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First Timers On Accessorizing

Jewellery is all about looking like a queen, which you already are! Jewellery can make you look and feel more beautiful. Jewellery adds more ethnicity mixed with style in the look. It can also give you the signature look, that you have been waiting for. If you are new to this world of accessorizing, then here are some tips for the first timers on accessorizing to a proper modern chick look. So, first timers into the world of jewellery get ready to know more about the rules you need to follow with your attire, for a mesmerizing aspect.

Simple Tips To Start Accessorizing

1Balance is key

Balance is key

Balancing your jewellery with your attire is a technique and also the most important key. You have to remember the fact that less is more, in case of jewellery. So, you have to avoid wearing too many blings on one go. Go one by one, starting everyday with simple things.

Stand Alone, Funky Rings

2Bib necklaces and high neck tee

Bib necklaces and high neck tee

If you have thought that bib necklaces are out of fashion or are fading away, then the suggestion is to think again. As they are again in fashion to prove you wrong. The best part wears them with high neck T-shirt, to give the whole attire more mesmerizing look.

3Long necklaces

Long necklaces

If you are feeling lazy to dress up, then here is an accessory that can make your day easier. When you want a chill vibe to pass on, then go get on wearing a long necklace and rock the look with simple yet elegant countenance.



Rings are one of the best part of accessories. They are detailed, intricate, delicate as well as dainty. You can pair them with anything you like. For example, with basic white tee, cutoffs or also with a pair of gladiators. Just wear rings if you can’t find anything that matches your outfit.

5Chunky jewel

Chunky jewel

Did you see a chunky silver jewel in the flea market? Didn’t know how to wear it? Then go immediately and get it. They can look great with your simple black tee and also it can twerk the deal. Just like the above image, get the chunky look with the funky attire.

6Coral jewellery

Coral jewellery

Are you thinking about how to pair coral jewellery with any of your attire? Do you have prints?Well, always know that coral loves print. It is the most perfect accessory to go with print dresses or tops or tees.

Style A Classy Look With Watches

7Hipster jewellery

Hipster jewellery

Liked a jewellery that gives, much of an hipster look? That’s ok, you can wear it with a maxi floral dress, or a mini maxi dress. Now, go girl and get that floral earrings you liked.

8Stripes and jewellery

Stripes and jewellery

Can’t find anything that matches your stripe dress or tops? Then you can try your dainty three-layered necklaces or beach rings. They can give you the classic spell look or can try the bold look with the cluster of crystals.

9Oxidized silver

Oxidized silver

Are you planning to mashup your kurta and skirt? Then what can be the best jewellery than oxidized silver necklace. It can give you the cute Indian nerd look. Want to try something more adventurous? Try loosely placed oxidized kamarbandh.

10Statement neckpiece

Statement neckpiece

If you get to wear only formals at work then, it doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Get some statement jewellery and let the sad, and bored collared shirts a stylish rebirth.

11Only bangles look

Only bangles look

Thinking of wearing a kurta today? Great, because instead of going heavily accessorized, you can try the ethnic look by wearing only one bangle.

12Denim shirt with statement necklace

Denim shirt with statement necklace

You can now spruceup your denim shirt with a statement necklace. It can give your serious denim, a simple masala twist.

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