers, but they are just slip-on shoes with a little bit of glitters in them. When you out with friends and they are crying about their heels, then you can tease them with your beautiful slip-ons.

10Pointed Pumps

Pointed Pumps

A basic pointed pump in a leather, is the pretty ultimate go-to. You can pull together any outfit with this shoes, adding an instant sophistication.

11Peep toe heels

Peep toe heels

Last but not least, is the colour that you will really wouldn’t get. It can make your wardrobe pop. For example; purple, when you wear a colour like purple with black, it makes the outfit pop, and make sure that it is a peep toe. Peep toe is an obvious need for gowns, because wearing a close toe shoes can make your feet look super stubby.

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